📌 The Fastest and Easiest Way to Withdraw Your Steem Dollars

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Now that you know what can be done with your new Steem Dollars, you might be wondering how to withdraw them from the Steemit website. This quick demo will walk you through that step in under a minute.

Before you can withdraw your Steem Dollars from Steemit, you need to have set up a bitcoin wallet or an account on a bitcoin exchange. I didn't include this preliminary step in the video because different people will choose different exchanges, depending on which currency they ultimately wish to trade for. For example, if you want US Dollars, you might open an account on CoinBase, if you want Canadian Dollars, you might use QuadrigaCX, or if you're in Chile like me, you might use SurBTC to trade for pesos. Once you have an account, it will provide you with a wallet address. Copy this address to your clipboard and have it ready to paste as we begin the video...

For this video, we're only using two websites: BlockTrades and, of course, Steemit

BONUS: As you might have noticed, BlockTrades can also be used to exchange your steem dollars for BitShares... but that's another topic for another day. ;)


Hey, @piedpiper - what's going on, man! Your videos are incredibly informative, and honestly I think they should be the standard for anyone looking to get into Steemit.

In the meantime, I wanted to say that since I follow you on here, I see you've been editing this post a handful of times according to steemstats.com, and I just recently ran into an issue where I only received about 15% of my payout because I evidently got penalized for violating new Hard Fork rules, which state we can post 4 posts daily before getting our earnings shortened. This is their attempt at fighting spamming.
When you look at the activity on your profile on steemd.com, it shows edits as having "authored" a post.
I edited the HELL out of my post today which had earnings of about $1250, only to be paid out $143. I only posted 2-3 other things today, so the only other culprit available would be the edits.

Just wanted to give you a heads up so you don't shoot yourself in the foot!

Interesting. I hadn't heard about that. Thanks for the tip :)

Anytime! I learned the hard way so you don't have to. ;-)

That's pretty weird, when you think about it. Editing is a basically self-curation. We should be encouraged to clean up our posts, not penalized for it.

I agree, actually. However, the comparison I made with another user here was when writing a book. That book is polished as finely as the author and his editors+proofreaders can get it before it's published. I think that's the route I'd rather take anyway just as a matter of principal, honestly.

In fact, I believe the reason for it might involve the fact that an edited post is bumped to the top of the Active page, making it more visible, and therefore potentially advantageous to spammers.

@winstonwolfe That's good to know. Thanks a million. I see I edited today's post 9 times after posting. gulp I guess I'll take a bit of a hit for the last three... oh well. You probably saved me from some future losses with the tip so I'll be sure to thank you in tomorrow's video! :)

Please let us know what the expected vs. actual payout on this post ends up being.

Muchos Gracias.

@winstonwolf @faddat I was asleep for the last couple hours before payout so I'm not sure what I should've been expecting... if it dropped, it wasn't enough for me get freaked-out by.

Very sorry about this. Turns out I was dead wrong about all of this. You'll not see me make assumptions like this again.

You are right, @winstonwolfe. I recently had some inexplicably low payouts, oo. I edit the everlovin hell out of every post after posting including to reflect what commenters advise. I guess gotta record edits as edits after the next hard fork .

Thank You

I have a question regarding where to withdraw I am from Philippines, is coins.ph? can i transfer my steemit money in that app?

hello, you can withdraw your steemit money to your paypal or payoneer, then you can withdraw your money to your bank card.

read this page carefully, and it is the method.

if you have a detailed video or article for withdrawing steemit, please could you post here. I would thank ful.

If this is true then it should be fixed. Edit shouldn't count as the different post. Or root level comments as it is said in the hard-fork announcement.

Did anybody ask the powers above about it?

good to know!

Damn, that is good advice. Glad I saw this!

well i have a confusion the address of bitcoin you give at the start? can i use coinbase for that?

i hadn't heard about that its quite interesting

Nice to learn gonna try it out!

I'm late to the game and finally decided to open up a Steemit account. This article was very helpful thanks!

I am learning all kinds of stuff today :)

So let's say I am a brand-new user living in the USA... What site do others use?

I'm currently using Coinbase and it's been working out okay for me so far.

High fee 😢😢

IMO, USA = Coinbase and Circle for most folks. I use Circle for bitcoin buys because it is faster & cheaper than Coinbase for me. However, I do like Coinbase for holding some funds because you can link your bitcoin balance to a Visa debit card and spend your cryptomoney anywhere! When BTC price is actively moving up, I buy stuff with bitcoins for an instant discount. If it is flat or trending down, I use my regular inflationary dollars which are always losing value--although so slowly that only those paying attention notice. Most of us frogs don't notice the water is slowly boiling.

I agree with you mostly, however it doesn't always go up haha.

Yup, those are stacking times. BTC has been the number currency for 5 of 6 last years, so unless you bought your bitcoins at the ATH during the Goxxing, you are probably looking pretty good wallet wise, amirite?

Remember, people can use Local Bitcoins or the local trader feature in the very excellent Mycelium Bitcoin wallet, and buy BTC directly for cash from locals in your area. This is done worldwide all of the time. Also some ATM style machines are around that take cash for BTC but fees are significant. Why would you go through the trouble of paying a high transaction fee or a possibly creepy face to face trade? For those wonderful anonymous bitcoins! Your spending will be tracked if you buy them on a regulated exchange. Sooner or later.... count on it.

I'm not gonna try to talk a newbie through all of that. This video was for people that are brand new to all of this and just showed-up on Steemit because of all the buzz about it being "that new social media site that pays its posters."

Going from fiat to crypto and back is not very easy. Totally agree. Learning curve is rather YUGE. Much work needs to be done.

Lots of options out there. Coinbase, Kraken, BTC-e, and Bitstamp, are probably the most popular.

Use Mycelium Wallet, you have full control of your private keys, coinbase not.
Mycelium runs on a robust block-chain of their own and both Trezor wallet and Ledger wallet products works on mycelium. Coinbase not. Coinbase can take funds from your account at any time they feel free to do so. Mycelium not.
Ledger and Trezor are cold storage solutions for keeping your bitcoins stored offline

Mycellium has some backside server to store your encrypted data, much like my other favorite Bitcoin wallet Airbitz does ... I think that is how they keep your memo notes and sync between devices. They don't run their own blockchain... they use the Bitcoin blockchain. The one chain to rule them all!

Check out gemini.com.
Its owned by the Winklevoss twins.

In my opinion, Coinbase is straight up dark side these days. Readers are welcome to decide whether they do or do not want to support a company that bites the hand that feeds. I personally do not, but of course I wouldn't presume to tell others how to respond. :) This is purely an FYI

Not sure why you hate CoinBase, but I think they've made a pretty good platform that regular joes can use. Anything that puts cryptocurrency in the hands of a regular joe is great for the technology. I'd upvote CoinBase!

Yeah, they seem to be the "establishment" option. I've never used them personally but my girlfriend does. Seems to be reliable and whatever but I would definitely advise shopping around for the option that best suits your needs and preferences.

I just don't like any online wallet without private keys

Why is that exactly? What have they done wrong?

They helped the government to shut down Kick Ass Torrents

While this is true, I would also mention that pirating content is strictly illegal in the US and many other countries, and a company like Coinbase could be charged with "harboring pirates" simply by not disclosing information about an investigated person.

If you're meddling in illegal activities, you're exposing yourself to the wrath of the law. I'm not saying that Coinbase didn't go beyond their duty to help, this could have been very much the case, but Coinbase has its own politics to protect.

So if anything, I would say Coinbase is a little questionable in terms of privacy, but their concern is to continue running their business, even if it means helping the government. I'm sure there's some quid pro quo at some level for Coinbase having helped the investigation.

Unfortunately, while Coinbase may have crossed some boundaries with their assistance in the investigation, Coinbase has also opened the door for many more people to have access to BTC in the US, and that's at least a win for cryptocurrency.

Having said that, I am carefully keeping an eye on Coinbase because they are very much tied to banking, which many of us in the cryptocurrency community have quite a bit to say about.

I could point out that KAT did not pirate content, but it means little. The government didn't like them, so eventually they got disappeared in the night. What the law says is entirely irrelevant.

I understand your point and I'm not hating on them. Even though they might leave a sour taste in my mouth at times, I appreciate the important role they have been playing and don't mean to discourage anyone from using them. They do provide a good option for Americans that wish to connect their bitcoin wallet to their bank account.

you re right

I'm hating on them, though. Hating on them hard, because if it weren't for all the people who question copyright for years and years, and implemented solutions like the GPL license, well then almost certainly-- coinbase would not exist, because innovation would not have taken place, because copyrights and patents encourage a stagnant, hierarchical society.

Coinbase will track and report how you spend you bitcoin. Worth looking into

Nice video @piedpiper!

I would like to complement it by adding some information that I find relevant; the following are posts that I wrote last week:

#1 - Be mindful right now when converting SteemUSD to BTC, the exchange rate is not what you would expect.


#2 - An alternative to cashing out to fiat, which does not need a centralized exchange (your help needed to make this one viable, read the whole thing!). We should aim to avoid using centralized exchanges whenever possible, I go into the why in the article linked in this paragraph.

#3 - A compelling argument for why you should actually consider leaving some of your earnings in SteemUSD.

Happy steeming! Very profits!

This isn't very relevant to a newbie that just got here and doesn't even know how to get their SBD off of Steemit yet.

Another great video tutorial..thank you

Thanks. A pleasure, as always :)

Your post moved me into doing a little experiment on my own.

I bought a bit of Steem Power with Ethereum which was sitting in my MyEtherWallet.

I did it directly:

  1. generated a receiving address on SteemIt Transfers page
  2. executed the transaction on MyEtherWallet
  3. waited a bit :)

The transaction came through without a hick with ether gas deducted automatically.

Thanks again for a gentle kick in my butt which your post provided :)

thanks for the video, I try to understand the platform but I must say that I'm not that tech savy (I don't even own bitcoins to be quite honest)

Then you're exactly who my videos are aimed at. If you have any topic suggestions for future episodes, please chime-in. :)

There is so many things to explain, at least for someone who is not in the world of bitcoin.
Someone post this https://steemit.com/steemit/@donkeypong/still-confused-by-steem-steem-dollars-and-steem-power-the-power-plant-analogy on my post. That is quite complicated. I have to take time later to understand it well.

TBH I have seen that you can earn money by posting content, so I wanted to try, to see if this is a joke or not, but I'm quite confused by the system as a whole.

Well, it's definitely not a joke... but anything worth learning takes some time and effort.

Well in a way...now you do :)

How so? I understand that I've earn $7 with my first post, that is quite nice actually... :)

Thanks for the help. Steemit is bringing many people like me to cryptocurrencies, that never used them before. Steemit makes wit Steem a cryptocurrency mainstream.

Once again I just wanted to say thank you for these videos.
I just transferred my first SBD and paid my mortgage this month with money made from Steemit.

I will try.... Thanks for your information guy

Like me that is in Egypt,is there anyway for me to wuthdraw it.

Since, I'm from Philippines and I think there's no way I can use those wallet to convert steem dollars to real cash, instead I used coinsph. The process is transferring the SBD first to Bittrex and convert it to bitcoin and transferred it to my wallet.

Right. There are at least three exchanges in the Philippines that I'm aware of. A Google search will probably find more.

All I need now is a load of Steem dollars

Another great video appreciated by the community. Good job! You got to the TOP 10 trending articles on Steemit so I've added your article to the Flipboard Steemit Trending Magazine for everyone to see it.

Or instead of converting on an exchange you can buy anything on Amazon using purse.io and your bitcoin directly (and get a discount)!

Absolutely. There are tons of places to spend bitcoin online. :)

Oh yeah, Purse is a great way to use your Steemerized bitcoins. I use it all the time. Just got some new bass strings 25% off and order filled overnight. Love it. I have done many orders over 30% off.

They finally added back the STEEM and STEEMdollar option! It got fixed!

Thanks for informing me how to convert Steemit Dollars to Canadian dollars

👍nice post..

I use poloniex i have withdrawn in just 2o minutes to my Bitcoin from Steemit to poloniex and then Bitcoin.

yes, Poloniex is another decent option. especially if you want to get the SBD onto an exchange that can be traded for other cryptocurrencies besides BTC.

everything which helpes ppl is worth upvoting! - thx

Thanks for the info. Very helpful.

You're very welcome.

Thanks for the information

My pleasure.

@piedpiper, how to transfer steem power in steem.
but how to power done, a video ??!!

Thank you for guidance !

As always your posts and videos are most informative. Thank you for the effort and keeping us all up to date with much needed information.

You're very welcome. Glad you're finding it useful.

It looks easy. Remained to earn SD...

nice effort and easy to understand

Short and sweet video. Very helpful for people new to Steemit.

thank for the video. very educative

Wouldnt touch Coinbase with a 10ft pole at this moment. Something fishy is happening there!

is block chain working or not?

of course it is. The fact that you were able to post that question here means that it's working.

can you please tell me the minimum limit of withdrawl?

Very help full post for me thanx

Don't promote the place that has the largest spread :)

This video is about speed and ease for newbies. I usually use Bittrex myself but if I just wanted to quickly and easily get my steam dollars off of Steemit, BlockTrades works great for that.

hi i recently made a withdrawal using this method and still have not received the payment to my exodus wallet its been 3 days. how long should the process take and is there a minimum transaction. i only had 0.93 dollars but only did it as a test before i make any big transactions from future post.

it should take seconds or minutes, not days. Something's wrong with your transaction. I would suggest contacting their customer support and asking them to investigate their records.

At this moment - 10.2017 - (STEEM DOLLARS Tokens worth about $1.00 of STEEM, currently collecting 0% APR.) The TRANSFER option says that "Move funds to another Steemit account." How to transfer it to blockchain.info or exmo? Still can't get it.

blockchain.info is a bitcoin wallet, not a steem wallet. You have to convert to bitcoin first.

The main point i wanted to say that steemit says - move funds to another STEEMIT account. And there is a @ prefix in that row.

Yes, I showed you how to do it in the video. In the example I was using, you send from your wallet on steemit to @blocktrades using the exact amount and the code they give you.

Thank You For Sharing just upvoted. long live

Nice, I would like to convert steem into bitshares.

Very concise, thank you very much :)

Very useful video, especially for the new members of steemit...

I think the minimum amount that we can transfer is 3 Steem dollars. I have just 2 and it's sad haha I can't do anything to abtain them because it's not enough. I was trying and It's impossible

Nice video man. I am really happy your good work payout with 6k$

Thank goodness for this

-A total newb yet optimistic :)

Hello!! How long will it takes to appear in my bitcoin account? I already transferred mine, but nothing appeared on my account

nicely explained. Thanks

I'll give it a shot! Thanks for the information!!

for the first time,am satisfied with my long awaited question. Thank You brother

Went to Blocktrades: Exchange rate 1 BTC - 839 SBD. NO!!!

Right. The value of SBD is low right now... and you pay a premium for convinience on BlockTrades. If you want the best price, you'll have to set up a Bittrex account.

Maybe a Bittrex tutorial in the near future?

Sure thing!

I am in the financial capitol of the world, NY. Here they implemented something they like to call a bit-licence if you would like to be a crypto business. The likes of Bitstamp was in NY, but left due to bit licence regulations. I can't open Kraken, Bitstamp, BitX, Polo. None of them allowed to sign up as NY resident

I like coinbase because it can be synced to your bank account. I dont like to use their android wallet for various reasons. I prefer jaxx

Buying BTC on Coinbase with linked bank account results in 1% fee but takes several days. Not bad at all if you aren't in a hurry. Using a debit card with Coinbase however is like 3%--although it is instant. Circle OTOH, does let me buy BTC fast with my debit card for 1% as I recall, but they don't offer that cool Shift Visa bitcoins debit card.

This was a very good read. I'm new to steemit and the whole currency conversion and transfer process seems quite cumbersome. This post cleared up some issues I was confused about. Thanks.

Aww, no video!! Where is the video?

Can you please fox this video, i am trying to convert STEEM to SBD, usa location, do you know which one i need to have Bittrex, POlinex?

This video is unavailable

Thank you for this post. I am new to Steemit, I only became a member half an hour ago haha! So I am still learning, but this helped incredibly.

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