Introducing the Oracle-D platform: NOW LIVE!

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oracle-d platform launch.jpg

This is our first post introducing the @oracle-d project, how it works and what our goals are.


In order to create sustainability of the STEEM blockchain and the rewards ecosystem, It is no use having just lots of content creators on the platform, all blogging and earning rewards. What is required is new investment coming into STEEM to provide the backing for the rewards pool.

Imagine if every month new investors were buying STEEM in large quantities, and in return, authors were providing valuable content which these investors wanted to see. This is a stable and sustainable business model, which will help the price of STEEM to grow as more and more value is created.

This is what @oracle-d is all about.


@oracle-d is a business initiative conceived by @starkerz and @anarcotech, which pairs content creators with investors in STEEM. Our goal is to bring multi-million dollar investment into the STEEM ecosystem by creating collaborative partnership with prominent, well-funded projects and companies, particularly those involved in the blockchain sphere. We have begun this in the last week by bringing in over $200,000 worth of new investment.

We go out into the business world and encourage investors to buy and hold large amounts of STEEM. This STEEM is used to reward great content creators for completing tasks which could include things like:

  • Researching and writing about a subject
  • Providing an original translation of a website or whitepaper
  • Reviewing, copywriting, critiquing or proofing documents
  • Creative writing and content creation on a topic
  • Creating specific memes, videos, podcasts about a specific subject
  • Joining and participating in various community actions
  • BIG data Analysis
  • ICO reviews
  • Humanitarian Programmes
  • Promotions & Social Campaigns
  • White paper reviews
  • Translations
  • SEO and Back Linking
  • Infographics
  • Market Research
  • Community building
  • Creating Engaging Social Content

As we bring clients in, users will find many different types of tasks which will be available on the @oracle-d platform, and you will be able to pick the ones that you're interested in completing. High quality submissions which meet pre-defined standards of quality and professionalism will receive rewards in STEEM.


We are pleased to announce that our platform is now ready, and with our first major project live now. This project is backed by new investment into the Steem ecosystem and is the first of many projects that will invest and run operations through Oracle-D. There are a lot more projects which are coming soon, so although there isn’t much choice today, there will be plenty more coming in, which should provide content creators with a great range of tasks which they can choose to get involved in, and earn rewards for completing.

As from now you can use the platform. From Monday 30th July, all @oracle-d projects will be run through the platform and it will be required to use this platform to author posts from in order to receive upvotes from us

We would like to make a special gesture of thanks to the individuals who have acted as Beta Testers for our platform, and over the coming few weeks new functionality will be added to it (more to follow on that), and of course our phenomenal Dev team.

You can now login and use the platform:


For the last few days, we have been running a trial for a potential client. This is still ongoing, and has had exceptional results so far.

So far, almost 40 authors have produced over 80 posts, which have gathered a combined total of more than 6000 upvotes. To date, $3300 in rewards have been distributed to these authors. This is phenomenal, and the value to the investor is immense. Due to the way we are writing the blogs and Steem’s incredible authoritative SEO features, 4 of these blogs occupy positions in the top 20 Google searches. This is incredibly powerful and also valuable to any client wishing to invest in STEEM,The quality of the posts is what is likely to encourage this particular prospective investor to choose to make a sizable investment in STEEM, which is good for everyone on the platform.


Because the specific trial mentioned above was based around science, technology and innovation, we have been able to have been supported in ensuring the success of this trial with the help of a couple of major partners, @utopian-io and @ocd.

thanks to utopian and ocd.jpg

We are exceptionally grateful to these partners who have sponsored some of this work on our behalf, and this has led us to be able to reward exceptionally high quality content creators with sizable rewards. Please show your appreciation to them by casting a witness vote for @utopian-io and @ocd-witness, and taking a look at these excellent projects.

We may continue to work with partners as time goes on, and we welcome project owners coming and speaking to us about partnership opportunities.


We would also like to thank @thundercurator who has provided third part inspection, curation and quality control. They have stayed on top of spammy posts, plagiarism and comments.


We have already encouraged our first major investors to come into the ecosystem, bringing over $200,000 worth of new investment in STEEM. We are also in late stage negotiations with, and we are actively involved in spreading the message to, many more investors who are interested in the potential of the STEEM blockchain to create highly informed, engaged and active communities.

We have been invited to speak at a number of major blockchain conferences already this year, including the South East Asian Blockchain Summit in Jakarta in September, and Decentralize 2018 Expo in Athens in November. We also have made a huge number of connections via our networks in many different countries, and we are working night and day to grow this project into something which provides both a value-added and professional service to investors, along with worthwhile, lucrative projects and work for high value content creators on the STEEM blockchain.


In our next post, we will be providing full details about the @oracle-d platform and service, and answering the frequently asked questions that we have been asked a lot recently.

  • If you would like to find our more, get involved with the Oracle-d community and/or be considered as a pro-level content creator, please visit our Discord channel

  • Increase your curation rewards whilst knowing you are upvoting excellent quality and well curated content by Joining our voting trail at steemauto

ALSO: If you like what we are doing and want to support Oracle-D in our work bringing new investment into the blockchain, please cast your Witness vote for Oracle-D


This is the moment we all have been waiting for! Official launch of @oracle-d platform and all the big news associated with it. Congratulations on startig up a witness and I fully support it. :')

I wouldn't lie when I say, "this project will truly become the epitome of high quality content" It will not only bring in the outside investment, but encourage its users to improve their game in order to receive the highest benefits and rewards.

@oracle-d has given me an opportunity to survive solely on STEEM Blockchain. Which is quite exceptional because I am not the only one. There are several others too. Great job @starkerz and @anarcotech! You guys have worked day and night for this. And it is our duty to take this project to the moon. ;-)


Yes this is a true revolution. STEEM Price jumped from 1.4 to 1.41.

Looking forward to it! Thanks for your kind words.

I've seen some onboarding of new Steemians in my six months on the platform, but never have I heard of anyone onboarding business investors of over $200k. To my knowledge this a wholly unique concept- and it looks really promising. I will be updating my Witness Votes to ensure I have all three of OCD/Utopian/ Oracle-D in my list. I look forward to contributing to the project, which is going to add real value to the STEEM Blockchain!

Thanks @cryptocurator for those kind words. We have worked very hard to get to this point, and this really is just the start. It's not about us though, it will be the brilliant content producers who make this a complete success.

Yes, this is really the beginning of a new, sustainable process for making the steem blockchain productive in numerous ways. This approach is an example of working with the features of the blockchain in an organic way that doesn't step on any toes. Voluntary + Proof of Brain = Win. :)

Yes, this is really the beginning of a new, sustainable process for making the steem blockchain productive in numerous ways.

We can finally become real productive lol

Good, if true.

Finally a project with a sustainable business model and a clear pathway towards adding value the blockchain and bringing in new investment by making smart use of the creative resources at our fingertips here on the platform.

Hope to be one of your first happy users!

I agree! props to the big promo-steem guys

This sounds very interesting. I will look into how you use it to post on steemit and then get paid. Is it like a bigger, more bad ass version of busy?

Sounds like a platform that opens doors to all kinds of opportunities. Another step fot steem to go mainstream. Best wishes establishing your ventures

Thank [email protected] Much appreciated.

This looks like something we need very much. Congratulations to all involved for getting oracle-d up and running.

A witness vote has been cast. Good luck!

Receiving a witness vote from someone that cares so much about integrity, community and engagement will mean a lot to everyone working within this project. I've also cast my vote.

This looks like one of the most interesting projects I have seen yet!

Awesome! As you know I'm a big fan of the business model since it's one of the few projects that has a clear mission to both encourage and reward the creation of quality content on Steem as well as foster and onboard new investments.

Congratulations on the successful launch!
These are exactly the type of projects Steem needs.

PS: @ned you might want to evaluate a possible delegation to such a great initiative.

Much appreciated @surfermarly. We really wanted to build a massively sustainable business model that creates win-win situations for everyone.

I hope @ned sees this!

A project with so much potential and value to give to the platform and its talented users. And all started by two pretty awesome people too ;) Well done you two, and to all the busy bees behind the scenes making this all happen.

Hope to see @oracle-d presented and celebrated at SteemFest³!!!

Ah @redrica, you're so right. There has been a lot going on in the background, and the team behind us who've helped in so many ways here have been amazing.

Fantastic project @anarchotech and @starkerz. Well done to all of your team, working in the background. You have managed to get this project up and running in a very short space of time. This is the new 21st Century way of advertising, and so much more. Actually rewarding people to volunteer their time and knowledge. I'm sure this will be a wonderful success for you both. I'm sure this will grow and grow and in turn expand the community within Steem-it. Good luck and best wishes

Many thanks @honeybee11. It really has been a short time too, although it feels like we've been at it non-stop for weeks.

This is awesome guys. Looking forward to seeing the tasks listed on your current project. I’ll definitely contribute to any content writing tasks and ICO reviews that you list.

So exciting to see this project develop and to work with such wonderful people! Very innovative idea and creative design so far. Proud and honored to be part of a great group of writers and creative minds that are focused on growing this initiative. Looking forward to many more developments. Thanks for all you do.

Thank you for your input @socent!

This is exactly the type of business that Steem as a platform desperately needs. If Oracle-D succeeds in its mission of bringing new large investors into the Steem ecosystem, while helping dedicated content creators to get more recognition and rewards, it will be a huge win for everyone on Steem and a further proof of viability of this platform.

Thanks @oleg326756. We know that the STEEM blockchain thrives and survives if investors see how much creative potential there is out there.

What a wonderful job you've both done @starkerz and @anarcotech with the help of a few significant others. It sounds like the trial run has gone really well.

This is such a brilliant business model.

I didn't realise you were going to be a witness as well. That's even better news. I will be spreading the news about that whenever I get the opportunity.

It's obviously been hard work but I hope it's been fun too! 😍

One question for the FAQ. You've said we will be posting through the Oracle-D platform . . . so, unlike other apps, this means that these posts will not appear in our feed on Steemit. Right?

You're making this a separate entity which is very judicious I feel.

Are you planning on creating an SMT as some point or is this simply not necessary since you're "dealing" directly with Steem.

No need to answer these questions here but the might be worth putting into the FAQ for people, like myself, who have some knowledge of Steemit/Steem but struggle abit with how the bits of the block chain fit and operate together. 😊

Our platform will push to the STEEM blockchain, so all posts authored through there will be visible on Steemit too.

Thanks for your kind words and support Gillian!

Ah. I see @anarcotech. So it will be similar to the other apps.

I thought you'd maybe set it up so it wouldn't do so in order to keep the quality impeccable (i.e. not mixed in with the crap that goes on on Steemit) but, thinking about it, it will be impeccable on the oracle-d site won't it, because the push only goes one way. 😁

Well, one of the main things we will have is our Spam Hammer, which will simply blacklist those who plagiarise or spam using it, meaning those accounts will be banned from the system, and will never be able to earn upvotes from us or the projects we work with.

Amazing project! What I would argue that @oracle-d is the top 3 projects on Steem. This is a project that actually brings in money! I have much hopes for this project and I hope we will see similar sustainable projects in the future!

Great job oracle-d in leveraging one of the best part of Steem which is voluntary content creation!

Amazing work, i had noticed a few movements from @starkerz account and his delegation to some accounts , I knew something big was coming, I hope this becomes as big as possible.

Would love to see this through to the end

Stick around, it's only just begun! :)

Really cool project, I can see huge potential in it. I am a writer, I mainly write about technical stuff like coding and I have quite a good amount of experience with it so I can provide high-quality work. I would love to join it in the future as the tasks arrives because I can see a lot of ways I can contribute my work on this platform. Joined Curation Trail and Discord Server. Looking forward to your project!

This project seams really promising. Since you already mentioned translation do you need one for this post I could provide it to you in french and in German with promotion in the matching communities.

I recommend @jeapi1908 for this job!

This is an exceptional project and its great to see the potential of the Steem blockchain as an entrepreneurial platform in this way.

@eftnow, for some time, @starkerz and myself have been saying that STEEM is so much more than a blogging platform. With super fast and free transactions, and huge scalability, not to mention the massive userbase already, it's ready made for dApps to come along and utilise.

STEEM is so much more than a blogging platform

So truth! People are really short-sighted when they fret that Steemit may disappear. While I believe that's highly unlikely; the reality is, if it ever does, there are so many other platforms attached to STEEM.

Best regards on this new endeavor.


Hello, @oracle-d I like you are in the same space we are in here on SteemIt. We are which basically is doing the same thing as you. Let us know if we can help you out in anyway! Good luck :)

Yes! Here we go again. Those in the know understand the months of Hardwork that has been put into this project. Cheers to Oracle-D success.

Cheers @nairadaddy. It really has been a lot of work, and it's not going to stop any time soon, that's for sure. We are out there smashing it to bring new clients in and increase the range of projects and tasks available.

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!
Click the Image Below to see the Video!

I'm totally grateful to be a part of it.

Thank you @starkerz & @anarcotech :)

We're glad you are part of it!

Hey @oracle-d, @starkerz and @anarcotech!

This is seriously going to be the most important app on the entire Steem blockchain. You've seriously brought the gig economy to Steem all by yourselves!

Just wanted to let you know I reviewed the platform on another great Steem app Steemhunt. Here is the link if you're interested. 40% of the Steemhunt post's earnings will go to you guys... hope it helps!

that's very kind @urbangladiator. I agree with your point about bringing the gig economy to the blockchain...the other thing of course is by bringing new money in, this supports the whole ecosystem.

Thanks for your reply, unfortunately I didn't realise the actual developer of Steemhunt had already hunted @oracle-d because it's so important...

... I completely agree, which is why I said that @oracle-d might be the most important app on the Steem blockchain, because it literally helps us all with that increased investment.

I've actually been thinking up ideas of how to get businesses to use all the labour available to them on the blockchain, and you guys actually did it! Amazing!

Hi @anarcotech ! I imagine you have been very busy with @starkerz with everything on @oracle-d !

Here is a post I made today about similarities of @oracle-d and @promo-steem with the KARMA APP on the eos blockchain that @dallasrushing is the founder, and @lukestokes is advisor.

On the post, I also encourage @dallasrusing to check the possibilities of @oracle-d to promote or share the word on the KARMA APP project. Also, a possible airdrop to Steem Holders.

Looking forward to your thoughts on this!

Regards, @gold84

@starkerz and @anarcotech, thank you very much for your work. You proved, that it is possible to get a job in the internet with Blockchain. You paid as you promised. This is not only a big chance for many people to get some money, it is also a world changer because companies have to think over their concepts now.

Thank you!!!
Regards, Achim Mertens

Thanks @achimmertens. It has been a lot of work, hours and hours of calls, many late nights and finally we are at the real start. We do hope that as time goes on this will provide the opportunity for many great content creators to make a living by choosing to get involved with these projects, powered of course by the amazing STEEM blockchain.


I'm sure you will! Thanks for being part of it too. The content providers are the most important people who make this engine work!

As a (sort of) beta tester I have to say that your project deserves the highlights. I have to agree with @fredrikaa - this is one of the most sustainable projects out there. I also went through this journey with you, therefore I believe that I should give you my honest feedback.

I think it would be great to add one significant fact into this article (but also overall presentation of the project). Major aspect for me is that it changes the way advertisement works. The investor gives you the direct power of upvoting (or rather don’t start with it at the first place), which means that the content can remain objective (even critical) and still be eligible for the rewards, or in other words, you just decentralized adverts! Mention it for god’s sake:D!

Lastly there is the "metadata policy". Sadly you currently support the decision not to subsequently change the stats on your “beta testers" after the Decenternet’s task is finished. I think that this is the same as if you didn’t reward the early contributors of the platform. Don they deserve such a minor advantage as acknowledging the valid metadata to users that contributed to its creation? Think about it:P.

Otherwise I can only wish you the best of luck. Continue doing the awesome job and I’ll in turn help you as much as possible (by my own means :D) .

See answer bellow:).

Thanks @fingersik for your feedback. I'd say that it's more about decentralising grassroots community building. In the trial we have run for the last few days, lots of people who had never heard of a specific project are now very educated about it. They have looked into it deeply, and have been able to propogate the ideas about it in their own words. They haven't been gushing, there has been reason and balance, and a good number have found small errors or omissions in whitepapers etc. Concepts and connections which even the investor had not made have been conceived by the writers. It's quite incredible really. So I would say that unlike advertising, which is normally passive (you sit there and watch whilst we TELL you a message), this is something wholly different. People are volunteering to review, to learn, to engage. Now THAT is the powerful message.

In this post, we wanted to let people know about the platform and thank our supporters more than anyone else. The ideology of what is behind this, and the subtleties, well, we can talk about them later in other posts, and we do want people to understand what we are doing, and to be able to choose to get involved.

One last thing, what do you mean when you talk about the "metadata policy?" I'm not sure what you're referring to exactly, but happy to talk about it here or in the Discord.

And thanks for your help with some of the testing, and your continued presence on the platform!

Gotcha. In fact I totally agree with what you just said. I didn’t mention any of those aspects because I felt that the article already tackled them. I merely just tried to pin point another positive aspect of the project that I lacked in the introduction. Or don’t you think that the way how clients don’t directly reward the content (sort of advert) creators is a revolutionary concept?:) I firmly believe that using this method, (sort of) adverts about any given topic will be much more objective (or rather objective for the first time?).

About the "metadata policy" I could have made myself clearer I guess:P. What I meant is that since we are not posting through Oracle d’s platform, our stats won’t change whatsoever. As far as I know, you’re not going to subsequently attribute the metadata (stats we have rightfully acquired) after you successfully launch the platform (this opinion is based on a discussion with ppro via discord). That is shame I think. Am I understood now? What is the reasoning behind your decision if I may ask?

Well, technically, the platform launches on Monday. Yes, some people have made posts already, but onlythrough Steemit, not via the platform as you know.

The Rankings (which i think is what you're referring to) will be automated and based on performance through the oracle-d system, and will change dynamically. With the trail we have run this last couple of weeks, the amount of time it would take to work this out manually is huge. So, whilst we may at our disgression increase the rank of a few people, we aren't going to say definitely that we will do this, because frankly it's a ton of work, and we've spent the last few weeks on 16 hour days and no life whatsoever. I hope that answers it. It's no slight on anyone whatsoever, just impractical at this stage without devoting tons of hours.

And yes, the fact that the client doesn't directly engage with or reward the writer is revolutionary. Because we will be using multiple oracles, and thresholds for review are needed to gain an upvote, alongside using third party Quality checking, this makes it a very unique, and decentralised way of doing it, and this was always the intention.

Cool well that’s pretty much what I lacked in the introduction is all I’m saying regarding point 1:).

About the point 2, if it is difficult then I see why you wouldn’t want to do it. I didn’t imagine the metadata folder to be so complicated:) Anyway it’s just an effort of producing feedback. I don’t usually just lick asses of those that pay me – call it my ninja way:D. Your decisions regarding the feedback wont alter my feelings about the project in anyway:D

After reading about the oracle-d project I now believe their is a solution to every problem that dosen't involve a violet action.

Create craete are going to be reword by the project.

Evern those who have not been part of the contant creation are going to be change.

In the end it a wine wine stuation. Steemian will gain for this project and steem it will so gain the volue of steem will grow.

And content writers are going to be reworded better better than ever.

That's the idea. We know that the STEEM blockchain contains many thousands of excellent content creators. This provides an opportunity for them to choose to get involved in creating content voluntarily.

I believe the steem communityis better and better everyday.

@oracle-d this project is looking so nice.. i am in love with this project.. #oracle-d

Thank @kmayegaindia. I hope you come and join us there.

This project is interesting. I will look forward to reading the next article about 'full details'.

In the meantime, I should login to the platform to see how it works.

Thank you for this amazing project!

A poor man says work is life. A rich man says money is life. A lover says love is life but. I say my idiot friends are my life.

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This is actually the movement we have all been waiting for. Resteeming right away

Hi @anarcotech and @starkerz ! I believe this project is #promo-steem 2.0 in the sense it will market Steem hugely and its bringing investment from the real world!

Actually its a great time to bring on investors because the price of Steem is very low now, and if they buy large somes now, they will probably be able to get their investment back soon, and then continue the process of upvoting great content for bloggers on steem for free!

Congratulations on this accomplishment!

Its great you are having the backup of @utopian-io @ocd and @blocktrades on this post!

@oracle-d will definitely help the entire steem ecosystem grow!

Regards, @gold84

Very diffuclt

Congratulation guys! Wish you all the best!

Thanks @mariska.lubis. Look forward to seeing you Jakarta very soon!

This is really an awesome thing and it is going to push up the value of steem incredibly. Thanks, @starkerz, and @anarcotech for this brilliant vision am really glad to be part of the project and am pretty sure it is here to stay and to reward the people that really produce high quality work .

We're glad to have you too @ireneblessing. Thanks for your kind words!

Hello @oracle-d , that is greats projects. Are you can give me a permission to translete this your post? If you like, I will translete this post to Indonesian version. Thank you for your attentions @oracle-d. Have an nice day @oraclel-d.

This sounds like such an incredible idea! Creators could use their talents and skills on a plaform that brings the interested to the providers and if it's based on STEEM then it's easier to pay and reward for it.

Good project ! :)

bluengel_i_g.jpg Created by : mipha thanks :)항상 행복한 하루 보내셔용^^ 감사합니다 ^^

This will be helpful for many people who are trying to get up. With this help, it will be very helpful to establish them. For this, we would like to thank you that you worked hard for this.

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I'm glad if can be a part of this

You can. Just pop along. The discord channel is a great place to be, and there are lots of people out to help and support you there.

great Job guys! Proud of you!

This is awesome, can't wait to try it out :) tipuvote!

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Da ist es schon wieder:
wenn Cryptos von sich aus kein richtiges Geld sind,
kann man sich tausende von Geschichten erfinden,
um echtes Geld in wertloses Cryptozeug zu verwandeln.
Aber geht das auch umgekehrt,
ohne dass man jemanden abzocken muss ?

This is such an incredible project. I now have lots of content creation jobs to do. Bigups to @starkerz and @anarcotech for bringing up this great innovation.

Thanks @yohan2on. Your content is great, and we are glad you are already part of it. Look forward to bringing more and more in to the ecosystem, and I know you'll be there ready to smash it!

Hi @anarcotech ! Hope you are doing well today! I made my first post directly via Steemit about Decenternet but not sure if did right?

Did I have to post via Oracle-D? In any case I entered the site and logged in with my steem user and could not find were to post.

Here is the post I made:

Regards, @gold84

Looking forward to this, sounds very exciting, should be fantastic.

Looking forward to
This, sounds very exciting,
Should be fantastic.

                 - schlongberg

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Woow that nice but this will be can operate form india . It possible . Or not i like to know??

And support me i have daily tech news 😊 . U will love that

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Awesome stuff!
Looking forward to seeing where I may possibly contribute :)
Congratulations on such a strong start.

Much appreciated @therneau. The best way people can contribute now is by getting involved in the tasks. Few on there to begin with, but we are going to grow these very soon!

its exactly which we are looking for and waiting for getting this.
congrats to @ oracle-d
Wish your good luck

This is all good news. I wish you and thus the entire STEEM platform renewed and ongoing success. I hope to be a part of it if I can keep up with the technical requirements of the posts. :)

Cheers. Much appreciated Glen.

Well done @startkerz and @anarchotech! Universal Crypto and me wish you all the best!

Thanks @patrickm. Look forward to speaking with you soon!

One of the best posts i have ever read @oracle-d. Thank you for these informations and i am actually considering applying this process.

Wow this really more than I expected it to be. Loving the initiative! The process seems very straightforward too.

Why introduced Oracle sales cloud in market?

Any projects that will gather more investors in the steem blockchain, and more publicity for this platform is sure welcome by all steemit users. We will all benefit in the long term.

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This sounds great. I have a few questions though.

  1. Is our investment in SBD or STEEM?
  2. How will our investment be secured?
  3. What is the return?
    4 What are the tax implications? Or are there tax implications until we divest into FIAT currency?
  4. What is the return on our investment?
    Thanks for the post. I like the concept, but I would have to really research this concept before I invest.


I think you may have misunderstood. Great STEEM writers can perform tasks/write content on the platform which are backed by large pots of investors STEEM.

I just visited the link above (
There is really nothing there except the login. No content, my reputation is 25 on there and my reputation is 56, and only 1 project with no tasks. There is nothing I can do there. No posting ability. What is the point of having the link, if I cannot do anything? Just asking. No disrespect intended.

You are not a Pro-Content creator yet, so you cannot see that content. As mentioned, we are in the first stages. This is simply to launch the platform. We have clients coming in, and as they do they will be available on the platform. Non-Pro creators will be able to work on certain tasks, but the main tasks will be available to the Pro-Creators only. This is to stop spam, and crap-posts, because quality is key.

Rank on there has nothing to do with Steemit rank. All will be explained in upcoming posts, and do join the discord server for more info.

You have some good questions and I'm sure they will come back to you - just so you know the reputation on there of 25 is everyone's starting point for their reputation as Content Curators through Oracle-d. So you will have to gain reputation through the eyes of the Quality Oracles. I'd recommend you join the discord group - it's perhaps, for you, about being in a state of readiness for the first task to come live!

Thanks for the response! I have already joined the discord group as well.

Blockchain technology I do accept as true with is the primary accurate flow made in a long time, will assist this idea not simplest in cryptocurrencies, Contracts with other notable inventions on the horizon.
I thought this was going to be awful. Was pleasantly surprised. I can't believe I'm about to say this but I would actually like to hear another one.

However, there may be more to love about blockchain generation than simply its decentralization. due to the fact miners are running 24 hours a day and 7 days every week to affirm transactions, they may be settled much faster than through conventional banking, which sticks to ordinary groups hours, closes for the weekends, and frequently holds price range for a few days. plus, without an intermediary, transaction fees can definitely go down with blockchain.

Well done guys. This is a fanstastic project. Not only is it a next gen business model and a useful application of Blockchain and Crypto but it brings huge benefits to the wider Steem community.

I am really looking forward to seeing the clients and tasks that are available. I will also plug it to people who may be interested in making use of your services.

There will be lots coming. We have a number of clients who are in various different stages right now. Like all things, it will start with a small number, but will grow over time, especially as we start to be able to present excellent business cases to clients.

Bloody bloody bloody (bloody) brilliant work!

Blooody bloody bloody thanks very much pal! :) See you and the fam soon I hope.

Absoluetely! And I've a good edit of that project we shot on its way, possibly over the weekend :)

This is so wonderful. Every one can benefit from this and I love it because it is going to build the community.

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Good information.... Good luck.. 👍👍

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such a cool concept ..... new money will come in steem market everyday wow.

This looks insanely good and promising. Lots of luck guys! Following the project from now on!

Thanks so much. This is just the beginning.


Can we preview the platform without being required to sign up?


You are not required to sign up, just connect via steemconnect and you can get in.

even that, can't we just browse it like all the other STEEM UIs ,


It is not a UI to browse the STEEM blockchain. It is a UI to see and complete projects and tasks which investors are supporting. It is not designed to be like steemit or busy etc.

understood ,all I am asking is can we preview it without logging in ...

if not , for some reason , that's fine with me.

no, it cannot be previewed without logging in via SteemConnect. However, we will be doing a walkthrough video which will allow you to see it soon.

tks for your responses...

this is excellent! well done and thank you <3

Please upvote me i will upvote you

It is certainly a good thing to open up the source of wealth.
Not only must we finance, but more importantly, we need to develop high-quality, large-scale consumer applications.

Why can't you use the posting password in SteemConnect to login and post and upvote ?

ok. good post. i am a content creator and hope things will get better with this step.
Mainly I post my produced music here. However, some of the listed points would also appeal to me. In my native language, I am quite well versed and I know very well about psychology and special pedagogy.

Wow this is a nice initiative the oracle-d team. A big kudos to @starkerz and @anarcotech. Will login soon and explore how the system works.

It's been a whole lot of work....Many sleepless nights for us all.

Yh! We are grateful you finally made it after going through all the sleepless nights.

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