Everglades Smoked Ham

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I am a huge believer in the theory that everything happens for a reason and therefore I was not too terribly upset when my grocery delivery service arrived bearing a ham instead of a Boston Butt. Now I was a little bit disappointed because I had my mind really set on enjoying the succulent flavors and textures only a Boston Butt can deliver, but who doesn't love a good ham, right?!?

So, instead of pouting, I let my creative juices flow and developed a dry rub that would compliment and extenuate the flavors and textures associated with ham. My go to seasoning for pork of any kind is Everglades seasoning, so it was a given that the dry rub would be including that is some amount. So I let my mind study on what ingredients I would use as I prepared the coals for the side smoke box of my grill.

Start out with a quality cut of meat.

After much deliberation, I decided upon using a combination of Everglades seasoning, garlic powder, and brown sugar. Ham has such a distinctive flavor that you can easily make the mistake of over seasoning it and not enjoying the natural flavors and juices that come with the ham. I mixed about a cup of brown sugar, a quarter cup of everglades, and an eighth of a cup of garlic powder and mixed them thoroughly by hand.

If you don't have this in your cupboard are you even really a cook? lol

Everything is better with garlic!

The final mix.

After you mix all of the ingredients, apply them to the meat extremely liberally. I mean this ham should look like he is covered in glitter like a old man leaving a strip club! The brown sugar will liquefy during the cooking process so it is important that every inch of the ham is covered in the dry rub. If your pets are anything like mine, you will need to make sure they approve of the methods and ingredients you are using. As you can see by the picture, Sasha isn't thrilled with it being a ham, but it will have to do until she develops opposable thumbs.

Covered and smothered.

Pet approval of the meal is imperative!

At this point, you are ready to place the ham flat side down on the grill and add a few pieces of your favorite smoking wood to the coals. Be prepared to be extremely patient, because any decent sized ham is going to take anywhere from 3 1/2 to 5 hours to cook all the way through. If you are like me, that is no problem because you are binge watching "Wicked Tuna" on Hulu and can check on the ham after every two episodes.

Let the grilling begin!

It is very important to check on the ham during the cooking process to ensure that it is getting the proper amount of heat and smoke throughout the grill. If the temperature or smoke drops add small pieces of hardwood until it is where you need it to be. Most experts suggest that ham get to an internal temperature of 155 degrees Fahrenheit before eating.

About an hour to go.

I usually check on my smoked projects about every hour or so. It is important that you do not puncture or move the ham too much because this can cause it to lose moisture and seasoning. Once it is finished and it has reached the safe eating temperature, remove the ham from the grill and place it on a plate. I then immediately cover it with aluminum foil and let it "rest" for about 15 minutes before slicing and serving.

Pretty close to perfection in my book!

Finished product

I am sure that was much easier than what you expected. Smoking meat is not as serous and complicated as some "grillmasters" tend to make it out to be. The most important aspect is patience and not going overboard with seasoning. This turned out extremely well and was perfect for supper when my wife got home from work. What do you think? Is this something you would do, or do you have your own "secrets" for smoking a ham?


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Such an amazing taste you got there. I can't wait to taste a ham so yummy as you got there... Great work man

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You're a cruel man. Here I sit in the doctors surgery waiting for my appointment after a hastily-downed granola bar for lunch and you're flaunting this spectacular looking chunk of hammy goodness! All you needed to do was mention potato salad and the cruelty would be complete. 😂

So, I haven't heard of Everglades seasoning before and now you have piqued my taste-buddy curiosity...maybe we should do a condiments-swap United Nations style. Vegemite for Everglades seasoning? 😉

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oh man, you've got to try some everglades! Apparently I need to put together a southern care package for you with everglades, old bay, and grits!

What's up with the Doc, are you ok?

Now I really want me some Everglades!

Oh yeah, the doc. Have had a really bad super-strong headache for 2 weeks now, and some serious shoulder/neck pain on my right side. Thought I better let the quack have a look. The process ensues. Have some tests coming up. Hope I don't have cancer. Probably just a muscular anomaly though probably huh?

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You must be squeezing your eyes shut too hard when you are shooting! Combat shooting requires OPEN eyes! lol jk, I'm sure it will be fine, nothing a little Vegemite and a smoko won't cure.

Oh yeah, damned shooting...Still, ain't gonna stop! 🤟🏼

You know what? Vegemite or smoko are pretty comprehensive cure's for most of the world's ailments. Although, Vegemite whilst at smoko is literally the cure for any and every ailment known to mankind. It has even been known to cure death. I'll have to get on some!

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I never heard Everglades seasoning before. Your ham look very yummy.

if I bring a 6 pack beers would you share your yummy ham with me? it looks so tasty and with some good company there is anything more to ask for

Of course I would share! That is the main goal of cooking over a ancient fire is to share with others the tales of our achievements and odes to our forefathers! lol

Hello there @papacrusher!

You sure do know how to make us all hungry! That is soooooo mouthwatering!!

If @road2horizon is bringing beers, ill bring rice! Do you eat rice? I am not so sure.. hahaha but here in my country we can have a descent meal without rice. But if you are not into rice ill bring desserts instead.. hahahahaha..

Or you are too nice, can I just bring your ham home!

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I do not know one thing about smoking. So what happens to the rub? Does it soak in or drip off? I would love to have some of the end result for sure. I'm pretty sure it was more than just one dinner.

It bakes into a dark crisp on the outside of the meat. It definitely lasted more than one meal..lol

Oh, I bet that is so yummy and fantastic for leftovers.

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