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RE: VESTS, STEEM, and SBD in Charts

in #steem4 years ago

Those charts are actually a great motivation to new accounts, since they perfectly demonstrate that rewards increase exponentially over time. I'm pretty sure the charts of most established content creators would show a similar curve.

So if one does struggle at the very beginning (and honestly we all did :-)), then this is quite normal. It's just important to keep pushing and be consistent. The break even will come sooner or later :-)

Cloudy?? Bummer.
Puts the shorts back into her closet... 😏



Yes I agree :)

I'm interested to see your charts as an 'established content creator' but will wait to see if you want them presenting.

Cloudy until Friday says the weather app. Fingers crossed!

Oh I wouldn't even know how to create those charts, haha - you gotta show me :-)))

The app tiempo on my phone says we gonna have about 20C degrees on Friday and Saturday. Sounds like a plan to me!

Good! It's been nice and sunny for months and so it would be a little unfair to cloud out the weekend.

It's interesting how the VESTs started moving long before the SBD/STEEM did. The dark ages were not good for visible earnings but the votes were still counting.

See you on (a hopefully sunny) Friday! :D

Oh WOW, thank you so much for the charts!!! How cool's that! I didn't expect you to generate the data right away 🙃

It's really interesting to see how the curves behave. And one of my biggest takeaway is that I need to get back to a regular curation - not just to improve my own earnings, but to support others.

See ya 😉


I noticed you vote a lot of comments on your posts, which I think is a good thing to do. But I guess for earnings then some curation of posts is required, and these days the best timing seems to be around 8-12 minutes - hard to do manually!

See ya :D

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