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The Steem Engine team (@harpagon, @yabapmatt, @aggroed) are thrilled to report that the Decentralized Exchange is now open for business! Check out NOW!

Special thanks go to @asgarth for building the market UI on the website!!!

What is a decentralized exchange?

A Decentralized EXchange (DEX) is an exchange that allows users to buy and sell different tokens on an open market without a central authority. You may already be familiar with some decentralized exchanges such as BitShares, Stellar, and even the internal STEEM/SBD market. On Steem Engine, the DEX facilitates trades between any of the tokens that have been created on the Steem Engine platform and the STEEM token.

What's the benefit?

Instant liquidity! Anyone who creates a token on the Steem Engine platform is immediately able to have those tokens available for trading against STEEM. You don't have to beg an exchange or pay a listing fee. They just get listed automatically!

This means that it's easier than ever to tokenize your project and sell your token for crypto with established value!

How does it work?

Since Steem Engine is not a part of the core Steem blockchain code, it cannot trade the STEEM token directly. Instead all Steem Engine tokens will be traded against a token that is pegged to STEEM called STEEMP.

You can convert your STEEM to STEEMP by transferring STEEM to the @steem-peg account with a specific memo, and then you can use it to trade for other Steem Engine tokens on the market. Similarly, you can at any time withdraw your STEEMP back to STEEM by publishing the appropriate transaction to the Steem blockchain. There are simple Deposit and Withdraw options on the Steem Engine Website which will allow you do this easily.

Unlike pegged coins like Tether, you can always easily verify that enough STEEM is held in the @steem-peg account to back all of the STEEMP tokens issued on Steem Engine. This is exactly the same as how the Steem Anchor project works to list STEEM and SBD on the Stellar exchange, for example.

What's the cost?

All trades on the Steem Engine DEX are free, with no fees of any kind, although you will need to have enough Resource Credits available in your Steem account to publish the transaction.

Separately, there will be a 1% fee on all STEEM deposits and withdrawals for the service of providing a bridge between STEEM and STEEMP. This fee, in addition to selling ENG to create new tokens, will be used to fund the ongoing development of the platform.

How do I use the DEX?

Go to and click on Market. The top tokens in volume will be shown on the left and you can click on the one you are interested in trading. Additionally, on the wallet or token list view there is a trade icon that you can click on to go directly to the market view for that token.

Once on the market view for the specific token you wish to trade, you can see bid/ask information, recent trades, a depth chart, and enter your own buy or sell transactions to trade that token against STEEM.

Additional Updates

We have also added a "metadata" property to each token on the platform which will allow the token creator to associate arbitrary data with their token in JSON format. This is very similar to the "json_metadata" property currently available on Steem accounts.

The "url" property, which was previously at the top level, has now been moved into the "metadata", and the Steem Engine website will also check for the "icon" property for a URL of an icon image to display alongside each token (64x64 recommended size, minimum 24x24, SVG file type recommended), and a "desc" property for a short description of each token.

To update the metadata for a token through the website, you must be logged in as the account that created the token and then you should see an edit button at the bottom of the token info popup.

What's the best way to log in?

We suggest logging in with the Steem Keychain browser extension. Keychain is a free and open source browser extension designed by @yabapmatt and @aggroed and programmed by the man who made Steem-Plus, @stoodkev. You can easily and securely manage multiple Steem accounts and never have to worry about copying and pasting your keys again. Keychain is integrated with an ever growing number of Steem-based websites and dapps that you will be able to use with just a click of a button! For more information or to install the extension, please see the following links:

While in Keychain you can see the tokens you own in your wallet!

Questions & Feedback

If you have any questions, ideas, feedback, etc about the new DEX or the Steem Engine project in general, you can check out the FAQ or get in touch with us on the Steem Engine Discord Server.

Be sure to follow @steem-eng on Steem for future updates and announcements!

Happy trading!

PS there some ENG on the market at a small discount to celebrate today. If you're looking to make tokens today's a great day to pick some up!


I have recently powered up over 3500 steem, i hope i have choosen a good time to do it!, i know SMT have been in the pipeline for a long time so congrats on making it happen!

charts look pretty good for us right now!

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Nailed It...

Congrats guys! Great leaps forward for Steem!

It's a great tool. Yes. Not sure it's actually a leap.

It's up to projects to actually use them well... otherwise there will have been ZERO leaps. Not even a step. It'll be just a screwdriver on a table doing nothing. But i hope it does end up being a great leap.

Perhaps better analogy is: It's a solid trampoline... we'll see if anyone actually uses it to jump on and get some air.

I definitely like the concept.
Too bad a lot of these Steem based tokens aren’t willing to use it.... :(

Congrats that a big achievement. Keep up the good work. I hope I can figure it out :)

Upvote gif meme.gif

congratulations guys

congrats, great to see it launched!

good stuff, STEEM , onward and upward , baby !

Looks like some of these are going pretty far upward. hahahahaahaha


Oh the joys of a new market with little volume... those market caps are just silly. I sure hope no self respecting person quotes any of these market caps for reals for a long time. Not until there is actual volume and it's proven it's by multiple users and not a manipulated volume. Right now it may be best to just hide that "market cap" column because it makes the project look bad.

Great initiative guys! Keep it going.

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Made my own steem engjne token and I'm happy you have this progress. Thanks!

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Will you have password recovery? Any brain key's I should know about?

Oh its a steem login!

This is great! Steemit and Steem need more of these kinds of projects to keep growing! Glad people are working on these thing that will benefit the whole community and is value!

Fantastic possiblities to trade all those coins. Great UI too, very professionally looking. I placed my first orders. Everything runs very smoothly. :-)

unbelievable ... if you quit supporting steemcleaner i might actually like you someday ... :p

all lol aside, you two seem to be on everything everywhere here ... i was slightly shocked to see you don't hold to neutrality in a position like that ... before i get some death squads on my arse again over a misunderstanding hahah

... i'm surprised you and the matt didnt take over steemit itself by now, you might have missed your chance last new year ...


in the meantime, everyone who actively ups the steem-price can hardly be the enemy :p

... (i dont read or reply much lately so i probably will miss any reaction to it, might last a few more months ... hopefully by then steem is at $15 again)

cathublogo.png (not really i got gfx apps that run on windows only and ofcourse directx is still the only reason to keep a windows pc around but it was funny at the time of take-over ...)

gud then ... good luck , this time don't stop at the moon and tell the fat fish to hold the premature ejaculation, even after a year of nothing so they don't dump it back to 0.20 cents in one streak.

You're in a position where the might listen while me i'm just a pointless shady cat walking by himself, right :p


much obliged, i hope i put the right comment in queue now, my head ainnt screwed on right in a few weeks

That's cool... I should try it .. I'm not sure yet about the disadvantages I hear about DEX once in a while from people.. there are some negative experiences too I suppose..
maybe we should talk about that too..


Great work @aggroed! Another evidence that group of good guys are better in doing things than Steemit Inc.
<3 <3 <3

This! Although they are indeed more focused on the survival currently :D

Awesome work. I can see a lot of project using this.

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So we can create our own tokens and trade it?

Yes. And a lot more because these can be smart contracts.

Hi @cardboard is there a possibility of tokenizing tipping?

More like tokenizing @tipu ;)

Exactly, I think it will encourage a tipping culture for this platform.

I just used it to buy some engine and steem monster tokens using keychain and also used to buy 1 of their tokens

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This is cool. Thanks @Aggroed and Co.

Please, how do I know my ENG token balance????


I’m gonna create NathanMars token :)

Amazing that steem has its own DEX now

What's plan for STEEMP - will you eventually offer this on other exchanges to make getting into the ecosystem easier?

I am so glad to be a part of this amazing Blockchain.

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This is a real revolution in blockchain technology!!

Its really worth celebrating.. Congratulations everyone.

Who determines the opening prices of coins on the market?

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First seller?

I figured when a coin was listed it would have a sell price. I guess I’ll have to wait for the project owners to start selling.

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It doesn't need to be the project owner, any first seller will determine the opening price.

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Excelente trabajo en beneficio de la comunidad de steemit. ¡Fortalecimiento y crecimiento!.

I don't see an option to withdraw steem. I can transfer Steemp to another account but not convert them to steem.

Edit: nevermind...I see it.

incredible project, just fail to create a site like steemit

Pretty cool stuff.

good stuff!amazing!

Exciting to see this come completely to fruition! The ecosystem continues to grow and now creating value for projects seeking liquidity. This is definitely a great leap forward for the community. Thanks for the efforts!

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Market looks nice... but my question is... which of these tokens are not crap? haha

When can we sell HUNT token goddammit?

I know it is not likely I will get a reply, but I'll try anyway.

I was asked to register for a PalNet airdrop so as to pass it on for a good cause. I tried. I finally got to the stage, as in the image, but cannot find a way to get the tokens in my account...but it says I succeeded!

Can you think of anything I can do? (I could not use your Keychain, even though I have registered and have a pw, as I stopped using Firefox and my new broswer is not included as compatible)

at first, I got this and clicked on the ID number (I have removed a few numbers, just in case I should keep this private)

Your transaction is on the way! Here is the ID of the transaction: xxxxxdedcb1ef29cce14bf81xxxe0739xxxdfx

I got this:

...and now? How do I complete the action?

This is awesome! I'm going to have to step up my projects.

You guys are churning out amazing stuff fast!

fantastic ! with this more developers can come on steem chain and have the fundraising coding and system outsource to this. They can focus on the product developments. steem on !

🚀 🌕

Moon your steem everyday ! Instant Dividend payout after every game - FREE 100 steemies for new signups

Great work from devs

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i am great grand happy ♥

Could you do an asset backed token like an STO?

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Why charge a fee for deposits? That does not incentivize the usage of the DEX. May I suggest waving the fee after a certain amount? Or better yet only charge for withdrawals?

Hello, is there a way to earn your Freex tokens?

@aggroed , that looks all very nice AND diplomatically designed not to start a war with @blocktrades :) i guess that's why you people are on top of that-is-how-it's-done-land here ...

I'd personally have more need for something i can peg if i want to translate @goldmanmorgan in an external bit but since that gets value from votes i'd need to issue as the pool increases i suppose ... thing is the values are kept 25 digits deep (like below the equiv of 1 steem) and the coinage is divided down to 8 digits ( a bit like the original BTC satoshi) so i'd need like 1 zound of morgantin to have 1 coin and not quite sure how all that would translate to the tokens (ive been running morgan for about four or five months since before they announced SMT's here)

but i think ...

i'll just find someone on discord if and when applicable (b/c for all i see i can just keep using morgan, the problem is if one of steemnazis bots suddenly decides after a year that it's spam or repetitive content i am absolutely SCREWED ... (steemnazis is not my friends)

and then see ..

and hope the response is a bit better than it was on steemdevs ...

dont bother replying here, i barely take notice anymore and i dont think i will for a few months to come, but just saying, maybe more like thinking out loud in a keyboard equivalent. I'm sure it will evolve anyway. I'll see what i see from uphere on my hot tin roof first and who comes up with ways to "hack it" (in a good sense) in ways no one thought of before :p
kudos and
the moon aint far enough ...

Nice Post. You have a good understanding of STEEM. thanks for sharing.

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"HOLY SMART CONTRACT, BATMAN!" that's great! Sounds really good! ;D

me intereso mucho el tema soy un pricipiante en steem y de seguro seguire leyendo temas como este a pesar de mi confucion en algunas cosas estoy seguro que pronto tendre equilibrio y buena comprencion del tema

Congratulations. What a great mind

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As always, another solid release and step forward for the Steem community @aggroed looking forward to the contest winners being announced for the business plan contest as well :) hopefully I get to make a few tokens on the platform this year. Solid work!

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Pretty cool :-D Congratulations on your launch! You I finally have a good excuse to try out the Steem Keychain as well!

You are constantly delivering great products for the Steem economy and this Dex is another great tool for all kinds of businesses and trades.
When does the Steemmonster Booster Packs will be available to trade?

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On Friday we are going to interview aggroed in the discord of @rutablockchain, you are invited

Great. This is really great to hear about the new development.

Steem to the moon

I've already traded and bought some extra SUFB (Sue Facebook) tokens from @apshamilton

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and what are they used for?

They represent a share in the investment pool for @jpbliberty 's class action law suit suing Facebook and Google for their anti-competitive bans on crypto related advertising last year.

Full details here..

Wow interesting thanks

Wow you guys really got it going on thanks for this great addition to the steem blockchain

Wow you guys really got it going on thanks for this great addition to the steem blockchain

Congrats3d_characters__items44-1280x800.jpg for great achivemeant

this is serious awesome work guys

If you don't know what this is - this is huge :D

Its very appreciatable....

Another day, another step!

Great work. That was fast. Keep grinding Agg. I used Steem Keychain yesterday for the first time. I really like how it looks and how easy it is to use.

“Every man lives by exchanging.”
― Adam Smith

Looks very cool! Keep up the good work guys!

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Awesome news

I have been unable to make buy order, keep getting error that says missing active authority then my user name. Tried multiple times, is it a glitch or something I'm not getting

ok I found the correct key now

Looks awesome, I will check it out! 🤑

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Ahh this is going to make things a lot easier.

I'm selling, but no one seems to buy yet.

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It is something I will try in the coming weeks...

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This is so awesome guys, really happy that this is happening. lots of great things happening on steem. #hashkings #canna-curate

Is there plans for a bitshares like owner market fee? Where a certain % of each buy is taken from the buyer and is in holding for owner to collect it.

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Congrats to the team and hope to see.some. great things.

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Felicitaciones tremendo post

This is exciting stuff. I can’t wait to try this. Thanks for your hard work and super cool developments.

!gif You rock!

The discord link in steem-engine website is showing unavailable, please change that,so that everyone can join thorough that link @aggroed

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Another remarkable development on the steem blockchain from the dedicated genuises of the steem community.

Who say’s steem is a nobody coin? They should onboard on steem to the fast development.

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Is this legit? If so how do I get some SMTTs?

It is legit. Please contact me on Discord if you're interested in investing.

Just messaged you.

Also interested in this and how the alpha and beta tokens will work for unopened packs. Very excited to see this :D

More information about the Dark Energy Crystals token will be coming out over the next month or so. As for the alpha and beta pack tokens, we will simply be representing unopened packs as tokens so that they may be traded more easily on the Steem Engine market.

So if I buy a beta pack it will show up as a token on Steem Engine? Is that working now or is a future update needed?

This is planned to be in a future update, hopefully within the next couple of weeks. You will likely need to deposit / withdraw your packs into the equivalent steem engine tokens like you need to do with STEEM right now to trade on the market.

This is exciting. Now if only they would fill my order.

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very good job....

Hi @aggroed and @yabapmatt, thank you for the great news! I have a suggestion. Currently private keys are shown without further confirmation which can be dangerous. Hope private keys can be hidden by default as follows:

See the detailed suggestion here:


If anyone has some trash tokens meant for testing, ill appreciate some.

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Oh , my god!!
Thank You for your information .

This is so interesting!

Nice upgrade to steem community

Cute, I wish I was working on a project that requires a different token.

It really a good job at steemit , keep it up

Looks great! good luck

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