I am Delegating Steem power for free to my Followers

in #steem6 years ago

Hey everyone I will be Delegating Steem Power Randomly to my followers.

To be eligible for the free Steem power you have to complete the following:

Follow my blog

Comment and upvote 4 post

Resteem 3 post: starting with this one


After this is done you will be​ eligible​ for the free Steem Power.



Delegation is something everyone is looking for, so here we got the opportunity, I'm going to get it man!

Done the required things.

Strong people do not put others down ... They make them high ... Thank you so much cover boss...I love your cover songs

I resteem your 3 post with my 951 followers.
And Already I was upvoted your last 3 post 😃
Thank you 😍

I’ve been following for a while now. I like your style! I’m looking forward to your future content. The delegations are a nice bonus!

You are really on a roll!
First of all great thing to support others! I can only encourage these kind of actions!
While I do understand the requirement, I don’t think that this is a smart way to delegate!
If I would be in the situation where I could delegate some power I would let people nominate others in which they believe. The nomiated ones should be active on the Steem blokchain. With active I do mean writing own post and for sure commenting on other good posts. This way the power would be spread.
I also would follow up the one who are getting the delegation, to see that if the power is used liked it should be!

Once again don’t get me wrong! I really appreciate this action. I just would write down other requirements.
If you really want to delegate some steem power, I can advice the sports betting community! We are trying to reward starting sportsbetter, who write decent articles, by giving them one a day an upvote! This all is done by the @sbcbot. The idea behind this bot is to support our community, not to make a profit. All the rewards the bot is generating is invested back into the bot!
If you want a person to delegate, I can advice @beat-the-bookies. One of the driving forced within our community!
Good luck with choosing the right persons for your delegation!
Thx for trying to make the Steem community a better place!

Thanks buddy, didn't even know there was a sports betting community. I am in at least one pool a week. I completely get what you are saying but this is more of a olive branch/ foot in the door tye deal.

You will see soon.

We started 3 weeks ago with the idea. The community and bot is life since 11 days. The discord channel has been life since 3 weeks!
Let written I did not want to criticize you. Just wanted to offer a different viewpoint!

Oh its all good buddy, no offense taken. I will be joining the discord so we can chat there.

I'd want that 😉
You're in a very generous mood today.
I'll be Resteeming after I write this comment
Edit : Completed the requirements
Thank you

Commented this one and the previous one. Also resteemed. Waiting for another posts. Would be great if you followed us too.

I really like this idea(not as much as your previous post but still)but this will drag some people who will be here just for the possibility of delegation.I also think that choosing totaly random people is not the best idea and you should check their activity a little to "make sure" they wont upvote just themselves.I really appreciate your engagement into Steemit and I see you are really kind person but personally I think you should "improve" your support ideas.Keep up your great work and thank you so much for helping Steemit community😋

Trial and error I guess.

You're on a philanthropic roll @crypto2crypto - I am definitely going to get in on this delegate action, anything that helps me climb my way to the top (I would settle for being in the middle) is a bonus in my opinion.

My goal for 2018 is to build up a high enough reputation and Steem Power that I can go out and adopt some other Steemians on the platform making great content and delegate to them (as well support with upvotes and resteems). Some of that generous delegation you're offering would get me a little closer to giving back and helping Minnows.

I look forward to that. Just a heads up and you probably already know, but I met all of the criteria of your delegation requirements; resteems, upvotes and comments. I'll be frequently interacting with your content with or without free delegation. Good Steemians are hard to come by.

I have done it. Resteemed, commented and upvoted

Last time I missed it :/ I did the required things but didn't get it :/ but this time I am not gonna miss it :/
What will be the duration of delegation?

It will be 3 weeks

ahaan, I can't wait to get steem power delegation from your sir!

@crypto2crypto sir task done!

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