Job Posting: STEEM.GLOBAL Looking to Hire Verification Intern

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The day has finally come to hire a paid intern to help with the daily runnings & tasks created in regards to STEEM.GLOBAL's newly implemented human verification method.

*This job posting is open until a suitable candidate is found for the position.
Will update this post to reflect the current status of the hiring process as needed

Looking for an Easy Online Job With Income?

Are You Capable Reliably Completing Repetitive, Menial Tasks With Efficiency?

Apply to Join The KLYE Team & Start slaving Working Soon!

The ideal candidate for this intern position will possess the following:

  • Excellent written English Communication Skills, Additional Languages a Bonus
  • A STEEM or Steemit Account Older Than 3 Months
  • Good Knowledge of Steemit Navigation and Usage
  • Active Community Member or STEEM Enthusiast
  • Prior Experience or Skill in Detecting ID Fraud and / or Edited Images

This is an experimental position lasting an unknown duration and should be considered part time at best. It's estimated an hour or two (but likely less) a day will be required to complete the work given, which may include but not limited to the tasks listed below:

  • Checking the STEEM.GLOBAL Human Verification Post for New Submissions
  • Verifying New Submissions are Legitimate and not Fraudulent
  • Compiling a Daily List of Newly Verified Accounts & Sending it to me
  • Other Various Small Tasks Needed to Ensure STEEM.GLOBAL Operations
  • Willing to Complete Tasks Listed Above 5-7 Days a Week

Compensation for tasks completed by the newly hired position will be paid out weekly at a rate of 25 STEEM. While I realize over here in North America I'd be scoffed at for offering such a weekly wage it's my hope to hire someone who's life would be positively changed by the opportunity to help me by doing a bit of work and earn a bit of STEEM.

You think you've got what it takes to perform exceedingly well on Team KLYE?
Submit your application below in the comment section.

Thanks to all that apply, those selected for interview will be contacted via

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How much hours approx. a week ?


7-14 hours per week. around 2-4$ per hour, depend on Steem value.

Thank you @klye for this opportunity to work with your team. My account is a year old, I speak and write in English all through my formal education years. I will be glad to work with your team as 25 STEEM weekly is a good pay here.

I am available to get started immediately. I have been working online for more than 10 years as an Internet Marketer and it would be awesome to use my skills to your advantage.

When do I get started?


Hey Lucas. Your pitch is damn near identical to the one I've used in the past. It works, shows ambition and communicates to me that you have that hunger to become more prosperous through workin'..!

Are you available for a bit of an interview and possibly starting today?
I'm on in the #klye room. Come see me when you view this message. :)

Nice post

Hi @klye. Am Tj4real, a steemit enthusiast who loves spreading steemit around in my locality. This is my fourth month on steemit and i have been active since day 1. I have studied English Language since i was born and now in the University so i am very much conversant with english. I know my way around French. And am very much versed with all the navigation around steemit as i have read the faq and the whitepages over 4 times now. I still have lots of unused spare time and a couple of bucks weekly will greatly help support my campaign project of steemit to Ghana. I am a photographer too and know my way around photoshop so as for edited images, it cannot pass by without me noticing. I hope i will be considered.

good opportynity, i wanna participate my self for this job

Hello @Klye thanks for helping the Steemit community grow, for your commitment so far and for this opportunity given out to steemians.

My name is Joseph Samuel @samstickkz on and @samstickkz on

My Steemit account is 5 months old and I've made several posts to build the Steemit community. I speak English and I'm really conversant with
Below is a screenshot of my profile. I studied computer science and I will love to work with you in building and

Thanks in anticipation.

I speak and write fluently in English. For other languages, I rely on Google Translate. I have been on Steemit for a year now. I am reasonably competent at navigating Steemit, and have a record of regular original content creation.

I only have questions regarding your ID fraud and edited images qualifications.


What questions sir? Basically just looking for someone with the eye for spotting potential ID theft/fraud.


I worked for almost 3 years in an inbound call center where we had to verify ID and prevent credit card fraud. I know how to do an image search to check whether a profile pic might be a stock photo. I usually have a good gut instinct for photoshopped images.

I am a no match for this, but I am quite amazed at this thing. Hiring to prevent identity theft and fake profiles, this will help in keeping steemit clean.

Hope you get the required candidate who is ready for this menial job and can't be bribed. It will be a tricky part to find out an incorruptible person as with the popularity of steemit, we will be seeing profiles of celebrities and anyone will pay to have a genuine looking profile of a celebrity.

a nice job for someone who have a lot of spare time


Read the post next time in order to avoid flag. It is written 1-2 hours daily (even less). So, "a lot of spare time" is rubbish comment.

I like the job, but I can not speak English.

Woow..the good news..I'm interesting..!

i can not apply coz my account is not older than 3 months but i liked the slaving/working part :D

I have virtual assistant experience for 6 yrs doing online activities such promoting websites and IM.

Hello @klye,
Nice to meet you.
I think STEEM.GLOBAL will help steemit users. so I voted you as a witness.
Also, I can't help you 7/24, but I can Help you for ~1 hour. and I don't want anything for it.
If I can help you, let me know.

Thank you for sharing the job offer @klye. I would like to be considered for the job. I feel that I can be able to accomplish the stated tasks perfectly, with ease and on time. I possess excellent written skills in English and have an eye for detail. I am a quick learner and take instructions well. Please look into my profile to see if I stand a chance. Looking forward to a positive response

Hello @Klye. My account is just under 2 months old, but i did verify myself with your help (i was the guy with the clean bong). I have worked at FXpro (an forex exchange site) with verifying ID:s over email for a couple of months and as I already spend all my time on Steemit (and always am high on weed) I think this menial job would fit me perfectly. So if you want to support a fellow steemit stoner I would be more than happy to give this job a chance.

So come on Klye, let's become steemit stoner buddies and work to make this site amazing! I would gladly offer myself to prove my "skills in ID-scam identifying" by doing the work for free the first week, after which you could decide if it works for you!

Peace friend, and good luck to who ever gets the job!

I would love to do this since I lost my job 2 weeks back and could need a small job to start getting on my feet again. I don't meet the requirements with the account age. I have been following steemit on all socials and read multiple news from vairous users since 2016 nov. This account is 1 week old and using more and more time here. Give me a trial, would even do it for free until proven worthy of this challenge just to support the community i'm in.

I have used adobes products for years and I can detect fraud in images.

But what a awesome chance for everyone!

Don't qualify for the 3 months' thing..

Good opportunity.

@ahsin I believe this could be a good opportunity for you :) all the best

This is a great opportunity for a guy like me. The one quality that i posses for this vacancy is my ability to be online 12 hours a day.
I possesses good communication skill and my English is great. I also have google translator app that will enable me relate with non English speaking steemains.
I can easily spot ID theft because I once worked with an official who works at the airport
Also this is my third month on steemit and i believe that i am capable and competent for this job because I have good knowledge of Steemit Navigation and Usage
This is a chance for me to be gainfully employed and it will help me finacially because the recession in my country and my leaders are not helping at all and i hope and pray to be employed. @klye

Hey klye!
I was born in Hong Kong and was raised in England, so English is my native language. I've been on steemit for a year and was also on JD quite often before but not so much now. I think I can tell when an ID is fake or not.

wow, I was also on of those who thought 25 steem would be less for the effort, but it does make a difference to many people. it's eye opening to read the comments. hope you will offer the candidate a bonus once in a while ;) wish you luck, and i guess i need to verify my STEEM.GLOBAL too...

Good job 👍👌

hey @klye

off topic and small issue logging into after i hit login, it needs a kick up the F5 to reach the home page. Cheers!

Hey @klye! I would like to throw my name in the hat, as I'm going full-time with music and Steemit as of August 18, and would have the time to devote to this task, and would love to work for Steem.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, and have extensive writing experience both in professional and casual settings. I also was an English and literature instructor for four years.

After teaching, I worked as a financial reports analyst for a sales firm, and part of that job was also detecting fraud through visual methods, so I am also very familiar with this aspect of the position. Additionally, I have also moderated numerous Closed groups on Facebook and other forms of online social media, and am familiar with checking photos/identification for fraud and plaigiarism.

Since joining Steemit in October of last year, I have become an active member of the community on Steemit, working closely with the music community specifically, as well as attending regional meetups in both Springfield and Kansas City, Missouri.

I am incredibly personally invested in this platform, and have also helped over 20 people onboard, because I believe in the future of Steemit and the lives that can be changed here.

Thank you so much for your consideration, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Hi @klye, i am highly interested to take this job...
With respect to my introduction, i am Tara and I am a housewife living in India. I love anything that involves art like Painting, music, cooking, creating hand crafts. After completing my Masters Degree in computer science in 2008, i have worked for an IT company (HP) for 4 years; later I had to leave job for personal reasons...

I was introduced to steemit by my husband... i find the idea of Steemit is really great, a true community development initiative, and would like to contribute to the growth of this platform...

In my normal routine I am available for 2-3 hours a day to take up different jobs like - wearing detective hats or any other tasks.

My command over English language is as good as you see here; however i may not be more than 3 months old on this platform.

But an Idea of crypto pocket money really excites me. Please consider my candidature for further review.

I am available on from Monday and onwards, as I am travelling tomorrow (Saturday) and shall return Sunday night....

Hello Klye,

My Name is Kubby Elizabeth. I am only 2 months in and know I am the best person for the job. I can give you a list of references if you would like or you can just ask Aggroed. There are a few items on your list I am unfamiliar with, but can learn pretty quick. I have been searching for ways to help the community and you just provided me with one. We would make an excellent team. Lets chat soon.

Thank you for sharing the job offer @klye.

thank you @klye .

There hasn't been any update as to the employment, was anyone employed @klye kindly update us. I for one will love to know and if the vacancy still stands. I'm available for the offer

For an hour or two a day 5-7 days a week. Let's say 10 hours a week you are paying 25sbd. That's 2.5 an hour.

Seems too small, you should at least double it.


I see you just skimmed through and actually didn't read the thing.. +thumbs up+


I regularly skim through times, but in this case I did read it all


My apologies. I guess I could have made it more clear I was looking for folks that would be pleased with such a wage, primarily those in developing or less fortunate countries.


No I get that and I understand that there are certainly people that would be happy to do the work for that price and have it help them. But why not find them and pay them a fairer rate for the work they will do.

Anyway I hope I didn't cause any offence I just think the offer is mispriced, but both you and the jobseeker are both able to make that decision for themselves.

I do think that steemit is becoming too falsely 'positive', how often do you see comments disagreeing with the poster? It is not natural.


Saying that 'we' in less developed countries will be pleased to accept such shows a form of misunderstanding as to our nature on your part. I know many who make x5 of that per week from the same ''less fortunate countries''. Non the less, I do appreciate the effort to get someone who can handle ID verification on, its been long overdue.