The Scare of My Life

in #steem3 years ago

I only check Steemit after working hours. So there I was, happy to be finished with the day job and excited to finally be able to do my thing on Steemit. So, I opened Steemit and to my annoyance, only found a 404 page. It's probably just my internet connection, I thought. So I checked other sites such as and and to my utter disbelief, they were all down! Heck, even Minnowbooster's website was down.

Panic! The sky most surely fell down this time. I can't begin to describe the horror I felt. This was my pet project. This was the thing that would allow me to participate in the crypto world without having to spend a fortune. It seemed that the world suddenly fell apart.

Discord and the Glimmer of Hope

So I did what most of you did. I checked out discord ready to spew out a barrage of questions about what's happening. Turned out everyone was asking the same question and it seemed that everyone was actually very chill about it.

Whew! I was overreacting. I was overreacting. I was overreacting.

There's this bug and several of the witnesses must update their nodes first before the fix was applied.

I'm glad there's discord and answers are available readily.

Mixed Feelings

I feel thankful that there's information always available about what's happening and we're not left in the dark. However, I also felt that whatever issue it was, it shouldn't have taken that long. THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING! Please don't do that again.

Anyway, I am glad that it's all over and I can continue happily blogging on this platform. I'm sure the truly smart guys here and those in the know will come up with a complete explanation of what really happened.

Image Credit

It's from pixabay. I'm looking at you @thundercurator.

Here's the link if you need convincing:


I have also got addicted to the field badly.
Steemit rocks

at that moment i was just starting to feel the biconnect moment that happened last january which shocked every one who invested in it. But dont wory some time it happens, not only steemit but other site have the same problem as well sometimes. Steemit is absolutely legend and it will go on for many years as long as we play it safe. Chill

I felt the same fear man. I could not focus on any other thing until I came to know that everyone else was facing the same problem.

Great image - says it all - captures the emotions many of us felt - thanks for sharing 👍👍

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