Stickers anyone? Everyone!

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Me and a few of my friends decided to meet to create another post to the blog. Since I had 500 stickers that I ordered and nowhere to put them, we decided to hit the city, have a good time and place the stickers wherever they would stick.
We would stick them to garbage cans, street lamps, hand them to strangers, even the floor was covered. We ended up getting rid of at least 200 sticker during the day. We didn't capture every place we put em, however we did capture some of the highlights.
Just like dogs mark their territory, we civilized male humans, each have our own ways of marking our territory. Be it graffiti, tagging or even placing stickers.
Sometimes people just want to shitpost.


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Thanks for showing steemit, appriciate it. :)


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Tanel Sillaots
Meistri 15
76506 Saue

Quality shitpost, have a sticker.


1¢ for each stamp I lick, seems like a good deal to me.

Stickerbomb the Earth man. Spilled my beer on That ass-fro sticker bro 😂 I'll chalk that tally under things you can never un-see 😎🤘🏻


How many razor blades would you get for 0.1 SBD - it's all I have right now but I am willing to help a brother out


😆 a razor might choke..LOL

see viimane pilt, ....mul ei ole sõnu :)))))))

Ah :)))))

Best steemit exercise ever

Jaja muy buenas fotografías

You worked hard for this 😎

Lol this is comedy gold! And thanks for the upvote!

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Funny . Thanks for sharing

When will be 1000?😁

Really interesting post😊 cool idea lol

Anda sangat luar biasa

omg the end of the picture haha

LOL! The Harry Butt pic got me laughing so hard

thoughtful enough to be humorous*

Haha... Nice tricks

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