STEEM - New consolidation in progress - We are following closely the MMA50

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Hello all,

The STEEM is again in a consolidation phase since the nice UP of the last days :


I don't see anything dramatic currently in the consolidation of the STEEM.

In the contrary, we can see that we are following closely the MMA50 but that we are not breaking it. It is a very good sign because the MMA50 is well know to reset a trend after a big Break Out. In other words, after a Break Out UP or DOWN, the fact to break the MMA50 means most of the time that the Break Out is done and that we are returning in a neutral zone.

Here we can see clearly that we are not breaking it but following it. It is a good sign that a Break Out UP could start again at short term.

I wish you massive profits and a happy New Year,

Disclaimer : Never invest more than what you can afford to lose. This post is my personal opinion, do your own research before making any investment decisions. If you make any trades after reading this post, it is completely in your responsibility. I am not responsible for any of your losses. By reading this post you acknowledge and accept that.



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I agree, I don't see another ATH happening for a little while. Its a great time for alts though. Ive been waiting for this ;)

Your not the only one brother :D yesterday 73$ turned into 711 dollars hahaha . Now im happier

I think that the next major level wil be at $9.70. Check #5.

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The UP in the start of the New Year has motivated me immensely. I hope this continues and I should be able to afford a vacation with the wife and kid by the end of 2018. Just a dream for now.

Wow! It's nice to hear that dream. A sweet wish from a loving dad and husband. I'm positive that steem price will go up my friend. Stay active and we'll harvest the fruit of our labor soon! Happy 2018...

Thank yo so much @keensleigh. We almost share the same profiles. I'm a teacher, a musician, an entrepreneur and a father of a 4 month old son. Really nice to be in touch with you.

i'm so glad I have known you here. I admire those fathers and husbands who show love for their family. I'm so blessed I have a great hubby and wonderful children. let us continue sharing our thoughts and keep inspiring each other. spread the love!

Yes. Love is all we need ❤💙💚

Another move up wouldn't hurt at all! :-)
Check out Bishares, forming nice triangle with the upside bias since lows are getting higher.... (no guarantees though) :-)

But setup looks good enough:

  • break out
  • retest of a break out (blue circle)
  • new triangle consolidation with higher lows:


I really believe in your prediction, and I always follow it. may i translate in indonesia your posting this. Maybe with your permission, my friends will understand the steam movement as you predicted.

Definitely waiting for the bullish run after this nice flag formed on the Hourly chart:

I think it will start around $6.17.

p.s. Check my blog I also write TA could be interesting to follow me. Some samples: BitShares: #5, #6; Steem: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5; Bitcoin: #21, #22, #23.

This is a brilliant analysis and signal. I believe the uptrend will dominate Steem price in the long term.
We could probably see $100 before the end of 2018. I wish that

Steem is the next it the row after Bitcoin! Yeah It will be a hell of a ride, next mayor stop will be at $9.70.

p.s. Check my blog I also write TA could be interesting to follow me. Some samples: BitShares: #5, #6; Steem: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5; Bitcoin: #21, #22, #23.

its great when its consolidating, this are the times it weens out the speculators before the next rise, i will be HODL for now and see the next ATH

This is great news for Steem and staying at a stable rate like this for a long while will be of benefit to the platform :)

Thank you very useful post

Last couple of days have been great!

It's a good time to stock up on some steem!

It's going great for now and hopefully it continues. It's definitely a reason to stick around here for a longer time, especially for newbies like me.

Foll back and upvote my acount

$50 steem by end of 2018 anyone? ;)

Nice...I’m looking to see what price to buy in. Steem is awesome!

I only hope that this crypto boom is sustainable :-) Thank you for the great article!

One thing that I am happy about is that even though the steem price is consolidating it is still looking very bullish. @cryptopassion

Very good news!

Clearly noted, thanks

Interesante post!

Thank you again for your valuable work. I love reading your posts. Short, sharp and to the point. Was wondering why my account value had gone up. Thanks :)

Wow just checked my account and its suddenly doubled in value lol - great post i love steemit :D

I like your input on the consolidation!! great post ..
Now lets see it go up.... I bought in at around 6$.. It's time to make some money!!!!!

That chart is a thing of beauty we have all been waiting to see.

Thanks for the information. Being new here it helps provide some insight to what's up with steem.

It's good to see some consolidation and (relative) stability in the price after those huge leaps and bounds. That'll give time for the RSI to cool of a bit and for STEEM to get ready for the next leg up.

Thanks for sharing.

I am grateful because you keep us informed with this information that is very necessary

I do appreciate how the sistem handles issues but there are many things to take in consider when talking about serious business .
Only what i think , honestly .

A correction towards $4-6 would only be healthy :-)

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Like Christmas, each time I log back into Steemit.

Too bad, seems like a break out down :(

funny how in North American, in candle stick chart green means up and red means down, but this is vice versa in Asia.

Steem is showing $5.30 as I write this. It feels like a healthy correction to me. $8.00 steem was awesome, but we knew a little pull back was coming. My question to to you do how long do you think an inflated SBD is sustainable. Are there any market drivers at all that you can pinpoint SBD to that makes it a hold, or is the prudent action to dump your SBD for Steem/Power right away?