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RE: Token Town: A Place To Discover And Talk About Your Favorite Steem Engine Token!

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Did you know that there is a @STICKStore for the Stick? It's a shop from @STEEMillu - a German speaking magazine about our Blockchain. I hope we can manage this "shop" in English, too, as soon as possible. If you like w can get in contact to each other and i provide you with more infos, if everything is set up for the English version of the STICKStore. You also find me @ Discord: powerpaul#9718

Greetings & thank you for your article/overview!


To view or trade BEER go to

Hey @powerpaul, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Great to hear tell us more about it in our Token Town discord!

Great to hear tell us
More about it in our
Token Town discord!

                 - tokentown

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