VESTS, STEEM, and SBD in Charts

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Something to do on a cloudy Monday - play with historical data to produce some charts and say a few words about them.

The above is the complete history of my SBD and STEEM earnings, including 0.01 SBD on the 25th August 2016, and then nothing at all for 8 months which duffs the chart up a bit. Excluding that first entry in the chart below.

SBD: The usual liquid payout route showed movement on the charts about a month after I started producing content in earnest. 5 months later and 1000 SBD has been achieved, although these charts are very much skewed by recycled SBD into Bid-bots. Towards the end of 2017, STEEM took off and so that meant you were earning a raft of SBD and it looks like almost 2000 earned in 1 month between Christmas and the the end of January 2018. Slower, but still fairly steady growth for the next 5 months, until STEEM became the liquid payout route. Since then there have been a couple of flips between the two, shown by the flat spells on the charts.

Ignoring the 25 vests earned from that payout in August 2016, a slow start again and what looked to be a good month Nov-December 2017. I was using bots regularly, but @utopian-io had recently arrived, and I was picking up some nice votes from a few friendly Orcas and Whales as well. A fairly steady climb throughout 2018, I'd gone on a bot hiatus, which only began again a few months ago with @ocdb.

The curation chart is similar with a good spell in early 2018, a long steady climb for the middle half of the year lasting around 6 months (I stopped self-voting almost completely around Feb-March 2018), and then a rapid move starting at the end of October 2018. I did adjust my timings following hard-fork 20, but I have a feeling that this noticeable change in trajectory is also due to friends picking up on @ocdb, and the fact it's holding around 4 million delegated SP.

Along with the direct promotion @ocdb provides, there's also a bit of bonus in that people are checking the queue over at:

I've got to be honest and say that since I started using @ocdb to promote the engagement league each week with a sizable bid, I've not really seen any change in the trickle of new people sign up. The post doesn't get close to top 50 Trending and so that could be why?

Some comments might get a chart, senders of ENGAGE tokens will get a chart :P




Hi Asher. Need to get to steemengine and log in. I promise to do it soon. I think showing a constant growth with the line going up is hard to maintain and you have done extremely well. Good to see your curation going to the stars.

Ok cool, yours are on a fierce upward trajectory too!

Like @wolfhart, who joined/started earning around a similar time, STEEM earnings cross SBD, pretty cool to see.

Fierce is good and now I have to just keep it on that growth angle. It is actually quite fascinating to see how it just kicks off and is looking decent. Thanks Asher as it just gives me more of a boost to do more.

Yes the are similar. Interesting

I DO have lovely ENGAGE Tokens, but need very specific directions on how to send/buy tokens! That's the only reason that I, and possibly others, have not asked for a chart. It's all new to me!

I see!

Well buying/selling are different to sending, you need to visit the market for the former.

To send though is quite simple.

Go to My Token Wallet:

Click on the row of the token you wish to send.

Fill these fields, and click send (engage).

I see you have 900 of them and could be the largest holder so we'll go through the market another time!

I sent you some ENG! Thanks!

Replying here to the ENGAGE send, thank you!

Oh I do like presenting data that looks like this - What an excellent start to 2019! :D

Thanks for these! It great to see my growth laid out like this.

Crazy to see that when self votes end, we get support elsewhere to make up for it! I have experienced the same this month. Incredible sign of community!

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I was lucky with that and don't recommend it, but I'm glad it's worked for you also!

Those charts are actually a great motivation to new accounts, since they perfectly demonstrate that rewards increase exponentially over time. I'm pretty sure the charts of most established content creators would show a similar curve.

So if one does struggle at the very beginning (and honestly we all did :-)), then this is quite normal. It's just important to keep pushing and be consistent. The break even will come sooner or later :-)

Cloudy?? Bummer.
Puts the shorts back into her closet... 😏


Yes I agree :)

I'm interested to see your charts as an 'established content creator' but will wait to see if you want them presenting.

Cloudy until Friday says the weather app. Fingers crossed!

Oh I wouldn't even know how to create those charts, haha - you gotta show me :-)))

The app tiempo on my phone says we gonna have about 20C degrees on Friday and Saturday. Sounds like a plan to me!

Good! It's been nice and sunny for months and so it would be a little unfair to cloud out the weekend.

It's interesting how the VESTs started moving long before the SBD/STEEM did. The dark ages were not good for visible earnings but the votes were still counting.

See you on (a hopefully sunny) Friday! :D

Oh WOW, thank you so much for the charts!!! How cool's that! I didn't expect you to generate the data right away 🙃

It's really interesting to see how the curves behave. And one of my biggest takeaway is that I need to get back to a regular curation - not just to improve my own earnings, but to support others.

See ya 😉


I noticed you vote a lot of comments on your posts, which I think is a good thing to do. But I guess for earnings then some curation of posts is required, and these days the best timing seems to be around 8-12 minutes - hard to do manually!

See ya :D

Oh No😢 I don't have ENGAGE😢😢😢😢

But it has such a nice logo!

I'll do you one for Curation, it's looking a lot better in recent months!

Thank you @abh12345 😉 it started better after your delegation😊


And now you have almost 900 SP with delegations it should hopefully rise even faster!

Just 100 SP to be free... and you can take it back soon😊 and when I found it's hard to survive.. I'll beg for a little more time 😂😂

Hopefully you'll be a minnow by the summer :D

End of April is my target 😉 perhaps I could 20SP every week😁, still.. couldn't thanked you enough...I will just start my own project once I reach minnow 3

I am on my phone and can't send ENGAGE but I am good for them... I swear .... Just one hit... A little bump... Just a taste...

I trust you :)

Interesting final chart, I'll let you post about it later to find out more :)

Thanks Asher, I will have a look at making up a credible story when I have a chance ;D

Cool. I wasn't aware STEEM was in the payouts in (late 2016?) early 2017.

I started the end of January but they removed SBD soon after as the price went to 7 cents.

😂🤣😂🤣😂 ......
Will you share with me....i promise ill pay you back......someday.
Real quick fix.......

So you are only tracking earned incomes here, right? So any invested amounts wouldn't show up? Also, since im on the subject, how much steem have you bought? Annnnd......HAPPY MONDAY!!!!😂

That's right John, this is only earnings related. I'm not sure exactly how much SP I've bought in total, i think it's somewhere between 1500-2000, and the vast majority of it was prior to September/October 2017.

Thank you very much, and the same to you!

Damn. I wish I could say I only bought 1500-2000. Lol. I unfortunately purchased way more than that sadly. 😞

Yeah, i was lucky with timing and it could have even better if I knew how to do it a month earlier which was when I first started trying to buy. Was much easier when I located Coinbase. Hopefully you'll be right in the next year or so after buying into this dip we've had. What's the lowest you've paid?

The lowest was I believe about .22 cents in December but I didn’t buy much then. Was tapped. I’ve also bought as high a 3 bucks (ugh) when I first entered....and everywhere in between.

But I’m going to keep buying when I can here and there in drips and drabs, and I’m using sone of your “advice” to help strengthen my positions as well.

Might actually pick your brain and send ya a message this week. Got some questions that maybe you can help answer as I’m dumb. Lol

Almost 5 STEEM for a dollar, nice!

3.. could have been worse, I know a few that are still here who bought close to the high in January last year.

You have a decent chunk of SP and so curation/auto's are worth getting right for the people/content you enjoy.

Send one over whenever, I'll try to help :)

Yeah I wish I would have had a boatload to chuck in at that point. Ah...what if’s...

Definitely brother. Thx. Bother you soon.

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I am hoping it will include vested growth too where the vests of SP make a chart ... I haven't sent any engage tokens yet... Let's see :)

Theres a place to go to see your vested SP in a chart. Heres mine....Screenshot_20190318-102509_Chrome.jpg

Where is that from?

Yep, ol' asher nailed it. Steempeak. In the drop down menu. Then pick tools. Hppe it helps dear friend.

Yeah, but every time I try it crashes as i click backwards...

I only use my mobile and it works great for me. Refresh is horribly slow because it actually has to look backwards down the chain and do all the calculations in real time. Maybe just click it once, then literally give it 30 seconds to a minute. And click it again until you get where you want to be. Or if your not using mobile, give that a try. Also hope this helps. Let me know if you have any luck and if you are willing. I'd love to see your graph.

I ma on laptop and it is going to take me 700+ clicks to get back to the start.. I will stay in the dark instead ;D

I think it's from steempeak?

This is very interesting, but much of this still Greek to me...


My Greek is non-existent so I'm impressed you found some here! :D

Your Greek is excellent. As is my understanding of what you said above :D

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@abh12345, Good to see that you time to time go back in time with these Charts. And in my opinion with these charts you've also shared some stories related to these charts and some stories and situations good to hear because we will get to know that from what situation this platform came through and where today it's standing.

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Hi Asher
I sent you some of my precious Engage tokens in exchange for the charts, assuming it would be a good motivation to go up the list again on Sunday in order to earn some more... but now I see no mention of them in the last 'engagement list'-post. Maybe I need to look again...

Anyway, I would be very happy with a chart. As you probably know by now, I love lists and stats, but I'm too dumb to make them myself 😉 😂

I really need to take some time to look into ocdb a little more...

And thanks for the tip about the goodwhale feed - didn't know it existed. Bookmarked it now :0)

Thank you :D

Yes I've been a bit stingy with regards to issuing more, mainly because it is a real ball-ache to do so en-mass. I was actually wondering if I should distribute a chunk to a group of people so that they can help issuing them to the 'right' people.

I'm also planning to burn most of the supply too - a million just seems too much!

Alright, lets goooo..

So it looks a bit like the curation game has done really well in recent months, not quite the same trajectory re:content?

Thank you!

Thanks, Asher.
I'm indeed having trouble publishing content. I used to post daily, now I'm glad if I can get something up 3 or 4 times a week. I could do a quick share2steem or DLike post daily and get at least $1.5 on votes that come in automatically, but idk if that's worth it. Going over my blog, I notice my content is also different from a couple of months ago. I just lack inspiration and energy...

The curation graph is very significant, lol. It's so very obvious I changed my ways in September of last year. I need to check if I documented what I was earning from curation up until 3 weeks ago, but my best guess would be that the line would go way down again. I guess that's the price I'm paying for finally learning how to do it myself.

(Btw, so far, it seems like my curation rewards have increased with 50% or even more since you sent me that message last week and I made some changes. Thanks again for that!)

a million just seems too much!

A million is quite a lot indeed, lol

I saw this in queue earlier and came back to grab lol ..
Thanks for the mention. resteeming!

I have started scanning the queue as it seems lots of the people I do like to check in on when i have the time are present there. Thank you!

Good growth all in though regardless of where the votes are coming from! All that yummy SBD!

Yummy :D

Yeah a lot of those SBD were recycled back into bots, the charts will show more realistic data in that area from folks like yourself who (I think) have steered clear thus far.

I have indeed! Apart from early dabbling with randowhale but that was just for fun as the first bot.

I didn't know your were a big botty man in the past ;0)

I started posting again around the time Rando and the rest started arriving and didn't really understand how things worked. Weak excuse landed!

Who doesn't like a big botty? :D

Lol, I have been tempted!

Your content is some of the best on here and so I don't think a single person would begrudge you 'promoting' it. I don't see you on the @ocdb whitelist, outrageous! I'm sure you could fly right on there though if you wanted.

Aw shucks mate. Cheers, that's the nicest thing someone's said to me on Steemit !

Lol, I checked the other day thinking I might give it a bash and sobbed when I saw that of the millions of folk that were on it,I was absent!

What a miserable bunch we must be then!

It is true though, I told the ex who no longer posts to set her accounts auto-voter on your work, and she listened (amazingly), after review of content of course :)

I'll speak to a man who knows a man who knows a bot - It could be closed to additions at present, but we shall see.

A nice and steep progress Asher! That’s the way we like to see it. My charts are more taking the slow route 😂
But I do see it as my retirement funds so slow is good enough, as long as it goes up!

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I like the long-term thinking you have with regards to Steem and hope that we are all holding some precious tokens come retirement :D

Wouldn’t mind if I can cash out a big juicy pay check a little bit sooner of course 😁
You on the other hand now also have the support of the mighty @simplylars account! The future looks promising 😁

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aha! Now it is making more sense :D

@simplylars to dolphin-hood faster than a speeding rocket!

Pretty interesting. The Steem/SBD duality and fluctuations in SBD price make it a bit hard to follow overall growth. (Would probably have to mark all SBD-STEEM trades over time made by a account and choose a metric in either Steem or SBD)

Still cool though. Im a nut for stats. :D

Would probably have to mark all SBD-STEEM trades over time made by a account and choose a metric in either Steem or SBD

Sounds like a fun job :)

I like the charts that show STEEM crossing over SBD, and should probably have stuck some totals on there too.

Nice charts.
Is it not to late to get one. And I would have to get to the computer to send ENGAGE. Just let me know the amount.

I would rather owe it to you then cheat you out of it. :)

I've not specified an amount so feel free to send what you think they are worth :)

Very cool, a STEEM/SBD crossover!

Some nice growth VESTS-wise over the past 3/4 months :)

That I will do
October was a horrific horrible month. Bad month, bad, bad. LOL I can laugh a little now.

Not bad, not bad chart at all.

Ocdb is a part of what has been keeping me engaged lately as it seems such a waste not to create great content and pay for an upvote.

Mine is going to be really sporadic as ive taken months off and then hit it hard for a few months and then months off again so not really looking for charts, but just wanted to say thanks for all the charts you have been providing for everyone recently.

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It certainly helps with morale to see a double digit number next to your posts.

I will do some more in the future, thanks for the message :)

Haha, yeah psycology is a funny thing. I know when I use OCDB to upvote my post most of that is my own money that's just coming back to me in a few days, but it does help me stay motivated for whatever reason.

May I humbly ask for a chart? ;-)

OK then :)

I seem to remember you saying you were mostly just curating these days?

Plus I used the wrong account to answer...

I don't know what your other account/s is/are so could only use the username that replied!

That is so obvisously true... and sad! ;-P

You got a 15.69% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @abh12345! :)

@ocdb is a non-profit bidbot for whitelisted Steemians, current max bid is 60 SBD and the equivalent amount in STEEM.
Check our website for the whitelist, queue and delegation info. Join our Discord channel for more information.

If you like what @ocd does, consider voting for ocd-witness through SteemConnect or on the Steemit Witnesses page. :)

Hi @abh12345, How to check it.?

With a subscription to SteemSQL @steemsql

Or by purchasing some ENGAGE tokens from and sending some to me :D

It seems like it's not free huh?😂

steemsql is 20 SBD a month for data access.

100 ENGAGE = .5 STEEM for your charts :D

It's not expensive, but I do not have enough money, I have to wait a few days away because in the area where I live almost the harvest period, I will contact you again for this when the money has been collected ..😊

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