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Voted again..

voted again..

@BERNIESANDERS AND @UBG ARE CHILD SEX PREDATORS! @Pfunk is very closely involved in the child sex ring! @UBG was caught posting naked pictures of children on Steemit chat when he was drunk. He also registered @Child and @Children accounts and claims to "love children." Then he posts comments on blogs of mothers breast feeding their babies. All while he wears his Bugs bunny costume and masturbates. This child porn posting incident was before he ripped off Steemit Inc for about 180,000 Steem by registering over 3,000 accounts .. then he sold the account names to Steemit Inc! He has them hidden in many accounts such as @Warren.Buffett. Yes, Ned has been knowingly doing business with crypto thieves and pedophiles like @Fyrstikken, @UBG and @BernieSanders! Did you know Fyrstikken stole every penny of crypto that is currently under his control through a few organized robberies against groups like @Adsactly? What a mess Steemit is. Most of the top 19 witnesses belong in prison for tax fraud!

Here you can see @UBG showing his butt to the whole internet, mainly he wants children to see him naked.

Here is his real name and parents address in case you would like to inform them of their son's theft and child predatory behavior.

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