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RE: VESTS, STEEM, and SBD in Charts

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I DO have lovely ENGAGE Tokens, but need very specific directions on how to send/buy tokens! That's the only reason that I, and possibly others, have not asked for a chart. It's all new to me!


I see!

Well buying/selling are different to sending, you need to visit the market for the former.

To send though is quite simple.

Go to My Token Wallet:

Click on the row of the token you wish to send.

Fill these fields, and click send (engage).

I see you have 900 of them and could be the largest holder so we'll go through the market another time!

I sent you some ENG! Thanks!

Replying here to the ENGAGE send, thank you!

Oh I do like presenting data that looks like this - What an excellent start to 2019! :D

Thanks for these! It great to see my growth laid out like this.

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