Chart Of The Day: Steem Has Sooo Many Dapp Users

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The site has a unique method to make a ranking of the decentralized applications on blockchains. As they wrote, “rank is based on multiple factors including active users (…) transaction volume, developer activity, profile freshness and strength, CTRs, and user recommendations”.

Sorting by user-number

In this, seemingly a little subjective list Steemit is the first, and then we see two other Steem applications, Nextcolony, and Steem Monsters among the first ten. Allegedly, Steem apps have many users, more than others, so I watched also another ranking, sorted only by user count.

cod stateofthedapps.jpg
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Here, five of the first ten applications are based on Steem, and all the other five, on Ethereum. Steemit is keeping its first place, the second goes to an Ethereum role-playing game (My Crypto Heroes). Then, another three Steem apps right in line. Steem platform’s leading role is undeniable in the dApps’ space.

Crypto-apples and oranges

There are other numbers like “transaction value” (money flow to dApps) of the contracts on the sites, but I think they are not suitable for comparison. MakerDAO is a finance-related system, Steemit is a complicated platform between social media, blogging and other purposes, Partiko is free, games can be very different. “Don’t compare apples with oranges.”

The truth is, and we all know that: Steem is a financial, economic disaster at the moment. The Steem price is falling, the market capitalization is shrinking, to only 80 million dollars these days. But the gap between the 80 million and the 23 billions of Ethereum market capitalization seems to be extremely large. Far too large. But Steem needs new, Steem buying users or new income sources, we know that all, too.

Playful minds

Another interesting fact is that in the top list you see in great number games or gambling sites. I think far more people are capable or willing to play games or gamble than, for example, blog or create creative content. Not all of us must be writers or video stars but approximately every second person or more like to play. Do you think cryptos can reach the desired mass adoption through games and gambling?

The series

I started a series with the title “Chart Of The Day” because I see every day interesting things on the markets or in the news. Other parts here:


"Do you think cryptos can reach the desired mass adoption through games and gambling?"


That would be bad if you didn't believe it!!

Next On!! sorry : Steem On!!🤠

fu.... Hell, only 15.000 active from nearly 1,3 Million accounts!???
These numbers are a horror!! We're losing more Steemians .......
Now I need a drink and a beer. 🤠

it is an interesting post.i like your post very much.your are brilliant man.

Awesome, nice to see see how they all line up. I have faith it will bounce back

Great post, this put some things into perspective. Crypto gaming is clearly pushing things forward with STEEM and the crypto space in itself. I look forward to seeing what new Steem-based games enter the market. Hopefully, something I'd like to try. :)

Gaming will probably be one part of the game. Focussing on the advantages of DPOS such as eco-friendliness, 3 second transfer time and zero banking fees enopens a lot of other applications. Its scalability makes Steem blockchain ideal for transfer of funds in a large scale.

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