Steemjet World Cup – Day 8 – Do the Steemjet (Victory Dance)

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Sorry I was late for the Day 8 post, but I was playing a drinking game where I had to drink a glass of wine every time Ahmed Musa did the Steemjet.

Needless to say, I quickly lost track of time after his second goal

Background music by @yungchief (SF3)

@trayan (SF6)

@jayboi(Musa 2 IceLand 0)


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Sir @dimimp I made this drawing as regards steemjet worldcup which is going on, I hop you like it sir.
Steemjet all the way.😎



Na so so so victory oooooSteemjet Boyee.png

Not withstanding, let the best team win the World Cup 2018.


Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria my country.... we were fully prepared for Iceland. Musa had to fly higher to get there.

Sorry for bringing this up here but you promised me a raise when next you have your cash key and that have been 13days ago. Wish you could cause am in urgent need of steem to complete the video and other development projects which I have at hand with 500steem I could fix all the bugs in my progress here on steemjet.
Here was your comment
and am still working on the video and I have plans of even improving it and quality but I need steem to get the neccesary software's and tools for that for example am working with Photoshop which makes it much harder and stressful I would love to advance my animation production and upgrade my PC too.


I won't lie at the begining I didn't see this opportunities for Nigeria to win but I was shocked when I heard my friends screaming it's a goal I rushed and saw it I was so happy
Also Boss have you seen this contribution I made for steemjet please do well to check it out...
And tell me how you feel about it cause I can make more cooler GIF like this for you


Lol. This is hilarious...

I believe Nigeria will get to the next group and we'll also perform amazingly thereof.

Thank you @dimimp!

The Eagles Soars...


It's about time we get us a Musa on our team. Clinical finishing! No mistakes! His first touch marveled you? Check out his second! Bravo!

I too was lost in time, dancing the SteemJet victory dance to the track by @kanemonday and @giftk

Ahmed Musa the man who put smiles on the faces of 180million Nigerian population. He really demonstrated the spirit of steem and steemjet in putting smiles on the faces of his people and in jubilation. Steemjet all they way , naija all the want .

@dimimp I really appreciate your support and effort about the growth of steemjet. am also using this opportunity to thank you for my promotion and hiring of my team mate for the campus STEEM campaign.
Please sir there was a mix-up in the name of @josoft you delegated the steempower to @jsoft which is not part of my team, please I will like you to undelegate @jsoft and give it to @josoft


I want to get my glass cup to have a wine with @dimimp.

The Victory dance was worth it. It was a nice game for Nigeria players. Am reporting for duty sir @dimimp where is my logo and I hope you will love it
![STEEM JET1.jpg]

I made a post for you @dimimp and @steemjetmusical hope you will also love it.
Thanks alot sir your boy emmycapable..........

Hello sir @dimimp ... it's quite difficult to get your attention these days. I hope you are well. I really wish to work for you and hope you will recruit to work in any of the space force. Here's a steemjet cafe design I made. The idea was about creating a cafe for space force members and others boarding the STEEMJET where they can have fun, relax and also eat.


Also here is my entry for the new logo contest, please tell me what you think



Whaooo, this is really cool, I love the idea of the cafe, I wish to be at the cafe. Good Job.

You are welcome.

Nice designs dear... Your logo looks good on the t-shirts

Thanks for the support dear, I really appreciate it.

@dimimip it your STEEMJET quarterly
Something for the house

my birthday is coming up real soon PicsArt_06-22-07.49.36.pngPicsArt_06-22-08.27.03.pngPicsArt_06-22-08.24.31.pngPicsArt_06-22-08.10.58.jpgPicsArt_06-22-08.22.15.png


Yeah, No one expectated such an exceptional performance from Ahmed MUSA. It was such an amazing goals. Especially the last goal...He scored with full confident.

That was a superstar performance. Ahmed MUSA is a Steemjet because we're all surperstar.


AHMED MUSA THE NIGERIA RONALDO. This was one man making his country and the whole world happy. @dimimp have you noticed the similarity between your favorite footballer (Ronaldo) and Ahmed MUSA?. They both wear no. 7, They both score with confident, they're both superstars.

My wish now is for Nigeria to play the world Finals. Can they lift the cup? Of course nothing is impossible with team work and determination, Yeah! They can.

What MUSA goals means to me is that, we should not give up until it is over!

hello boss @dimimp this is my contribution for you
Ronaldo signing a contract with steemjet

Hope you like it, anxiously waiting for your reply boss @dimimp

So far now @dimimp.

What do you want @dimimp, when is your birthday I want to celebrate you @dimimp, I want to give you gifts,.

** what do you want @dimimp.**

Hello @dimimp, I'm part of the ninoh22 team that you hired, you delegated to the wrong account my ID is @josoft not @jsoft

@dimimp I really appreciate your support and effort about the growth of steemjet. am also using this opportunity to thank you for my promotion and hiring of my team mate for the campus STEEM campaign.
Please sir there was a mix-up in the name of @josoft you delegated the steempower to @jsoft which is not part of my team, please I will like you to undelegate @jsoft and give it to @josoft


I want to get my glass cup to have a wine with @dimimp.

This is the great moment for we Nigerians, we are happy that you are in support of Nigerians. Thanks.
I don't know how to drink alcoholic wine, but I love fruit wine 🍷,

Good day to you sir @dimimp, I really appreciate your effort to be a democratic leader, in which you always seek for the opinion of your workers, this is really great.

As you said that you need a force that will work for you for a long time, I wish and I will like to work for this great community for a very long time sir. I love this community and have been doing my very best for this community. I will also like to seek for your favour by getting promotion from you sir, so as to encourage the new members by upvoting them, so as to see smiles on their faces (steemjet is for the broke) .

I will like to use this opportunity to also remind you of Your promise That you will commission more pictures for me to make as a bling. But it over two month you promised me that and have not hear from you sir. I will be happy to get your response on this sir @dimimp .

steemjetlogo gif2(2).gif

Even with my bling logo, it looks good on a customised shirt of steemjet space force member.

This is your girl queen of blings


That's it man, I never loved football but I had to take a few minutes and watch that game. That man has made a lot of Nigerians happy with the two goals than most people will ever understand. Cheers mon, I was drinking from my own end here

contest finalretet.jpg

musa inspired new logo design.

Musa does the steemjet dance. why don't we make him our new jet

Hahahaha. Wait for the steemjet space force boss @dimimp
The last picture doesn't feel good. You should be on the throne.
May the best team win the world cup, but have you noticed Belgium play.

@dimimp Happy Sunday from my End. Been really Long. I have been Busy Hunting Airdrops and a lot Crypto. I hardly come online to check on you but Nevertheless,
I Believe you are doing Good.

Here is my Steemjet Audio Record Entry which says

"Welcome Aboard Steemjet, Fasten Your Seatbelt and prepare for take off. SteemJet!! On the Wings of Superstars, we are Words and Steem"

Listen to Steemjet Captain Message by User 196849134 #np on #SoundCloud

I really do Hope you Love This. Thanks

@dimimp I'm glad to know you're a Football fan but we'll be pleased to know the country you support or if your country is playing at the World Cup.
Even Mess Seems to be Supporting Nigeria. Lol

It was a moment of Joy when Musa scored.
Here Is a Meme for it.

hi @dimimp am really impressed on you attitude towards the update in world cup games especially the node of nigeria and Ronaldo points.

Am glad that you came up with the idea of this update.

Do well to look at those links below




It was a great victory.
The Super Eagles gave us two cups of smiles.


Musa melted the ice twice lol

I didn't drink but i danced with friends.
I hope you take a look at the steemjet entrepreneurs and business circle.

It's your little girl @utomobong


Ahmed musa was really on the wings of superstars like .......@dimimp




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boss @dimimp, I would love to watch the Nigeria vs Argentina match with a bottle of wine also.. I will be grateful if you sponsor that dream with some liquid steem.. Thank you for sending sir

It was such a joyous occasion over here in Nigeria.
We are still celebrating that win and can’t wait till Tuesday to win Argentina.

Please would you take a look at my video on the Importance of Communities in Steemit.

I love making videos like this. I shot and edited it myself.

Ahmed Musa was very calm infront of goal. The two goals he score was just classed kind of goal. Rounding the keeper, and the first one the control was just class. Thank you for sharing sir.

I hope you didn't had too much of drink and was able to go home have some good rest. Anyway, you wrote this post so u are hail and hearty.

Bless you sir.



We have a project that need support from you sir. We are Flaming Helper Community where we support all Christians post. As we all know the Christianity post on steemit is constantly neglected. Every one deserve equal right on steemit while some are getting lion share of upvote the Christians that write Christianity post are just not encouraged.

We will love your support to help us share the vote around on a daily basis so everybody can be happy on steemit. Thank you so much.

We are grateful for your support sir.

i hope HISTORICAL day(26) for Nigeria will be on the way

My Steemjet logo contest entry

Congratulations @dimimp sir... looking..

Nigeria surprised at the loss of Iceland On Friday, Africa's Super Eagle 2-0, Russia's newcomer team in the World Cup crashed. At the same time, in the second round of Argentina, the dream of making the game more difficult has made the African team. Because Messi and Aguero have to lose Nigeria in their last match to go to the last sixteen of the 2018 World Cup. The Argentine's departure was confirmed as a draw.

Iceland-Nigeria fight on the volgograd stadium from the very beginning But most of the first half of the year holds the ball of African super eagles. But they have not seen the goal. Although in the 49th minute of the second half Nigeria first went forward Ahmed Musa forwarded the 'Super Eagle' to Africa.

In the 57th minute, Nadidi shot the goalkeeper No Rukhal doubled the margin of the Nigerian. Yet the goal of the goal continues...

Wow.. You did a terrible job copying and pasting that without editing 😂

I couln't stop shouting and celebrating especially after the second GOAL!!!!!
Thank you @dimimp for celebrating with Nigeria!

Sir this is the link to steemjet victory dance

@dimimip hope you like it and show me some love

sir sport is a game anything can happen in it win or lose

Lovely rendition. Tears filled my eyes while I was watching the video. God bless Nigeria. Thank you dimimp for this post.

images (9).jpg

Superb finish from Armed Musa. I love him from now on. And I like the fact that you share this. Thank you for drinking for every goal. That's a great way to celebrate your country.

The Nigerian team played are cohesive football and were more focused in the match, Ahmed Musa is a talented player that has a lot of pace. His goal was classical

Hello @dimimp sir..
In the 73rd minute of the second half, Musa shot came back from the goalpost. The star next to Liechster City did not make any mistakes in the next minute. Mischievous masterminded the goalkeeper with great tactical skill, making fooling the opponent's two players into the net of Iceland, The result of the match was 2-0.

In the first match of the World Cup, Iceland was beaten by Argentina in the first match of the tournament. They got the chance in the 79th minute. Nigeria fused into the box Iceland receives penalty on VAR (Video Assistant Referee) system But their losers. Gillette Sugarderson could not make it to the team after getting the opportunity of penalty. His shot goes over the goalpost.

In the next time, the two teams fought hard-won. But no one has seen the goal. As a result, Nigerian left the field with an unimpressive 2-0 win.

Nigeria started the 2018 World Cup campaign against Croatia On the other hand, Iceland scored the first match with a strong Argentine. In their second match, Argentina will shamefully beat 3-0, which means Croatia. Rakitik-Al-Madrék's second round match was confirmed, but it was difficult for the group to cross the bar and Messi-Aguiros became difficult.

Still dreaming of Argentina That's why Argentine supporters bet on Iceland-Nigeria match. According to them, this match draw will have the possibility of going to the second round of Argentina. But no, in the comfort of the Argentine supporters of the first half, the result of the match has finally come out.

Nigeria win three points to complete three points: Nigeria The Argentine's burns the forehead Because the last match that will be played against Nigeria now Argentina will play. With Argentina winning against Argentina, it is definitely undoubtedly the Nigerian players to play with the temperament.

Good news sir.. Iceland paused for a non-stop draw But after the break, the team could not hold the scoreline. At the beginning of the second half, the glittering of the goal is to the Icelandic.

In the 49th minute Nigerian Super-forward Ahmed Musa made a niknavadheda. Midfielder Kandari Victor Moses At the moment, 1-0 before the Super Eagle.

Greetings to you sir dimimp .... this is my entry for steemjet logo contest hope you like it sir @dimimp ... my main aim is to be the part of Steemjet community and help to promote steem and Steemjet for its global adoption and for that I need your support
Sir @dimimp here is my link for Steemjet logo contest hope you will like it and hire me in SSF .... I hope you have seen my previous art work on Steemjet... I have been working on steemjet art work since I used Steemit ...i have been planing to promote steem and Steemjet in schools and colleges and for implementing such thing i need your support sir dimimp .... sir you have appreciated my previous work .... now I hope you will like my latest work too ....please have a look on my latest post regard to Steemjet logo contest... I will be so thankful to you sir

I really appreciate that you like my country's victory .
Its just what you are preaching,
And we your followers see that you are not bias in your ways.
A non discriminating leader is what we crave for.

i will not stop following you because

-you are kind
-you make things happen
-you want everyone to improve
-you crave the best from all your employee
Keep up the good job sir,
Waiting on you to give me audience concerning my visions to influence the steem world with my ideas.
The project is on @pekom
If you would care to to know sir.
Well done @dimimp


Hahaha! The Nigeria fans reaction was a banger💥💥💥💥😂😂..
You just fast about getting that video man.
Thanks for rejoicing with us @dimimp.
We wish the Super eagles of 🇳🇬 the very best!

hahah cheers, boss! :) you made me wanna party.. again! :)
congratulations to Nigeria! I know the feeling to be a winner :)
keep the vibe high everyone!

The best team will win and that's my country , NIGERIA


The super eagles of Nigeria really made my day that day. I am not among the spaceforce of steemjet but I hope you will like the idea of supporting undergraduates with steemit scholarship scheme. I suppose to have written the proposal on steemit but my financial capability will not encourage me. @dimimp. I need helping and supporting hand on this.

Hahaha... It was a great game sir.. If we had lost, we would have gone home..

You are
really so great [email protected] sir.
Steemjet is a global company.steemjet on the wings of superstar we are world and steem.these are my work for the contest as will also post .them on the contest theard.please dimimp sir will you help us me.
Best of luck...

Ahmed Musa is a real superstar who gat blazing wings and please @dimimp don't drink a lot so you can see a lot of actions of the real superstar Cristiano Ronaldo!!! Thanks for always being available to us, you are a superstar.


This World cup is an opportunity to have contact a lot more often @dimimp
So be it. Happy you are around and hope you are doing well. If you find time check our email boss!

Now I'm confused between two things, are you supporting Portugal (C.R) or Nigeria (A.M)?

If C.R here's what i made for u


If A.M so i need to make one ....

Ice-landers are never king's landers

Nigeria wins. Yeah we won
I really enjoyed the match

I wish we can play this way all through the tournament

Argentina has won us 3 consecutive times in the world cup

This time. Messi sits on my neck no longer.

This made everyone happy you should have heard the screams from downhere it was crazy. Hope you didn't get all drunk . Steemjet all the way. You have not made a reply on any of my arts making me feel as though I'm doing crab. Please assess and let rate thanks. Posted them six days a ago. I know you are a busy man Screenshot_20180624-055828.png and this Screenshot_20180624-055843.png and I also had an IDea of party invites to every newbie on steemit to join Steemjet and steem high Screenshot_20180624-055853.png


Ronaldo the man

Even we are wings of superstars

Hahahaha. cant stop laughing boss. The victory was really epic and your drinking skills are more epic. Hahahaha

Your post tells the whole story

Comment #2

Hello boss it's @yhaulez SF5 and here is my contribution to the world cup contest and I would be grateful to hear from you about it and also wish some love is shown really took a whole lot to get this done and I would keep on doing more Thanks

  1. GIF with Oliver ridding her bicycle 🚲 and the globe rotating with all the nations kits rotating too.
    Image :
    WORLD CUP.png
  2. @Dimimp star Ahmed Musa a short video (very short)

link to video
GIF (with no audio)
musa .gif
And seems you missed out on one of my cool contributions here is the link.

Ahmed Musa is great player.i know about a little bit of him.

@dimimp, I am beginning to feel like you are a Nigerian, because your love for NIGERIA is second to none, i love you now more than ever sir and am sure other steemjetians can say the same. I only hope that we can beat Argentina since the match against them will be a do or die affair for Messi.

Nigeria needs a draw while Argentina desperately needs a win.

This is @desmoniac SF6

Indeed was a great performance from Ahmed Musa And the Super Eagles team, you need to be in Nigeria to see the joy and happiness in the faces of Nigerians both young and old, home and abroad , thanks for supporting the Nigeria 🇳🇬 team @dimimp

I was looking forward to your post. Ahmed Musa is a new generation superstar in football. He has great future in football. Thanks for sharing.


Great goals, great jubilations, great country.

Now I know soccer truly unites the human race.
Great narration from you too, you truly see things in 3 dimensions lol.

I love That white guy who danced the african makosa kind of dance, he nailed it.
Also the celebration of the heritage Bank worker was hilarious.
If I hadn't watched this, I'd not have believed that bank works were allowed to pulse work for the match.

There was so much celebration over here too (northern Nigeria), twas a shamed I didn't go out to watch the game nor take videos of the celebrations.
(I was literally steeming lol)

Did you know?

A telecommunication network provider MTN celebrated the victory by giving 1 minute free call to all its users nationwide.

Been a while I saw my country this happy.

If I'm not mistaken I think that should be before the emergence of terrorism (boko haram) and militant groups.

**If I had my ways Ahmad Musa would be hired by @steemjet reasons being that he flew the steemjet sign for the world to see (even when the pre-planned dance/celebration was the shaku shaku dance), he made school students and parents happy (I know Olivia was happy too) and he saved the day.

All these qualities are what we need on the steemjet SpaceForce.

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