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RE: 📌 The Fastest and Easiest Way to Withdraw Your Steem Dollars

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Hey, @piedpiper - what's going on, man! Your videos are incredibly informative, and honestly I think they should be the standard for anyone looking to get into Steemit.

In the meantime, I wanted to say that since I follow you on here, I see you've been editing this post a handful of times according to, and I just recently ran into an issue where I only received about 15% of my payout because I evidently got penalized for violating new Hard Fork rules, which state we can post 4 posts daily before getting our earnings shortened. This is their attempt at fighting spamming.
When you look at the activity on your profile on, it shows edits as having "authored" a post.
I edited the HELL out of my post today which had earnings of about $1250, only to be paid out $143. I only posted 2-3 other things today, so the only other culprit available would be the edits.

Just wanted to give you a heads up so you don't shoot yourself in the foot!


Interesting. I hadn't heard about that. Thanks for the tip :)

Anytime! I learned the hard way so you don't have to. ;-)

That's pretty weird, when you think about it. Editing is a basically self-curation. We should be encouraged to clean up our posts, not penalized for it.

I agree, actually. However, the comparison I made with another user here was when writing a book. That book is polished as finely as the author and his editors+proofreaders can get it before it's published. I think that's the route I'd rather take anyway just as a matter of principal, honestly.

In fact, I believe the reason for it might involve the fact that an edited post is bumped to the top of the Active page, making it more visible, and therefore potentially advantageous to spammers.

@winstonwolfe That's good to know. Thanks a million. I see I edited today's post 9 times after posting. gulp I guess I'll take a bit of a hit for the last three... oh well. You probably saved me from some future losses with the tip so I'll be sure to thank you in tomorrow's video! :)

Please let us know what the expected vs. actual payout on this post ends up being.

Muchos Gracias.

@winstonwolf @faddat I was asleep for the last couple hours before payout so I'm not sure what I should've been expecting... if it dropped, it wasn't enough for me get freaked-out by.

Very sorry about this. Turns out I was dead wrong about all of this. You'll not see me make assumptions like this again.

You are right, @winstonwolfe. I recently had some inexplicably low payouts, oo. I edit the everlovin hell out of every post after posting including to reflect what commenters advise. I guess gotta record edits as edits after the next hard fork .

Thank You

I have a question regarding where to withdraw I am from Philippines, is can i transfer my steemit money in that app?

hello, you can withdraw your steemit money to your paypal or payoneer, then you can withdraw your money to your bank card.

read this page carefully, and it is the method.

if you have a detailed video or article for withdrawing steemit, please could you post here. I would thank ful.

If this is true then it should be fixed. Edit shouldn't count as the different post. Or root level comments as it is said in the hard-fork announcement.

Did anybody ask the powers above about it?

good to know!

Damn, that is good advice. Glad I saw this!

well i have a confusion the address of bitcoin you give at the start? can i use coinbase for that?

i hadn't heard about that its quite interesting

Nice to learn gonna try it out!

I'm late to the game and finally decided to open up a Steemit account. This article was very helpful thanks!

I am learning all kinds of stuff today :)

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