Vote for STEEM to get listed on NETCOINS

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Hello everyone! NETCOINS is about to add a new coin to their site which will be making the purchase of coins available in over 170,000 locations in 53 countries in their local currency by November.

All you have to do is go to:

Scroll down and search for Steem in the list of nominated coins (currently #5), add your email and click on vote! Click on "send email confirmation" and then you just have to click on the confirmation link in your email.

To get the most rewards out of doing this task, go an check out Oracle-D's post, resteem it and add the 4 required tags in a post.

If you do what I wrote above you will get an upvote by @oracle-d, then all you gotta do to get rewarded in my post is link to your post and add a screenshot of your confirmed vote looking like this:

Note that you can do this once a day for at least 4 more days and it takes max a minute to do!

I will be checking through the comments in my post and reward everyone with upvotes.

We are only halfway from #1 so this should be fairly easy, let's do this Steemians! Let's allow people around the world to easily purchase Steem through NETCOINS!


Note: Not voting on screenshots with votes under 1532 since they are obviously done before I posted this...

HoScreenshot_20181017-113331.png Hope we win

Voted again..

voted again..

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Haha here is my second vote! I have also spread the message to the Hong Kong Steem community! Let’s make Steem to the first place :)


Voted yesterday and Today.

Yo ho, and up we go!

Oh, I totally skipped the "make a post" part and doesn't have a delete button for comments. UHHH.... ABORT MISSION...

Nice! Already 29 more votes since I did mine for today! :D

done sir

Hmm, upvoted. It will be great if Steem get listed too.


It's done sir
I voted

my second voting now.

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