Unfortunately, the cannibals are coming and our teams look tasty to them.

Knowing that the time had come to flee town, the teams decided to make a move to the wilderness. Things were just getting too crazy and dangerous in town, and it was getting harder to trust any other survivors. On the way out though, they saw a car, which offered the potential of getting some goods for the journey.

Sure, the car looked rough, but these were desperate times. The teams could either choose to check out the car and look for useful things quick, or just flee to the woods.


The teams who chose Option 1 decided to just get out of town as quick as quickly as they could. Although they have no supplies, they made it out alive. The teams who chose this option will be included in a comment below.

Option 2 was to check the car out first. It was pretty well destroyed and nothing much was found... until the teams opened the glove box.

Inside were two freeze dried ice cream sandwiches. Since each team must eat at least once every two days of gameplay, the teams who chose this option now have a backup food supply. Backup rations automatically kick in to prevent death when needed if no additional food is found. The supply is 1 ration per team member, so teams with one or three steemians still only one ration each.


As it turns out, this was the last chance to leave town. Unfortunately though, the departure did not go unnoticed. Someone is following the teams. Is it cannibals? Is it a friendly survivor? Is it something worse?

Not exactly wanting to find out right that instant, the teams quickly move deeper into the woods, but soon they are standing on the edge of a high cliff. The ravine looks empty and it appears that no water has ran down this gully in ages. Only sharp and jagged rocks await the teams at the bottom. The closer that the teams move towards the edge, the more of the brittle rocks break away and fall into the crevice. This is not a good situation.

The teams could hold their ground and see who is coming. If whoever it is is friendly, perhaps they can help. However, if it is cannibals, then teams will have to fight. Attempting to climb into the chasm might work, but the rocks seem so brittle. The distance across the canyon seems a little far, but if the teams risk jumping across, they just might make it. Options are limited, but a decision must be made.

WARNING - The outcome of each decision has been predetermined. Depending on what your team chooses, you may not make it through the round. You have been warned.


  • OPTION 1 - Hold your ground and see who comes. If they play nice, attempt to make friends. If they try to kill you, defend yourselves.

  • OPTION 2 - Attempt climbing down into the ravine.

  • OPTION 3 - Attempt to jump across the chasm.


Each team must reply with their decision within 24 hours of this post to avoid a Coin Toss.

Also, please make sure that your team info is accurate below. All teams have been entered and anyone else wanting to play will have to wait until next season. I will @mention all team members still playing when I post to help remind you that I need replies every day. Make sure that your username is accurate in the replies below. Thank you.


The current prize pool is 150 STEEM.

Until next time…

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I think we can skip Option 2 - climbing down the ravine. We have no gear, no way to get out once down there, and mostly - no water.

Option 1 - wait & see who's following. 50/50 chance of help. If it's cannibals we have a chance to get rid of them over the cliff (or use THEM for food) & remove the threat. We may be injured in the fighting, but we'll still be alive.

Option 3 - risk the jump. No guarantee we make it across, plus the followers can keep following.

I vote for Option 1. What are your thoughts @devi1714?

NOTE TO @papa-pepper. My name is mis-spelled in the recap. I'm not @aunt-ded yet. ;~P

LOL - Very funny. Thanks for catching it.

You're welcome!
Am still chuckling...

Woot! Good to know.

It will be option 1 unless I hear otherwise.

Cool beans. Not sure where my partner is...

I am so sorry for not replying faster :/ My Steemit didn't show any notifications and nor did I get a notification on my phone!

I only saw the notification today when the next post was posted. I'm so sorry.

If it's any consolation I too would've picked option 1!


option 2

Got it!


on the edge of a high cliff, and waiting for someone friendly to come out of nowhere, LOL, this is the dead end ;)
no risk, no gain,
We will go with option 3, what say @deepapoudel ?

It will be Option 3 unless I hear otherwise.

yep! it's definitely option 3 :)

I think we should go with Option 1 @rahul.stan

@papa-pepper we choose option 1!

Option 1 it is.

@l337m45732 and I attempt to climb down the ravine, taking our shoes off first for optimal grip. Option 2 @papa-pepper.


@jznsamuel I'm partial to option 1 and waiting to see who followed. Jumping is probably the worst option, but climbing down could work.

@tomshwom I agree, jumping or climbing down doesn't make sense. Instead we hold our ground - we need food, and the ones who're following us better offer help and give us food, else they become food. Team Endurers go with option 1

Option 1 it is.

Option 1 it is.

Oh shit! I'd entirely forgotten I even signed up for this.

@improv Holmes, where you at? We have choosing to do!

I'm curious to know what's following us, so option 1 maybe? What do you say.

I mean, curiosity did kill the cat after all, right?

I agree whole-heartedly!

Option 1.

And let's call ourselves Whole Mess in honor of your calling me Holmes.

LOL - Whole mess = Holmes! I get it!

Option 1 it is.

I like it. Option 1 it is, then. Let's hope it's a pupper following us and not one of them hungry cannibals.

...twist! We're actually cannibals, too, and join in feasting on all the other teams!


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