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Goodday distinguished steemians, a very beautiful Monday morning to you all. We hope you all had a great and joyful weekend.
Happy holiday, our reserved apologies for not giving bounties this holiday.
Welcome to @naijapidgin curation report week #4

This is a report for those who used the naijapidgin tag for their quality posts last week from Monday 11/06/2018 to Sunday 17/06/2018

This week, the community account curated a total number of 168 posts with an average of 24 posts per day giving its followers a minimum of $0.2 and a maximum of $1 worth of votes, with an average of 25 curators on her trail.
NOTE: CURATION was all through the week.

Below are some of the very good and interesting (quality) posts which the community curated and will like to promote it based on its creativity, and composition.

Monday (11/06): 25 posts

Tuesday (12/06) : 21 posts

Wednesday (13/06) : 23 posts

Thursday (14/06) : 20 posts

Friday (15/06) : 25 posts

Saturday (16/06) : 23 posts

Sunday (17/06) : 31 posts

If you like what the community is doing and would like to support us,

Please follow our trail via
Or delegate SP to @naijapidgin.

We are naijapidgin community with a mission to 'Promote and get the fast growing Nigerian community on this network fully engaged in a language they cherish passionately. As well as help minnows

Join our discord severs for fun, interactions and voice shows VIA
We broadcast both in English and pidgin live on discord channels.

On @naijapidgin discord channel, a lot of variety shows and lectures are ON

  • Every Tuesdays we have real life issues with @preciousimo
  • Every Wednesdays are unavoidable lectures
  • Every Thursday we have relationship talk with @sparkles
  • Fridays is our well known ameebo center by @rebeccafl
  • Sundays is always variety night show by @itoroarchibong and @imbigdee.
  • Same Sunday we have our @naijapidgin hotseat ( featuring some well known steemians)

You ought not to miss this programs.

The brain behind the running of this great platform remains the wonderful and dedicated personality, one who truly gives their time and best for Nigerians on the blockchain...

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Congratulations to the lucky posts upvoted last week. Thanks @naijapidgin for your support to steemitians

Thank you too God go bless you

Good work Naijapidgin. I guess i will start using the tag too.

All the best my brother