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RE: VESTS, STEEM, and SBD in Charts

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So you are only tracking earned incomes here, right? So any invested amounts wouldn't show up? Also, since im on the subject, how much steem have you bought? Annnnd......HAPPY MONDAY!!!!😂


That's right John, this is only earnings related. I'm not sure exactly how much SP I've bought in total, i think it's somewhere between 1500-2000, and the vast majority of it was prior to September/October 2017.

Thank you very much, and the same to you!

Damn. I wish I could say I only bought 1500-2000. Lol. I unfortunately purchased way more than that sadly. 😞

Yeah, i was lucky with timing and it could have even better if I knew how to do it a month earlier which was when I first started trying to buy. Was much easier when I located Coinbase. Hopefully you'll be right in the next year or so after buying into this dip we've had. What's the lowest you've paid?

The lowest was I believe about .22 cents in December but I didn’t buy much then. Was tapped. I’ve also bought as high a 3 bucks (ugh) when I first entered....and everywhere in between.

But I’m going to keep buying when I can here and there in drips and drabs, and I’m using sone of your “advice” to help strengthen my positions as well.

Might actually pick your brain and send ya a message this week. Got some questions that maybe you can help answer as I’m dumb. Lol

Almost 5 STEEM for a dollar, nice!

3.. could have been worse, I know a few that are still here who bought close to the high in January last year.

You have a decent chunk of SP and so curation/auto's are worth getting right for the people/content you enjoy.

Send one over whenever, I'll try to help :)

Yeah I wish I would have had a boatload to chuck in at that point. Ah...what if’s...

Definitely brother. Thx. Bother you soon.

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I am hoping it will include vested growth too where the vests of SP make a chart ... I haven't sent any engage tokens yet... Let's see :)

Theres a place to go to see your vested SP in a chart. Heres mine....Screenshot_20190318-102509_Chrome.jpg

Where is that from?

Yep, ol' asher nailed it. Steempeak. In the drop down menu. Then pick tools. Hppe it helps dear friend.

Yeah, but every time I try it crashes as i click backwards...

I only use my mobile and it works great for me. Refresh is horribly slow because it actually has to look backwards down the chain and do all the calculations in real time. Maybe just click it once, then literally give it 30 seconds to a minute. And click it again until you get where you want to be. Or if your not using mobile, give that a try. Also hope this helps. Let me know if you have any luck and if you are willing. I'd love to see your graph.

I ma on laptop and it is going to take me 700+ clicks to get back to the start.. I will stay in the dark instead ;D

I think it's from steempeak?

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