Token Town: A Place To Discover And Talk About Your Favorite Steem Engine Token!

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Worked up a quick Steem account and discord server room to talk about your favorite Steem Engine Token ( shitcoins!) .

Come on in and talk about your favorite Steem-Engine token!.

Don't know what Steem Engine is check it out here! follow the main Steem Engine account here @steem-eng ,or aggroed's account @aggroed.

You'll notice when you first enter the following break-down of how "roles" are designated:

  1. Gold Token Town Fans
    25 + or more tokens you own
  2. Silver Token Town Fans
    15 + more tokens you own
  3. Platinum Token Town Fans
    10 + more tokens you own
  4. Bronze Token Town Fans
    5 + and below....

Tokens = balances

The idea is to get you to obviously get as many tokens from different tokens as you can to help level you up roles in discord!

Some Ideas for this:

Obviously, we have the more technical discord for Steem Engine so don't forget to go there and join. But, we could turn Token Town into a place for people to talk about their tokens in voice for example. Obviously, a lot of coins would like to "jump start" their token with an audience and generate some buzz around their new shiny toy token so this could be a starting place. Totally open to ideas so make sure to come join in discord.

Also, with the addition of SCOT coming I'm sure there will be a need for some organization around all the different type of communities that might show up If we get to spread out we all become a silo of sorts.

A CALL to TOKEN OWNERS to Join Token Town!

@exyle and Exyle token
@jongolson and SteemSavvy
@nateaguila and Buddi Bux
@marcuswahl and FreeSteemMine
@smartsteem and Smarty
@themonetaryfew and Money
@themonetaryfew and RAP Tokens
@buildteam and BuildTeam Token
@shepz1 and Transparency
@freebornsociety and Simoleons
@vegeta and DragonBall
@movingman and DumpsterDive
@khaleekazi and LEO
@shogo and Shogo
@jeffjagoe and STEEM Food Token
@redfishhelp and RedfishSMT
@jaki01 and Kobold
@smartyschmeckles and Schmeckle Token
@jarunik and Jar
@luckystrikes and STEEM
@luckystrikes and STEEM Dollar
@jsquare and Joycar Token
@abh12345 and Engagement Token and Steem Ninja
@oracle-d and Oracle D
@steeveapp and Steeve Token
@wafrica and WAfrica WAFRO Token
@artzone and ARTzone MULA Token
@jiutitsu and Jiujitsu
@jiujitsu and Steem Pro Wrestling Initiative
@jiujitsu and Acapulco Gold
@son10001 and Network Your All Next Generation
@inertia and Stingy
@tibfox and DIY Token
@swapsteem and Swap Engineering and Enhancement Team
@infinite-bt and KEN
@tukkat and Troll of STEEM Token
@teamhumble and VLOG for Steemcasting
@actifit and Actifit
@reseller and Another Useless Token
@surpassinggoogle and Teardrops
@nkgrigoryev and PicWar
@crystalhuman and Steem Monsters Poker Token
@r0nd0n and MSP Waves
@umkin and YESJAM
@jpbliberty and Crypto Class Action Vs. Facebook and Google
@detlev and Beer
@remndt and CoindelDorado
@sebescen81 and LanaCharleenToken
@mermaidvampire and Plankton
@g1ntoken and g1ntoken
@prinzvalium and Prinz Valium
@pennsif and Steem Game Token and Publica and SteemBayToken
@coffeebuds and WeedCash
@seo-boss and SERUM
@entropia and ENTROKEN
@satren and Satren muss seine and Miete bezahlen
@redpalestino and Redpalestino Coin
@theholystuhl and The Holy Stuhl
@ibc and Intermediate Container
@whatsup and Drama
@stayoutoftherz and PATRIOT
@battlegames and Battle Token
@noganoo and Garden Token
@tufkat and Unicorn
@revisesociology and Revise and Hobo
@justinashby and Crypto
@cjsdns and Atomy
@perfspots and Perfspots
@neoxian and Neoxian Gold
@trevonjb and Bitconnect
@earniegreenhill and Bertcoin
@libert and Enumivo
@ades and Pengcash
@virus707 and jjangjjangman
@virtualgrowth and Virtualgrowth Gift and Steem Token
@wonpay and Coffee
@balte and Baltengold
@helpie-caster and Viewertoken
@minigame and Mini
@someguy123 and SomeToken
@designpod and DentalSteem
@happyvoter and Happy Voter Token
@surfermarly and Blockchain Surfers
@gsb-token and GSB Token
@rmsbodybuilding and rmsfitness
@ngc and Official NGC Shittoken
@kr-fund and FUND
@beggars and Marketplace Token
@riseofth and Dtrade token reward traders
@grid9games and Grid9games
@ddaily and DDaily Token
@umkim and YESJAM
@perfspot and PE
@tipu and tipU Profit Sharing Token
@madeyearcher and IMPACT
@successforall and TamilCharityCoin
@kennethbosak and KENNBOSAK
@solairitas and Solairitas
@smalp and Smalp
@danielsaori and Dust
@wonka and Wonka Bar
@promisteem and PROMISTEEM
@danbain and FUTFUTS
@exhaust and EXHAUST
@curating and Curating Token
@mustard-seed and Cafe
@ionlysaymeep and MEEP
@steem-myanmar and Myanmar Steemit Community Token
@dcommerce and YADDY
@steemillu and STICK
@teamcn-fund and Newbies Coin
@msp-active and MSPactive
@meno and helpie
@solnamu and Orange Token
@anthonyadavisii and SteemFlagRewards
@yesinfo and YES
@josephsavage and Savage Crypto
@actnearn and Actnearn
@kryptogamers and Krypto Gamers Token
@mykos and Bitcoin MYK
@steemtaskr and Steemtaskr Token
@naha and Book and Writing
@cupz and Cupz Token
@seo-boss and Unique
@skintoken and Skin Token
@virus707 and JJM Trophy
@shadowspub and SHADE
@asshole and Asshole Tokens
@beggars and Rare
@beggars and FUTURE
@ausbitbank and AusBits
@greencross and Music Token
@freedomex KPOP Korean PoP Music Token
@usdone and USDONE
@epicdice and Epic Token
@bleepcoin and Bleepcoin
@tradingideas and Super Star Coin
@x6ix and Academic Nexus
@stach and Stach
@y-o-u-t-h-m-e and YBT Profit and Distribution Token
@dumitriu and ReSteem
@marabara and ELW
@v4vapid and DELVE
@cleanplanet and Clean Token
@blanchy and Satoshis Treasure Token
@steemchatlive and Chicken
@lasseehlers and LASSE
@savagelifestyle and Savage Coin
@steemitri and ManneQoin By Steemitiri
@madmagazine and Mad Magazine
@comedyopenmic and Comedy
@vidyen and Dandolonian Copper Piece
@ugos and UgOs
@wehmeon and Smart Media Token
@fantasyisland and Island

See you there!


interesting concept.. let's see what you do with it

Thanks! I love SHADE. Great to see you are over there and thanks for the SHADE.

Did you know that there is a @STICKStore for the Stick? It's a shop from @STEEMillu - a German speaking magazine about our Blockchain. I hope we can manage this "shop" in English, too, as soon as possible. If you like w can get in contact to each other and i provide you with more infos, if everything is set up for the English version of the STICKStore. You also find me @ Discord: powerpaul#9718

Greetings & thank you for your article/overview!

To view or trade BEER go to

Hey @powerpaul, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Great to hear tell us more about it in our Token Town discord!

Great to hear tell us
More about it in our
Token Town discord!

                 - tokentown

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Two new tokens sense last night!
Join us: @dachcolony & @vimm

Cool stuff! Already in there, is there a role for token owners too?

At the moment it's based on the # of balances you have, but we do create a channel for your token!
edit: Created roles for token owners!

Cool stuff! Already
In there, is there a role for
Token owners too?

                 - swapsteem

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks you for promote token.I give you 100 RST for this ideea.
Here is Token information :

Here is Token information for holders:

I think a coin for help resteem work will give a good signal for new and old people on

Thanks for all ! Follow me! @dumitriu

RST Token.jpg

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Thanks for RST Token!

The 3rd most drunken liquid on the world is beer and therefore we have the BEER token.

During promotion time, everybody may use the BEER tipping function with the with !BEER at any comment to send a freebeer aka Freibier to the Steemian where you comment on. You need to have at least 10 BEER in your virtual fridge.

Keep in mind that BEER is still cheap at the moment and that the Freibier will end at some day.

Wow, @detlev sounds like BEER Token is one of the more drunken tokens!
Love the concept of tipping beer . Looking forward to seeing you in the channel!

To view or trade BEER go to

Hey @tokentown, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

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Hi tokentown the SHADE tokens are on the way.
Thanks for sharing SHADE
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"CoindelDorado" is a Steem engine token, which allows you to buy art with a "ne gusta", follow us in @coindeldorado, and for each vote and share you make, you will receive CDD in your steem keychain wallet.

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