Steemit reached 750,000+ accounts and is about to break into world´s top 1,000 websites!

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Hi everybody,

It´s my pleasure to bring you some more good news about our beloved platform :)

Believe or not, Steemit has just surpassed 750,000 accounts today. Yes, that represents an army of ¾ of a million Steemians!

With that said, it comes as no surprise that Steemit has also significantly improved its position in the rank of the most popular website in the world. As you can see in the printscreen from below, it currently occupies the 1,054th spot so it is just a matter of time (probably days) before it breaks into the top 1,000!

Bez názvu.png

I also wonder when we reach the coveted milestone of 1 million users here on Steemit. It well might be by the end of this very month actually. What is your guess? Let me know in the comments ;)

Have a great day and Steem on!

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Another massive milestone reached! All this and we are not even out of the beta stage yet,

I still don't know any friends/colleagues who have steemit so there is a long way to go from here, but it's exciting to get in so early!


so true! ive started to try and bring in alll my friends and colleagues to join!


Oh yeah it does say beta by the logo. lol Other than the bandwidth issues it feels like this site is fully functional.


Awe yeah boiiiii! 😁

The net effect is accumulating. We will grow faster and faster each month!

Steemit is growing bigger day by day. The exponential adoption curve is just at the horizon! Decentralised, private, ad-less and cares for the users that make it what it is by paying them.


All good,except decentralized.It's all,except decentralized.

Be the end of March, we should be past 1 million users, but while that figure represents a great milestone for Steemit, it's peanuts in the grand scheme of things.

I'm optimistic we can pass 2 million by the end of 2018!

the real success of the project will begin when the founders give up their total influence. Otherwise, sooner or later, the EOS will surpass STEEM


while I'm for the fact that the STEEM was the first. Everyone should do his own thing professionally


I think steemit has a pretty good head start.


Do users get paid on EOS like on steemit?


Yes! when will the start of the EOS

I found Facebook late - Don't matter
I found Twitter late - Don't matter
I found Instagram late - Don't matter
I found Whatsapp late - Don't matter
Hell I even found the internet late - Don't freaking matter

All because I found what will be the greatest of them all, early, and that's Steemit!


There you go! Let's make it the biggest social media giant in the world and all benefit from its growth!


Right on! You are absolutely right @lets-tech

Well yesterday and today it became known that two Youtubers (5m+ and 3m+ subs) joined Steemit. Steem is a gift that keeps on giving!!!

a decrease in the alexa rank is very quick to, whereas was built in the year 2016, only 2 years already 1000 global rank.
very fantastic.
thanks for this information @czechglobalhosts



Not bad indeed! Thank you for the screenshot of the registration date.... Tomas

this is good news for steemit users, it is evident that steemit is the front mada platform. I'm sure in the next few months may be steemit, will enter top 200 most popular sites this year. and this, greatly affects market interest in coin steem and dollar steam tokens. 😁


I love your optimism! Let's do it. Tomas


your welcome bro :)

I wouldn't be surprised if it falls under 500th position in less than 6 months.


That is the way! I love your positivity:)..... Let's do it and increase the awareness of our home.... If we all add a helping hand this should be very reachable!


Crypto is growing in an alarming rate. Once bitcoin gets on the news again around 20k I'm sure steem and other alt coins will get massive media attention. That's when you speak to random people and bring up steemit!


I completely agree.


I'm already helping little by little. The conept behind Steemit is very strong that it will surely hit the the whole market soon.

That’s great news steemit is getting more and more popular and I think in future it will be a number one social media,it will take a place a Facebook..


Wow! Why not dream big:)... Let's do it!

thats great and really a good news for all steemians and hope rank of steem in first 100 after some time and its not impossible just in one year and its a big true which maybe will not like from markzuckberg who will also feel horrible from steemit and cryptos @czechlobalhosts


Top 100 in some time! That sounds great! I am sure it will happen sooner or later if we all put in a helping hand.

Le'ts hope quality content stays high or even gets better! Excellent news though :)


I am sure it will get better and better... A lot of publishers and big youtubers are starting to join which is great as it will bring a quialty content. Have a good one. Tomas

That means each steemit user is worth $1333 USD, if you take into account the market cap of 1billion usd. That number is $227 USD for Facebook, $70 USD for Twitter, and $121 USD for Snapchat. Steemit looks a little overvalued. Correct me if my numbers are wrong.


Extremely undervalued in my books! Steem is trading around 4USD right now which is a steal.... If the platform becomes successful and only a few applications build on Steemit blockchain succeed we will have a several hundred dollar coin. Just my thoughts.....

Nice! I just joined yesterday, so I guess I'm a tiny part of that growth. Still looking around, but so far I'm impressed.


Welcome onboard! Have fun and enjoy. You have made a great decision to joing this ever increasing social media giant! Tomas

well good to hear this exiting news from you and sure this result of this best blockchain which is world best and more attractive blockchain and we canot see any other blockchain like steem which give us many benefits and have many projjects like steem ..congrats all steemians and also you @czechglobalshost and also thanx for share this good news


Cheers! Congrats you and everyone else!

Hi Mr.@czechglobalhosts 🖐🏻 I have a little gift for you ! ✍🏻
It took quite a long time but it was a great pleasure for me!I hope you like it 🙏🏻

View my post;




Impressive in talent and the time you committed to it!

That is incredible, I for one, am continuously aiming to write quality content on here to improve the platform :)

This is great news. More popular, more visible, more users etc. Once it hits it will explode in popularity, then just watch the price of Steem.

Wow thats great news. Love steem :)

It's a truly incredible feat if you think about it. Facebook has reached over 2 billion active users. We're still a minnow, but remember one day Facebook had to reach 1 million users, just like Steem is about to.

Keep Steeming you Hooligans!

Wow! This is so cook! Full steem ahead!! :D

Steemit is really making wave. There are more people to join the winning community. Steemit is the future of blockchain

Thank you for the great news. A great platform really.

Thats awesome. I love Steemit!

Breaking into top 1000 is a step towards mass adoption.


I would say... :)

Long may it rise, if this works as it just we will no longer need AdSense and its stupid rules. What we create will only be metered by the community.

When you want to Flag them but see their Steem power lol

Good information,good work,

I am so glad i got in as early as i have. I am still late but in a good spot. I really like steemit

I just found this site a few days ago and I am loving it. I can see the life changing potential it has and the sense of community is awesome. Rock on!

I see that I joined a very select society. You also contribute to this network's popularity. Thanks @czechglobalhosts

It is excellent news for all Steemit users, I believe that between 7 to 10 days we will reach the first million, since the growth has been almost exponential in the last 2 weeks ...

trust me it will hit more users than facebook all we have to do is to make a website that smaller phones can access just like java version of steemit what do you guys think

Good news, God Bless Steemit. . By the way, thanks @czechglobalhosts for creating Photo challenges

congratulations to go significant milestone!

Great news. And this is just the beginning :)

That;s brilliant news to us @czechglobalhosts. Exactly steemit growth up more and more. Alexa seems it. steemit growing faster

This is awesome news for the community. It is up to us to keep creating more valuable content that will make People from all over the internet want to come visit Steemit looking for content here :D

I really like this post. This post is a lot of benefits for us. This post you write in a language that is very easy to understand. We wait for your next post. Successful greeting always @czechglobalhosts 👍👍

It's great to see the massive growth we are currently witnessing on Steemit! It won't be long at all before we hit the magic 1 million user milestone :D

Steemit all the way

ohhh, wow, congratulations!, amazing, I wish to get there

I was surprised by your information. in my hometown only. already menpunyai 1 person one account. I will pre-predict the steemit platform will beat other platforms, thank you very much for your quality information

That's awesome. Go steemit!

Once we crack our way into the mainstream you will see a massive boom. Steemit offers value and its only a matter of time we see a huge jump in user accounts.

The Hodgetwins switching over is a big deal!
Also Furious Pete made a killing in his video so I am sure he isn't going anywhere...

That is potentially 5 million people who will be asking
"They are on steemit? DTube? whats that? why is there money under their videos? They are getting THAT much? Wait, that much Steem? What is steem and how much does steem cost?Over $4!!! oh so its something like that bitcoin thing Ive heard about? Cool ill check it out."


Happy to be part of the community

Exciting news! You made my day!

Before this post, I had no way of knowing the approximate number of Steemians since the platform's conception. This was helpful!

It is awesome to grow but I still have a bunch of folks who have not heard back from steemit to be approved and several have even retried using other cell numbers, it is hard to bring folks in if the back ground folks are not getting them approved...

Awesome data worth resteeming!

That's awesome new thanks @czechglobalhosts

This is great news.

Thats good 😆

Great Milestone for Steemit. Looking beyond 1 million to 100 million. Up up and away.

Thank you for the great news @ czechglobalhosts ! I believe we will reach the 1 million members limit by the end of this month,I do talk about Steemit like crazy to everybody,some people I know already signed up because of me.I can't wait for the moment we sink Facebook!!

Long Live Steemit!!

That is quite a feat; Onward and upwards!

One of the most powerful companies in the world ...Everyone with an internet connection will have one by 2020 :)

yup cheers friend this is good news for us thanks for information.😊

Great news! Thank you for the update. :)

Nice contest indeed
God bless you abundantly to continue more of this
Thumbs up 👍

It wouldnt suprise me!! It is f$%kn AWESOME!!
:) :)

Thanks for the post. There was one this past week that talked about double counting based on links to other services. You may find this an interesting and very relevant discussion.

Yeah because Its concept is new and WE really love to spend our time here.

After 1 year the numbers will be ten times more.

Thanks for bringing these numbers to my attention. Didn't realise just how huge Steemit has become. More and more people falling in love with this platform everyday!

Really nice for steemit, it's an amazing website