Lets all work together to make STEEMIT better.

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Ok so this in not taking shots at anyone as I can see how each side feels that they have the correct POV, so its not my position to judge. I just want to help the community of friends that I am building but at the same time I will not be taken advantage of. So this is what you can expect from me moving forward.

  1. I will be reply and upvoting every VALID comment and or question. If I feel it is spam I will ignore. I am doing this to help drive the conversation.

  2. I will be Upvoting and Resteeming quality content. Again I will not be taken advantage of so a preference will be given to my followers first.

  3. I'll be doing best Post giveaways. Tag me in a post to enter and every Friday Ill be giving away 10 SBD

I hope this helps and I hope we can all make this work.

Follow me @crypto2crypto and lets have some fun.

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I have about two months on this platform. It's my formal job for now. So I do not come here to have fun or to play, or show off altruism. I need every 0.0001 that I can win. This community has become not only therapy for my soul, but an alternative to fill the fridge. And I will not allow myself to be criticized. I have read many posts that disdain the fact that many of us are here to monetize time. What is the problem? Not everyone has the happiness to lose it. That some have time and money for philanthropy, does not make them a better person than me.

Unfortunately, because of how the rules of the game are distributed in this platorma, we have a kind of Venezuelan dictatorship. The powerful are those who decide who grow or not. There is no such valuation of quality content. Maybe I should ask, what do you call quality? I have seen in trends any amount of trash that discourages and makes you lose the desire to invest time here.

The whales that give a flag without criteria only because they do not know how to handle criticism? That is abuse of power! What happens if the minows lose interest and leave the platform massively? What if a more balanced development is created than Steemit? There is discontent and it is growing as I can appreciate.

On the other hand, why is my vote worthless? Why does Steemit have to be a replica of the unequal conditions of real life, when it could be a planet with opportunities for all? What if here the effort, dedication, commitment, commitment, to name something, were valued?

The trail is a funny thing. A lot of people voting blindly for a post they will never read.

I have used some bots and trail that leave me with a sense of emptiness and fraud that I do not like.

The only bots that make sense to me are those that give resteem, because these allow the information to be visible to more people. And everyone decides what to read and where to leave their vote.

I do not want Steemit to be condemned to disappear because of the discontent that has started to go viral. I hope the complaints reach the ears of who can make the difference.

Either way, as I currently do about the situation in my country. I stopped focusing on the bad and I'm looking for the good to stand out.

English is not my native language, so I used Google.


Wow I understand your plight and position 100%. It is very tricky how things are handled on this platform as those who have the most money wield the most power and really go unchecked. hopefully with time and maturity this platform will grow into what it was intended to be.

As for quality content, I dont discriminate on category. I only ask that it is original and add value to the community. I do appreiciate you taking the time to write me and sorry for the delay.


Your thoughts are deep and to the point. I am apt to agree with you very closely on many points. Know that I also hope to make this a full time source of income. So many crypto and blockchain projects come to Steemit. The opportunity is here and I hope the Hivemind empowers content and votes, not just Steem Power.


Thank you for understanding @machnbirdsparo. Have a good time!

I have found that upvoting the majority of comments on your own posts is a great way to attract more users/comments.. However this approach comes with a lot of comments that are of no actual substance, but the few comments that lead to a real conversation make it all worth it


My filter will be set to super high. If I feel that is it a trash comment, I will not engage.

Brother, I feel you on this one. If you haven't noticed yet, I'm a talker. I enjoy conversations with interesting people. I don't like all the spammy comments to myself. Like people asking/begging for votes or follows and such. So I back you on this one 100%. And you know what, I want to take a second to thank you. I see a whole lot of people who have very powerful votes voting at $0.01 or so. I don't know if they just don't realize that nobody is getting paid for those level of votes. Or if the person giving the vote knows this, and just hopes the person getting the vote doesn't know. So that way the person voting looks like they just did something for the person who got the vote, when in all reality they did nothing. YOU ARE NOT ONE OF THESE PEOPLE. You vote people who deserve it and you vote at a level hat actually matters. I'm also going to take a second to reiterate the fact that I believe you are a wonderful person. I don't know what it would ever be, but I am very serious when I say, if there's ever anything I can do for you please let me know. My dear friend until we meet again I send you and all of yours all of my love. And don't worry about the people who want to hate on you if that is what's happening. Just keep doing all the greatness that you're doing. Oh and keep rocking the bad ass content. 😊


I appreciate you my friend, your comments are always welcomed as they are thought provoking in themselves. I wish you all the luck on this platform.


I won't burn up any of your time, but I'm sure you already have about a thousand comments to get back to with just these two posts. I just want to thank you for your kind words and to say I'm glad that you find my comments good.

I agree Steemit has changed a lot recently, it feels like there is a lot more discontent around reward distribution.

Your rules are perfectly valid and almost go without saying! Any lazy copy/paste comments begging for upvotes add no value to the platform and tbh deserve a flag.

It's a shame having a monetized platform attracts so much noise from spammers.


I honestly feel if everyone would just relax we can make this place freaking awesome. Im glad you see my POV and I hope we cross paths again.

I've been through the ups and downs of the state of this platform. I think it's a universally acknowledged fact Steemit is broken, the trickle-down economics approach doesn't work because many at the top have made it clear they don't want to give back.

It took a while for me to realise that for Steemit to improve as a platform, people just need to start giving back and upvoting worthy content other than what they see in the faux trending section.

My upvote isn't worth much, but I make it a daily routine to go sifting through the new section for various categories, upvoting quality content, leaving comments of support/encouragement and following people writing quality content on this site.

Good on you for wanting to give back and make the platform a better place @crypto2crypt. I checked out your stats on Steemworld and your vote at 100% is worth a whopping $16.31. So even a fraction of that kind of upvote could literally make someone's day, many don't break the $1 threshold.

So it's refreshing and admirable to see someone such as yourself who could technically just write 10 posts per day and upvote them to earn a nice sum willing to not be as greedy as a few others on this platform with heavy vote capability.

I've given you a follow and I look forward to engaging with your content in a productive manner and helping share the Steem power love around at the same time.


I think steem is way more underappreciated than it is broken. I think the price of steem should be higher.


Thank you sir, in the end we all win. My only fear is that as the minnows grow up will the greed consume them as well. This is to be seen for sure. I dont know if you notied, minnows dont upvote minnows.


My only fear is that as the minnows grow up will the greed consume them as well

Sadly, your fear is not unfounded. Money corrupts people and if you can make money by not giving back and just giving to yourself, arguably a lot of people would take the less morally correct path to Steemitdom.

I dont know if you notied, minnows dont upvote minnows.

Oh, man. I have noticed. I regularly use up over 60% of my voting power daily upvoting good comments and content. I've been a member of Steemit for basically four months now and I've struggled a lot. I get Minnows commenting on my posts all of the time, and ironically they rarely upvote the post. Why bother commenting if you're not going to upvote (unless it's a comment disagreeing), makes no sense.

Thankfully I found some great initiatives like the Minnow Support Project and Team Australia (shout out to @teamaustralia) which have been very gracious and supportive of myself and many others. I don't let the promise of money motivate me on Steemit, if I make money then that's great, if not, I still get value out of being here.


Ok good im not crazy. It was driving me mad watching people complain about whales not upvoting minnow, when minnows dont upvote minnows.

If you keep to your words and i follow your footsteps and alot of people join us then steemit will be a better place.

This is really cool idea but you propably wont be able to achieve much this way.You have really powerful account but to make it work really smoothly you would need much more SP.I also think that instead upvoting every comment you could upvote with full power 1 good quality posts every 2 days of how often you could.Comments are great tool to encourage people to discussion but promoting good content and helping talented authors out has much bigger impact on the community.Anyway great initiative and I hope it will work as good as it possibly can.👍


It will be a Mix, I have figured out the math and I think the algo I will be following should yield some great results.


Since it's pro community initiative I wish you best possible results.If you say so that you calculated it I hope it will work well.Maybe some day I will be able to help Steemit community this way too.But for now all I can do is to upvote good stuf and comment and cheer for great activities like yours😂😂😂


Hey every bit counts. I will give it a run for about a month, if it does well then we keep it going. If it doesn't oh well whats one month.


"If you don't try you'll never know" 😋

Thanks for the post. It is so hard to grow in this community without paying bots. It is frustrating really. Invite you to follow us for some good quality crypto education and more. Let's eradicate low quality content and spam.

togather we grow
I haven't started blogging yet,
I'm a graphics designer, you can check my blog if you want :)

I'm with you in this initiative, you have the power and you are willing it to put into positive work, that is so nice of you <3
Keep up the good work <3
God bless you brother <3


What about me making a footer for you?
I'll try my level best, hopefully, you'll like it :)
need your permission?


Go for it my man. Ill take care of you on the backend :)


;) Thank you for the permission <3

That is indeed a very nice effort of yours buddy .I really appreciate the thing that you are doing and it will indeed help many in the run :)

While Keep up the good work buddy !

I like to see this, because it seems like all the community members need to unite more on Steemit!


This place would go boom, if we all got along. Then again I do see how each point of view can be upset.

numerous People are advancing themself on unrelevant subjects. Chasing for the benefit. I get it. Individuals need cash, who doesn't. In any case, that isn't the means by which it works. the substance advances itself ,There is no requirement for inordinate spam.i take after your Every post.

Good luck...

Thanks man
It's really cool that you're doing this to help the community grow


hope it works.


Of course it will...
If more people could understand this is much better for the long term benefit of this community

Off course we must all work together to let anyone grow. Today I delegated 1000 SP to the minnow support project. For the same reason. We must all help.

Thank you for doing the same!!


Awesome, I hope the user uses it as intended.


it's not a user it's a group of people which is very active on steem


Thanks ill dig in tonight.

This is really a great initiative to push someone who making good content but not getting what he deserve for his efforts, hopefully you'll keep an eye on these people :)


I will. I will be scanning more and more, it would helped to be tagged in the specific post but that is a task in itself.


yeah, it is a responsibility too!

This is the best thing you can give to your followers. It will encourage us to do more on steemit. Glad I have you on my list

Sounds great! What's this about the best post giveaways? Does it have to be a specific topic or just anything?


Anything, as long as it is QUALITY and adds to the community as a whole.

I really thank the people that supported me as a newbie on steemit. Especially to @purepinay who always upvote my post. I appreciate your help guys.

No doubt, unity is something to be desired, to be striven for, but it cannot be willed by mere declarations...

your quality comments upvotation is great man, hope I'll receive some of it 😊


Bring quality and it definitly will.


sure 😊

many People are promoting themself on unrelevant topics. Hunting for the profit. I get it. People want money, who doesn't. But that is not how it works. the content promotes itself ,There is no need for excessive spam.


Looks like a good plan.

I still think that the Steemit platform is a little confusing (as a newbie myself) but the community is good and I think that FB etc have had it too good for too long with users providing content (its lifeblood) for free.

Helping the people that we bring onto the platform will help overcome initial confusions as you propose.

Thanks for sharing and I hope to help out.


I was super confused when i first arrived. Figured it out now for sure, and want to help others gain in this space.


Yeah i like the fact you want to help others
Thank you @crypto2crypto
Join me on discord https://discord.gg/Wamthbe

Nice gesture of you @crypto2crypto.
If you want to increase interaction on your post, you could also award a steem bounty. This bounty will be spread out to the comments which are getting an upvote. The votes are weighted, votes from the author of the post do count more than upvotes from the commenters!
I also try to upvote all the genuine comments on my blog, but this is destroying my voting power. For sure, if I do want that my upvotes counts. Meaning that it has to surpass the dust threshold!
I will try to remember that I have to tag you in one of my posts!
I do feel that interaction is important. If we compare the interaction on the Steem blockchain with all other social media, we are running behind by miles. We are only scoring 2.5 comments per post, which is way too low!


Thank you I will check this out asap.


Thanks man, i appreciate your effort

oooh wow this sounds interesting.
Love this initiative of yours.

I will love to ask though;

I'll be doing best Post giveaways. Tag me in a post to enter and every Friday Ill be giving away 10 SBD

I presume this applies to only crypto related posts.
Just want to be clear.


Any post. As long as it is original and add value to the section it is in.


ooo got it.

Thanks for the response, I really appreciate.

I actually enjoy the chaotic order of this place. I'm not sure we should be unified; I think monocultures are dangerous. We can be united in wanting to help Steemit thrive, while we differ in our opinions of how to do that.

Personally, I think spam should be flagged, not just ignored, because it is not benign and it feeds and grows quickly, like a cancer. Of course, it is equally important to engage with other sincere people and grow your account in a healthy way.


There is a lot of spam flagging already going on and there is even a bounty program on it. This site does have a pretty active police force. I think we are policed more than Facebook but the Facebook police targets more freedom of speech whereas ours targets spam.


Hmmm very interesting perspective for sure.

The hand shake caught my eye. Like really held my attention as I scrolled through your blog.

It reminded me of one I saw years ago on TV. Maybe even before the Internet. The only things I thought of was the United Way and unions. It was definitely not a union logo I was thinking about. And the United Way uses a different logo, at least now.

After a bit of an image search I had to post something so I grabbed this one from https://www.shutterstock.com/ru/image-vector/industrial-40-cyber-physical-systems-conceptrobot-702061876

Thanks @crypto2crypto (not a shameless tag(: since I believe in the effort-venture). I notice you have your own Steemit hashtag. Even though it is not officially listed (8ish posts show up in a search), I thought I recognized your name, but dismissed because "crypto"names are so popular.

Let me know if there is a certain type of content associated with this tag.

Steem community especially the newbies really need this type of help from all the reputed senior members. Appreciate your initiative. Upvoted and resteemed!


Thanks boss.

Yes sit,we can all make this work.You idea really very good.

Upvote and Resteem

you are working hard for Steemians :) Thanks for your help and good luck

We have no choice but to think together, ponder together, in groups and communities. The question is how to do this, how to come together and think and hear each other in order to touch and be touched by, the creativity, the intelligence and chance we need. Steem it and people using it in ways like is a good way forward. Thanks!

That will be very great @crypto2crypto. Just want to know what condition the post need to meet to be considered worthy for selection.

These initiatives will never work.


It may or may not work. In the end I can at least say I tried.


Recently I saw one of your posts on the wall of my friend, and I am very interested in your idea.

May more steemit friends who have succeeded in having thoughts like you, thus helping our young to be independent.

I'm not fluent in English, Sorry if my English is not good.

Wow this is a great publication in steemit.
Thank you

This is a great initiative.

Yes, if we work together we will grow together :)

ps. Commented , resteemed and upvoted

do you know sir @crypto2crypto how much youre helpful to us.. most probably not.. but i am a benificier that youre doing unknowingly. thanks a lot sir . i hope you will keep helping us like this way.
thanks again


your posts are so hellpful thank

What to the acronym POV stand for in this matter? I really appreciate your effort to make steemit better. I feel like not everyone is getting the point of "give and get".

@crypto2crypto Brother, really I hope that I get the chance to get delegation SP from you. It will help to build my career here in STEEMIT.

A very special article
You are a great person because you help everyone
I wish you all the best, my friend

@crypto2crypto Sir, I think you are the most active member here in Steemit. You checked every comments and reply almost everyone. This is really great.

Still trying to figure out how to use steemit. Thanks for the info you share.

Unity is strength. . . when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.
We should all work together to move this platform forward. I really love your initiative, upvoting quality comments, resteeming quality posts will help fishes like us to grow.

I agree, lets make a movement beat Facebook! @crypto2crypto

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system. :3 It is the first decentralized digital currency, as the system works without a central bank or single administrator
thanks for sharing this type of news............resteemed.


what? have he talked about bitcoin in this post?
First read the post then make a comment :)

Thank you for update us, its was needed to know every steem users.

Great idea hope it works and people get behind it and help each other

Hello @crypto2crypto first of all nice to meet u.
Steemit is not for single one to grow it is for whole steemians to grow. I joined steemit 3 months back and because of others support and help i grown up to this level.they helped me a lot .they encouraged me and motivated me to show my talent. "STEEMIT IS SHARING AND CARING" GIVE SOMETHING AND TAKE SOMETHING this is what i learned & ibelieve in steemit. We have to get closer by steemit & have to encourage one another in their respective fields(talents) .i conducted a contest to give something that i got in steemit by others and i want to help minnows especially to encourage them and not to get discouraged left steemit .this is what i think . Thank you

I made some posters for my friends
I can make posters for u if u want

You can see my post that i rewarded people who participated in it....

Amazing post , lets together improve this great community
i try do my best to invite more people in steemit , i have more than 30 videos for promoting steemit
it's a great project

Hey... I am new her on this platform, what can do you do to me at this moment, waiting for your reply. By the way your such a good guy delegating Steam power to all minnows...

Youre awesome man, thanks for all your support, ild do as you have said, thank you

really appreciate you my friend. thanks you so much.