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Well that was a rubbish nights sleep. I was plagued by a mosquito which could seemingly disappear as soon as I went for the light. The little git woke me again at 5:30, and I've been awake since. Had an hour in the pool this morning which was great, until the kids arrive. Relaxation out the window due to the constant 'noise', and I dunno, there's always that thought in the back of your mind that they are taking a leak....

Totally unrelated to this post, but ahhhh, lovely Majorca!

Anyway, enough of that, time to talk Steem.

Firstly, have you seen this on the condenser?



I had a moan about this setting being moved and the current status of the setting not being visible during post creation last month, it seems there was enough feedback in this vain to encourage Steemit inc to make this minor change. @steemitblog have just released a new post which states further tweaks have been made. Have you found any yet?


Delegations, delegations

For about a year now, I've been lucky to receive a cheap delegation of 4000 Steem Power. For the majority of 2018, this has been loaned out for free to a variety of projects which look promising, and individuals who are working hard here, particularity with regards to engagement.

In around a month, this delegation is likely to end. And so I guess this is a message to those receiving a Steem Power delegation from myself, that I may need to rethink the numbers when the time comes. In the meantime though, and will the kindness of @fulltimegeek, @yabapmatt, and @krnel, I'll be issuing some more delegations :)

And that has started today actually, and it is down to the list I produced yesterday which unveiled some new faces to me, who are working hard with engagement and 'oiling the blockchain'. Sooo, @brittandjosie and @chireerocks, you should now have over 500 SP and have access to the illusive slider. Well done with all your engagement so far this year!

As above, my own delegations will likely change in a month or so, and so please don't feel like I don't like you any more if my delegation is removed around this time. I'll try to contact everyone when the time comes :)

On the same subject of Steem Power delegation, I read and engaged on a post yesterday by @silentscreamer.

The post discusses the current delegations by steemit inc to the various dapps, and the lack of support to projects like openmic and curie.

@ned, your philosophy of delegating only to platforms that offer content placement while not supporting projects that offer quality content rewarding and exposure , i think, makes your philosophy lacking in results.

I understand - some of these long-standing projects are a great asset to Steem, but I feel (as in my reply), that the delegations are in the right place.

If I was to mention Steem to someone now (as I did 3 days ago), I take the route of dtube, utopian, and fundition.

Do you make videos?

Are you an open source developer?

Ahh, you run a justgiving page, check these guys out... (fundition)

Interestingly, @exyle touched on this subject too in his vlog today. Steempress are another with a large delegation from Steemit inc / ned, and I think they fall into the same category as the other dapps, perhaps with an even greater immediate lure, as the bloggers using Wordpress need only to connect they blog to Steempress to be in with the chance of being rewarded, for what they've been doing for 'free', for years.

What do you guys think about Steemit inc's delegations? Would you like to see some go to @curie and @openmic as well as, or instead of certain dapps?



I'd like to mention this website, cause basically, it's awesome. @steemchiller has been working his arse off recently, and has been adding new features and touches to site. For me, it's the best eyes on your account/someone else's account going right now - I use it constantly to spy on you all :P

He's running a weekly support post to fund his time, and so if you use Steemworld daily like I do, I'm sure he'd appreciate a vote:


Witness changes / @oracle-d / @steempress

I made a couple of changes in my witness votes yesterday to support @oracle-d and @steempress, and am now at the full allocation of 30.

@steempress i've already mentioned, and so a word on @oracle-d.

@oracle-d is a business initiative conceived by @starkerz and @anarcotech, which pairs content creators with investors in STEEM. Our goal is to bring multi-million dollar investment into the STEEM ecosystem by creating collaborative partnership with prominent, well-funded projects and companies, particularly those involved in the blockchain sphere. We have begun this in the last week by bringing in over $200,000 worth of new investment.

Does that not sound shit hot?!

We go out into the business world and encourage investors to buy and hold large amounts of STEEM.

I'm sold, they have my support and I really hope they can deliver. You can read more about the launch here:

And perhaps find a subject area that would be seen as a valid contribution via their website.


Lastly, a short 'me' update. I'm consuming rice and peas for the most part, had my bike stolen the other week, followed by my cash-card, and i'm currently (and very sadly) cashing out some STEEM each week to live off. Hopefully, I will not have to Power down - that would really suck.

At the same time, i'm putting a little away each day into the 'Savings' part of the wallet for Steemfest 3. Hopefully the books will balance, STEEM will hold/rise over the coming weeks and months, and i'll be set :)

Alright, that'll do for today. A bit of exercise and some food is in order.

Thanks for reading!



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