HOW TO GET MORE UPVOTES ON STEEMIT?! Free promotion?! #Bartcardi

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How to get started

Most people start with steemit and don't get any upvotes. Only if you already got an audience on youtube or another platform you didn't have this problem. I made my first posts and had maybe 3 views and 1 or 2 upvotes. This discouraged me alot in the beginning. So i made this article to prevent that happening to anyone else.

Free marketing

There are a couple of ways to promote your article for free. If you want to promote your article you have to write great content. This is because will view your article if if you promote it but won't upvote it. Okay which ways u can promote it then, u ask? 

1. First way of free marketing is Facebook. It seems foulish to post it on my facebook to all my friends, because almost none of my friends are on steemit. If your friends are great just post it. If you have the same problem as me there are facebook groups to promote your article to other steemians. A couple of groups have more then thousand steemians and this is a great way to promote your article. 

My favourite groups:

Important rules!

- No post and run ( So support eachother that makes or breaks the platform)

- 1 post a day

- Posts can't be older then 7 days

That are the most common rules of almost every group. To make sure you don't break the rules read them all the way. If you break them you get banned most of the time and you lose your free promotion. 

2. Second way of free marketing is Discord Channels. For those who haven't got discord should check it out. You have a bunch of different channels to connect with people there. So there are also channels for steem and to connect with other steemians. You can even use free upvote bots on some channels!

My favourite Discord Groups:

This group is made for small steem accounts with great content. They can promote their content in different channels. For example if you have a steempost of 20 upvotes but made less then 10 euros u can promote your post their. They also have 40 upvote channel and so on...

This channel is great to connect with other steemians. You can't really promote your post but you can make some friends and get an audience. They do have a free upvoting bot. So you post your article in a certain channel and u will get an upvote worth around $0,20. Which is great because they are just giving  you that for free.

This group is not to promote your article, but to connect with jerry. Jerry is a youtuber that is i would say addicted to steem. He is great for the community and got me using steem. You should check him out he has some great tips and tricks!

3. Third way of free promoting is Steemfollower. This is absoluty my favourite and a great way to receive upvotes from real people! Normaly most people upvote their own posts to get more upvotes. Steemfollower changes that first of all u register your steem acounnt on steemfollower. Then u start upvoting 5 posts a day at least. U will get SBD in steemfollower for that. If somebody upvotes your last post on steemfollower that SBD will decrease. This way u get free votes for no actual payment. The community is helping eachother here!


Payed for marketing

There are a couple of ways i want to point out if you wanna pay for your marketing. Most of this isn't helpful if you don't wirte great content. I can't point that out enough. Thats step 1 of creating a great blog! Lets dive into it.

  1. First one is upvoting bots.

On steem some account have alot of steempower. If you pay them a small amount of SBD they will upvote your post. So you don't lose money if you do this correctly and people will see your post in Hot or in Trending. This way people will see your posts and might like it. Alot of people don't like this paying for votes, but otherwise not alot of people will see your posts. So i recommend this if you have some SBD to spent. 

         2.  Second one is buying promotion

If you wanna create some tration to your profile you can buy promotion on steem itself. If you look at your topscreen you will see Promotion. That is where your posts will show if you buy this. Right below under your post you can click a button called "promote". You can enter your amount of SBD that you want to buy promotion with. It speaks for itself how more you spend the more visable you are.

My last tip is try to put @originalworks under your post. U will get a free upvote if you write original content! These were my tips for my fellow steemians and to boosts everyone spirits. If you follow these tips u definitly get upvotes and get an audience. Everything takes time! Just look at my posts and the improvment i made!

Tip of the day: Steemfollower

Written and created by Bartcardi

Check out my profile Bartcardi!

Don't forget to upvote, follow and resteem

Highly appreciated


Reading through your post I was amazed because a lot of great information was share in the single post. Most times I wonder when I see post making over a thousand dollars and I wonder where this is coming from but now I can see the importance of quality original post and reason why everybody should have a good content to attract readers who will be amazed with your post and upvote you. Thank you for sharing this with us.

I sometimes wonder aswell. It mostly is because most wales only like eachother and almost no minnows. So minnows should support eachother to grow aswell!

what are minnows ?

New steem users with a low amount of steem.

thank you very much for replying can you teach me how to increase steem?

Great stuff unbelievably informative post @bartcardi! Wish I would have seen it sooner. I just enrolled in steemfollower. What are your thoughts on it across the board? I see a lot of older posts on it but very little as of lately except for your comment. By the way I was able to send a vote your way for your re-introduction post, great stuff. Being new to the platform I was curious on your thoughts as you seem to have a very solid working knowledge with steemfollower. Thanks best of luck to you in the meantime!

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This is very simple to understand and follow.....but please i will request you continue and dive deeper to help the community especially the new ones. i am following you immediately. and how i wish i have rented my vp, i would have love to give this post a nice up vote. it really educative. please manage the little up vote from me. thanks

appreciated mate!

this post was really helpfull ! wanna try to promote in facebook ! hope it gonna work! thumbs up . I will follow your advice. go ahead dude

2 guys 1 steemit! looks nice guys first post is looking good.

Dedication will get you guys far!

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gracias super util

upvoted, resteemed and following you! thank you for all the info! Lets steem ahead...
One thing though is that I am from SA and Discord has no server in SA. Could you perhaps advice me with this?

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good work
come again
thank you


Interesting post , thank to sharing

happy to help

Nice article @bartcardi thought what happens in steemit stays in steemit.
Thanks once again.

This post was really helpful

Happy to help more to come!

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