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RE: Everglades Smoked Ham

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You're a cruel man. Here I sit in the doctors surgery waiting for my appointment after a hastily-downed granola bar for lunch and you're flaunting this spectacular looking chunk of hammy goodness! All you needed to do was mention potato salad and the cruelty would be complete. 😂

So, I haven't heard of Everglades seasoning before and now you have piqued my taste-buddy curiosity...maybe we should do a condiments-swap United Nations style. Vegemite for Everglades seasoning? 😉

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oh man, you've got to try some everglades! Apparently I need to put together a southern care package for you with everglades, old bay, and grits!

What's up with the Doc, are you ok?

Now I really want me some Everglades!

Oh yeah, the doc. Have had a really bad super-strong headache for 2 weeks now, and some serious shoulder/neck pain on my right side. Thought I better let the quack have a look. The process ensues. Have some tests coming up. Hope I don't have cancer. Probably just a muscular anomaly though probably huh?

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You must be squeezing your eyes shut too hard when you are shooting! Combat shooting requires OPEN eyes! lol jk, I'm sure it will be fine, nothing a little Vegemite and a smoko won't cure.

Oh yeah, damned shooting...Still, ain't gonna stop! 🤟🏼

You know what? Vegemite or smoko are pretty comprehensive cure's for most of the world's ailments. Although, Vegemite whilst at smoko is literally the cure for any and every ailment known to mankind. It has even been known to cure death. I'll have to get on some!

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