The unwritten rules of steemit!💡 #Bartcardi

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The unwritten rules

Steemit the platform has alot of unwritten rules that the steemians respect. So by breaking these rules you will most likely get flagged and you could ruin your account. Getting flagged means your reputation and payouts will drop. So basically everything you work for. That is why i am explaining the unwritten rules to prevent this from happening to you. 

Asking for upvotes

This is an absolute 'no go' in the steemit community. So yeah...


When people come to steemit, they find it hard to get anyone to view their content. What happens is that they will start doing things like "upvote for upvote" and will get nothing out of it. You will get another steemian to upvote the content without looking and then leave your page. Other steemians will see your reaction and flag you or ignore you. Doing this is time consuming and you could also put that time in writting great content. So just.. Just don't. Trust me

@Cheetah keeps his eyes on you

In the steemit community it is important to create your own original content. Alot of people try to copy a post from another website and take credit on steemit. But they don't know @Cheetah will take them down! Nowadays there is a bot on steemit who spots copy/paste content and points that out. So @cheetah will tell every other steemian that the post isn't original content and you will get flagged. So again just... just don't. Trust me

Don't become spam

Its important that you are not overposting and become spam. I see alot of people posting 10 times a day a really small post. That isn't the way on steemit! Connect all those posts together and create one great post. Put some time in your posts and you might become succesfull. I would suggest posting 5 times a day is the maximum. 

Think about your actions

- Keep your blog yourself. I see some people resteeming so much that i can't find a post of themself. It is important to just resteem posts that actually have value. Just like this one ;). Nobody is gonna like your blog for your posts if they first see 50 resteems.

Always promote youself!

You feel the irony here LoL


- Unlike any other social media platform on steem your upvotes are limited. I suggest upvoting 20 times every 24 hours this way you will keep 100% voting power. If you upvote more then that your voting power will decline and become less valuable. This will recover when u don't upvote for some time. 

  • Don't upvote bots that have automatic messages
  • Don't upvote people who don't interact and are just here for the money

If you are doing this then you are wasting your vote and no one will appreciate it! I am telling you this, because i see alot of people wasting their energy on this. Again just don't... just don't. You might think to yourself is this article worth one of these ten upvotes? Yes it is!

Watch your grammar!

What the hell is he saying? That is the opposite reaction you want to your blog. Neverless this is the reaction alot of people get, because of their grammar. So try to write your content with the right grammar and don't make too many spelling mistakes. The right grammar contributes to a great blog! 

I hope this is helpful!

Another helpful post for your blog:

Disclaimer: pictures with source aren't mine

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Good points I think rules for some people will be different for others unwritten rules everyone is different and that why I love the community I did a funny Steemit Meme on the topic upvote let me know what u think i have add you if you add me that would be great thanks

For sure @newmarket65 Will review that. Yeah, don't see it as rules just as some helpful tips!

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Thanks will check it out

Why are people trying to dictate how others should post and behave on steemit? If someone wants to write: "Beautiful pictures!" on a post, that's ok. Let people behave like they want, if you personally have a "set" word-count of what's a good comment, good for you, but that shouldn't dicate others.

I am just telling everyone the personal lessons i learned on the platform.

I understand, I didn't comment to insult you or your post, but what I mean is that, there's a general attitude among steemians that you "have" to write something interesting. I just want there to be room for more casual comments instead of people always trying to outsmart themselves and always "top" their latest comments.

The problem with generic comments such as "nice post" is that they are usually just spammers or bots trying to farm upvotes. If you really liked something tell me what you liked. It doesn't have to be something long and/or very "smart", just something that shows that you actually read or see the post/picture/video.

I agree, but honestly, if a bot comments one of my posts with "nice post", I really don't mind. I've seen people lash out to people commenting their posts: "Dirty spammer" etc.. Not cool in my opinion.

There is a difference between an empty "nice post" comment and a casual one. The problem that is those "nice post" comments sometimes crowd out the genuine ones and make the comment section less readable. They are the sort of behavior we want to discourage. It is commendable if someone takes up the task of cleaning up the platform and flags such comments if they appear to be the work of bots. If they are left by newbies, it is a good practice to give them a friendly warning and refer to the FAQ.

I personally don't lash out at spammers or downvote them because it's a waist of my time and voting power. For me it's more cost effective to ignore them, that way they don't get a benefit.

However, allowing serial spammers and trolls to flourish has a negative impact on the value of the network. In some cases (not all) it is necessary to take action by using a downvote while being civil.

Fair enough:)

@Bartcardi post your is very useful for the steemian.
Especially me as a beginner in steemit
Thank you @bartcardi

It's not like it changes anything, you won't get more reputation or SP/SBD/STEEM. I agree with @bartcardi in everything on this post. This is what I call great content.

I understand how you feel. Personally, I'm happy for the tips. Free advice is hard to come by nowadays.

Most people always search for loop-holes in any system for quick and easy gains. It's human nature!

your right this is human nature cheat the system

And they are unable to see long term negative effects of their actions.

Evolution has designed us that way. We are optimised to optimise everything, to find shortcuts whereever possible.

I feel like a lot of third world people just copy and paste something they think is good but they don't even speak English. It's sad how they will post the same misspelled shit over and over.

its takes time to create good content for sure

Awesome post thanks for the information its always good to follow ur post everytime something new to learn about steem..

Come and join Team-Bartcardi on discord mate

sure mate i ll join ya thanks alot for invitation

Very good post for all new ones in here, like me for example.

Great post, I wish there was a way to hid the bot resteem/upvote posts so that it is easier to see real comments.

True that. If u find it please share it.

What was your first step in creating a solid foundation on steem ? Also could you please leave us newbies some good starter tips ?

Get bloggin and tell your story

Yeah, everybody's got something to tell others. You could tell about the place where you live, for example.

good article:)

Useful information for people who are still not familiar with Steemit. :) Resteemed!

Thank you very much appreciate it a lot!

Thank you so much for the heads up @bartcardi :) resteemed this post .keep up the good work . :)

thanks for the resteem! It is noted! appreciate your support @joancabz

Apparently too many people have not heard of these unofficial rules. Hopefully they find this post and heed its advice.

Resteemed. Really,more people should at least see these "dont's".

Thanksss @nxtblg thats love mate !

Thanks for the reminder buddy! @bartcardi keep it up the good work :)

i am new on steemit @bartcardi and your post has shapen my mind to follow the right path and not to exert my energy on the wrong people. Thanks Buddy. Gat to follow you so as to learn more

Yaa....Agree with you

HAHAHA! "You write, Don't forget to upvote Bartcardi!" And your advice is DONT ASK FOR UPVOTES!... This is funny.9smiley.jpg

You can say that in your own article.. like i explained its the "upvote for upvote" kind of things that don't work. Saying it in your own article is just like on youtube saying give me a thumbs up.

You forgot one important one:

Don't use the flag/downvote option, if you are not willing to risk a downvote tsunami on your comments out of spite. It shouldn't be happening, but it does.

Thank you for this, @bartcardi! It is important that people follow these rules in order to make this platform better than it already is! Personally, I was kinda confused as to why the payouts of my post were fluctuating, so I did some research and found out that the price is essentially tied to the price of STEEM itself!

Very useful info, thanks.
But why would you brake the first "unwritten" rule you wrote?

At the begining of post you write that Asking for votes is an absolute 'no go' ...

at the bottom you write:
Don't forget to follow, upvote and resteem Bartcardi

Or did i just misunderstand something?

Thanks! Im new on steemit and i think this post its going to be my guide for a while, im going to follow your advice ❤️

Good information but you have errors, edit your post to improve the presentation

Fixed a couple of grammar mistakes i could find. If you still find any please point them out

4 Sure!, thks

Being part of this great community I like to upvote and resteem others. Thank to @bartcardi and this post I will limit my upvotes to about 20 per day. But what to do with resteems? According to my nature I have 2 different periods of behavior basically changing each other in about 3-5 days. 1st period is associated with expressing myself, when posts appear easily with a lot of joy. And after it comes 2nd period when I feel strong desire to find something interesting, that is when I start reading hundreeds of posts upvote and resteem them. So if someone come to my blog during 2nd period he or she will see lots of resteems, having my own posts from the 1st period somewhere deep down there.

May be someone had the same problem, so please advise me anything how to deal with it and have that daily balance of your own posts and resteems.

As for now I am in my 2nd period and I must confess that again I upvoted this post and resteemed it. Hope you will forgive me that.

Thanks for the resteem mate. I can relate to the periods, but what i try to do is when i am in my second period i still try to write like 1 posts in the middle of that. So that my profile is still mine. U feel me?

Absolutely. Thank you for good advise. I will do my best to follow it.

Thanks for this, I'm a newbie here, so I want to learn as much as I can about how to contribute quality posts and connect with interesting people. I understand guidelines are what makes any community work well and people ought to have mutual respect for what the general purpose of that community is. Thanks! See ya around ☺

I know you all, and me, like beginners
Any advice Guys!!

Nice content...I can see that you focused on the hidden contents...!!! Nice...

Really informative, helpful content. Thanks @bartcardi

Good article, thanks for sharing. keep up the good work. 😊

please follow back yes

Great Post , I agree with you . (Website Designer ,Crypto Expert)

Find me on discord we maybe can trade our ideas about steem

When people come to steemit, they find it hard to get anyone to view their content.

My account is not even 1 month old and i think i've made incredible progress on it, people just need to realize that steemit is not a blog and it's not facebook, it's a fusion of both, and making friends on this platform goes a long way to actually getting some viewers

I would suggest posting 5 times a day is the maximum

5 times a day? I post once every week, maybe twice, my content would drop in quality if i tried to post more times than that... maybe i can give it a try on the holidays

Good post @bartcardi , is your name just Bacardi misspelled?

Haha no mate my actual name is bartcardi. Thats my introduction post.

And some people are full time steemians. So then it would be possible to post maybe 4 times a day and still write quality content.

Lovely one there @bartcardi.i love your concern spirit

thanks for the information

Thanks for this article @bartcardi! Today is my first day on here. 👍
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Well post. Thanks . I am new in Steemit.

Most of this seems like commone sense, but it's good to remind everyone on how to be courteous and support this platform.

Still i see a lot of posts missing these 'common sense' things that's why i created this.

Totally agree. Great post. Thanks!

You just inspire me this is one of those posts that I will read over and over and over just because the content is very good, is nice to see how people like you keep readers like us reading. keep up the good work.

As a new steemit member, I appreciate the info. Thank you.

I am actually new to Steemit so this post is so helpful to just learn some nice tips about the community. Helped a ton! :)

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Thanks for this. Im new here this was very helpful will keep it in mind cheers xx

Helpful post, thanks @bartcardi

a little more irony:

So try to write your content with the right grammar and don't make to many spelling mistakes.

Lol i know i know i'm not a native english speaker. Fixed it straight away

Thanks for the reminder, this article was really helpful

Great Stuff! I'm new here so this is extremely helpful. Keep up the Good Work.

Thanks for this post! as a new steemian this was helpful for me.

Was gonna hit you for the "too many spelling mistakes" but you had corrected it before I could get to my comment. Good eye. Good eye:)

Hahaha no worries. Trying to improve myself!

Thank you, it is a useful information that for many (like me), it costs us a lot to know, to win with the experience. Have a nice day. Go to my blog


I am totally new here, but looks like my reddit experience will serve me well!

See you around, Champs.

I suggest upvoting 20 times every 24 hours this way you will keep 100% voting power.

Are you sure about that? I thought, every (100%) vote costs you 2% Voting Power. And it will need 24 hours to restore 20% voting power. So that would mean you should only vote up up to 10 times a day in order to keep your voting power high and not 20 times.

Your right miscalculated that one going to adjust that!

thank you very much i am new here this is helpfull

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Thanks for the reminder buddy! @bartcardi !!! good work

This is another learning for this day. Thank you @bartcardi for sharing this.

Dont's are not created to scare steemians!, it is their to sustain the vision of the platform.

Keep steeming @bartcardi.

Thankyou very much and thanks for the comment. It is noted!

This is indeed a great help for us. Thanks @bartcardi.
it inspires me to write more quality content on my blogs @kim24 to inspire more steemians.
Indeed originality is the key.

No worries come and join my discord kim and chat about crypto

Good rules & good memes!

This is a great heads up for me since I'm also a newbie. Thank you so much for sharing @bartcardi! :)

First day on steemit....just trying to learn the ropes....thanks for this....very helpful!

Outstanding post for the newbies like myself, I did not know there were unwritten rules, heck I don’t even know most of the written rules! I’m resteeming so I have it on my blog as a handy reference!

Hahah great comment thanks for the resteem!

Thanks for sharing! Really great tips. I have to admit that i'm quilty with some of the points you've mentioned... so this post is really helpfull for me. I'll make sure that i won't make the same mistakes again! Thanks again mate!

no worries!

Thanks for the tips been exploring and saw this big eye opener..thanks much

Excelente post.

This info is good to know, especially for a new Steemit member such as myself. My voting power has been very low because I was not aware of how fast it depletes. So, I am waiting patiently to gain more power. Thanks for sharing!

Helpful information.

Thank you, I'm still trying to navigate this site. This will help.

Good info. But I'm wondering is there a way to point out plagerists to anyone big, or too these bots? For example I Che j with the official page of Xtremevids, and they do not run the xtremevids account in Steemit. I flagged their posts And commented to others, but I'm just one person.

If you would just comment underneath the post what you found it would be enough. Because they can't remove your comment so everyone will see it.

I hope that everyone will catch up and do it well and I will write a special topic about this so that everyone will see all the time to share their advice and tips for them. Thank you again and happy to find out about your participation dear

Just having some dignity prevents you from doing these things. A shame this even have to be explained.

nice work spelling out the manners for operating here - haven't met you before so i followed and upvoted , all the best, David

Thanks david will check your profile out!

excellent -- your a good guy to take time to check me out too

Definitely a solid heads up for newcomers in the community @bartcardi

Good advice for new members of Steemit

What an eye opener!!!thanks man

Thanks for making this post. As a new guy like myself, it'd been kind of a given not to do these things. I've been to several forums back in the day that had these kind of rules. It's a good way to help people know how to act so they don't find themselves kicked out or even underexposed.

Being new here, that post was very informative and made me laugh, thanks for that :)

Well, with these rules you disqualify the Zappl users a bit.
Because if the platform is used as Twitter.
Then many small posts come every day.

The DTube and Steepshot users will also end up spamming quickly if they are as active as on YouTube and Instagram.

And yes, my English is not good.

copying content and taking its credit is the worst form of cheating in my opinion ....and also whats with this this obsession of upvotes nd posting meaningless stuff in the search of it

Thanks for the hints - logical and common sense, but sometimes I guess some of us might need reminding :-)

nice work @bartcardi.
I am a newbie and this helps me a lot. COMVORES for you!

Nice one, thanks for reminding us about the unforseen rules.

Thank you for posting these, it really help a new user like myself to avoid all the no-nos.

Thanks for the kind reminder.

Glad I read this I just started today and kinda went wild with it at first I think I have a better understanding now tha t I'm half a day into it thanks for the post bro

Never do any of the above. I do advertise my posts a lot in places that I feel can benefit from it. I gotta get my name out, ya know? Lol

I only post like once a week (or whenever I feel I can write something that can help people). So, I am getting there.

Feedback on my posts are always appreciated :)

spam can be different with dmania if got good funny memes to post.though i think steemit needs to upgrade their interface more we need to be able to divide or filter thru actual posts or memes. we need more options.

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Agree with it all. Thanks for confirming. This keeps things real here in steemit.

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Very useful for new steemians, thank you have a nice weekend!

Very interesting information for me to read, I can say it is new in steemit and still have a lot to learn to be able to surf in this steemit, with some information like this can add my insight about steemit, thanks @batcardi for the information.

No worries join my discord channel Team-Bartcardi

ok i will join to your team, thanks for invitations

Nice post, especially for new comer like me. Actually I am still confused where to begin with. I am more interested in how the steem platform work, the blockchain, incentives, etc. Keep good posting. @bartcardi

Valuable advices and help friend @bartcardi. I have taken note of every point because I believe that everyone is associated to the experience that you have gathered. Thank you very much. Greetings.

Thank you @bartcardi. I love your articles. They're straightforward and honest.

Valuable content .. Thanks for sharing