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Hello Steemians,

Before you start reading this post, please pay attention to what @lauram @gowealth @akdx and others are doing. I do not give votes in people's comments if I observe that they have not read the post. In the first post (link below) you can see what happened. Almost everyone who struggled to write something positive is with 8, 10 upvotes because I really want to teach you sharing my life and I have very little time I have for it because I really have a busy schedule. There is a very important question in this post and:

Please pay attention to what I asked for in the post that will be very important in what I intend to pass on to everyone on a positive and positive mindset. I really want you all to understand the true spirit of networking and a union between everyone who comments on my posts. I told you not to vote for yourself. I also asked you to vote for everyone who made positive comments. Please understand that it costs nothing and if everyone votes among themselves we can create a community where everyone will always be receiving more votes. No matter how much you have of Steem Power, what matters is the attitude, change the mindset so that everything can flow genuinely. This generates respect and unity and as a consequence financial prosperity and perhaps true friends in the future. This is one of the keys to building an honest network between all of us.

I see many small accounts right now selling their STEEM tokens and wondering if they are not understanding what is going on. The price of STEEM right now says buy ten times over, selling is simply put a very bad idea right now.

Believe me when I say, right now is the best time to be active on STEEM. At these prices you are collecting so many STEEM tokens you are literally growing faster than you ever have before. Think about how many STEEM tokens were mined through content when STEEM was just a few cents, you are being given that opportunity right now.

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I also wanted to ask you something:
Buy or Sell?
-Let me know on the comments below

I often talk about opportunity because that is what life is all about, it’s about recognizing them, knowing when they are in front of us and taking that leap. That is precisely what I’m doing at this moment, because I want my words to also be followed by action.

Instead of feeling worried about the price, today I decided to buy more tokens. As the saying says, putting the example first. I realize it’s not easy or possible for everyone to buy some at the moment, but maybe it's possible to stay put, to not sell and get to work.

All markets are cycles and this applies not only to cryptocurrencies but all markets in general. We have been on a negative market for almost this whole year, many of the weak projects have already lost interest, but STEEM still remains. This should give us an indication that we have made the right choice by participating of this blockchain.

With the new things on the horizon, the creation of @steem-ua, the upcoming SMTs, all of us should be excited, not sad because of the value today, the opposite, enthusiastic of wait waits around the next corner.

So my friends, don’t let fear take over your right now. Continue to work on your network, continue to work on your blog, you will be grateful you did very soon.

Follow @chbartist and resteem these posts if you like them. The content and conversations could be valuable to someone else, even if you don't know that person.

Wishing you all the best



I'm nothing but a minnow but I have invested great time and effort to build my feed... so not ready to give up on it... I decided when the down trend started not to pay attention anymore to the prices... not what I earn, not what steem cost... no nothing... everyone says is a good accumulation time.. I honestly cannot invest... but at least I try not to hant or stop... my time is more limited, but I haven't given up on this. I see things I don't like, and sorry if I'm bold and say the use of bidbots is not something I entirely approve (or maybe I'm a romantic naive and I find the satisfaction of having grown organicallym but that was my free personal choice) still not preaching or judging, just addressing the fact that this is a harsh moment, for all of us... will this be zero and all our efforts vain... are we ready for a deep dive? I'm not really good at diving I may say, or hold my breath... but I feel the gasp of fresh air will come, and so I thrive.

Just so you know, I'm building a frontend that filters out any promoted posts giving a trending feed back to organically trending content. There's also a bit more emphasis on vote amount rather than stake only.

Hopefully other devs will follow suite and there'll be multiple options for people in the future, who wish not to spend their precious free time scrolling through promoted content. They shouldn't be forced to, that's my opinion.

I think promotion would not be a bad thing if they were promoting meaningful things, I mean you make a release, why not promoting it? but not as for the abuse just for the sake of "mining" with almost any shitpost they want to send to trend... I feel very proud the community sent me there once... organically... I cannot say I will never used them... maybe sometime I think I have something significant of the inversion but the abuse makes it almost like a bad thing to be there... and certainly gives a dismal front-face to the platform to outcomers surfing in

"I think promotion would not be a bad thing if they were promoting meaningful things" - Well that's just bad for business, sadly. It's been that way since the start of promotion bots and that's why I'm finally trying to at least make staying an option for myself by building an alternative view into Steem blockchain. I rather not look at trending anymore and that's a very bad sign for the longevity of this platform if change doesn't happen.

Steem has been a joke as a content platform, and those who are having doubts about it just take a look at our trending to confirm it. And even worse, the trending makes our own good content creators feel worse also. There's so many negative aspects about it but because it's very profitable, it does not matter. Short term profits over everything else, that's how the world runs around us, Yidneth.

Sorry for late reply, took a little vacation :)

I agree with you, I actually hate the bidbots!! Keep in there the price of steem was much lower not so very long ago!!

Hi @yidneth do not think about who you are now. Do not underestimate yourself. Keep calm and continue the way you can. It's not important what you are now, it's important what you will be and it depends on the way you see yourself. Go ahead of the mirror, look at you and you'll see how important you are. Regards

Yes indeed. Nothing is better than the positive attitude.

Thank you For Giving A Valuable Knowledge @chbartist I Think Success is a dynamic term which means different things to different people. The definition of success is very personal as each person carves for themselves, their own meaning of the word. This is as a result of the different definition of success to different people.
There are different aspects of life in which people crave to succeed in, on a daily basis. To some people, their utmost priority is to make more money than they already have, possibly achieve that millionaire dreams of theirs. Some want a happy family, yet others crave fame and power. There are others still, whose only ambitions are career or academic success.

Identifying what you want goes a long way in paving the path towards success. In a nutshell, success simply means achieving set goals. Setting goals help you eliminate what is unnecessary and helps you focus on what really matters.
Thank You.

Do not underestimate yourself. Keep calm and continue the way you can. It's not important what you are now, it's important what you will be .
Very encouraging.

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*What matters is the math! The more Steem Power I hold the better for everyone in the community!

  1. HODL Steem Power
  2. Upvote posts I like
  3. Resteem posts I like
  4. Make positive comments (upvote if I want)
  5. Post my own content (upvote if I want)
  6. Continue to post whatever I want and upvote whatever I want (including myself)as long as I upvote others more than myself.
  7. HODL all proceeds in Steem Power for 5-10 years depending on market conditions and the success of the Steem Platform.

@chbartist I guess you are forgetting to take into account the background of the people selling. Not everyone is well set up in real life. And that miserly 80cents can buy a decent meal for the broke African steemer. Its all a matter of perspective.
If anyone is okay financially I would suggest they buy up more steem. If not, can't really blame them.

My 2 cents.

Welcome dear @chbartist and all friends here! I have seen that with the low price of Steem, my earning is increasing in comparison to the time when price was high. My aim is to increase my SP as much as possible. I don't upvote my own posts because I think it is wise to share voting power with the fellow steemians. Also, I don't upvote any post or comment if my voting power is less than 85% as voting at low voting power cannot make much impact. What is the harm if I wait for my VP to recover? My aim is not to earn curation rewards as no minnow can become rich by earning curation rewards only. Healthy voting power, healthy voting weight and better strategy can make any minnows' post profitable. This should be our aim. We can help each other if we have better interaction and understanding.
Also, this is the best time to invest in Steem. Low price can be profitable in future.

While I understand...I'm not going to judge or call someone "crazy" for selling...we all have a break whole crypto portfolio is decimated...I'm not a trader....have held for a few years....I question regularly if I should just "cash out" what I have in case it all evaporates....something is better than nothing?

But...I hang in as I have over the many major pot holes I have driven over the years in this crypto space since I want to believe I will be rewarded in time hanging in there....

As far as Steemit goes....I did add some more in a while back...of I shake my head as its dropped dramatically lower....and came very close to cashing out my Steem yesterday as I have been discouraged on how hard it has been to add followers...receive up-votes or any money reward....but again...I've learned not to let discouragement be my guide...keep reading inspirational thoughts like this article...stay hopeful and do my best to "enjoy the bumpy ride".....

so ... more the holes are part of the road. you have to know handle it. this is something that soon will improve, so even if you can have some discouragement don't let Tuck. remember this market this is that ... hikes and low ... we are in low ... means that soon come rising. :)

Steem was always good to me, I have never invested money in steem and today I almost have 14000 steem. I also bought some other crypto currencies with my steem, which at the current prices are still over a $1000. I think that is good going for just posting daily, I am not a big earner, but has built up over the past 2 years. The best is that I enjoy posting my articles, for which I receive money, this too me is a win-win situation!! Keep on going.

I was thinking that SBD was more important than steem token, because the token is volatile in nature. But I never knew why you never sold your token until this post. Now I know better. Thanks for the enlightenment, But the question is @chbartist "How do you buy when you don't have enough steem?".

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I bought more steems in recent times. I know the market is low but I believe it will go up you need to hold the coins as much as possible. Everyone has to be patient, I know it's difficult and people get nervous and end up even attacking each other because of the situation. I know it's frustrating, but we have to try to preserve the respect and I've found it to help a little at the moment is to vote for the hardworking people and ask them to vote in the comments of others but in comments that have the least effort. I believe we can hold out for a few more months and watch the token go up. Imagine who bought bitcoin for 20k in December. These people really should be having a mountain of problems. What I can assure you right now is that everyone should try to help each other. Regards.

I will help out as much as I can

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I'm so motivated to keep going on but also I need grow in order to help others and my self, and I have to do it with hands, posting and trying my post be good and get attention, I see people talking about buy steem, it is something I want to do but I can't, I have no money for it so I have just to trust in the system and find a way to earn with it, without other help than people and some curation trails...

And about it I want to ask... What you think about trails? Are they good for grow up here or limiting the vote you can to do by your self limit to the possibility to create a own network?

Honestly if you read the last two posts I wrote I am trying to show beyond living teachings to alert people that the most important thing is for them to vote on each other's comments because it costs nothing and everyone distributes the income with their independent votes of the SP that you have. I always vote for people who dedicate a little of their effort to comment on something that is simply: Good Post, Amazing, etc. .. These are people for me who want to make money effortlessly. I also do not like voting on who votes on your own comment. Thank you very much for following and for your comment.

Buy or Sell?
-Let me know on the comments below

I would to choose buy. I am buying steem I am happy to buy with low price. Today I bought 9.57 Steem. You can check in my transaction.

I told you not to vote for yourself. I also asked you to vote for everyone who made positive comments

I normally do not upvote on comments because my SP is very low and it will trun to dustvote if no others upvote.

With the new things on the horizon, the creation of @steem-ua, the upcoming SMTs, all of us should be excited, not sad because of the value today, the opposite, enthusiastic of wait waits around the next corner.

I believe in @steem-ua and I already delegated 200 SP and 50 more SP will delegate soon.

I very much like the way you are trying to get people to engage more on a community level, it is frustrating when you are new around here, and spend so much time reading other peoples work and leaving meaningful comments only to be ignored 3/4 of the time. The 1/4 of the time you do get engagement it is highly rewarding don't get me wrong- this is not a complaint, merely an observation as a minnow. I've just kept doing it, joined some discord groups, have now been invited onto a couple of steemit projects, and it's all working out, but that engagement for minnows is so vital. I can see how many would be disheartened, and a big smile drew across my face as I was reading your blog, as you are clearly on of the higher up profiles around here and are actively trying to get people to be a bit more community oriented. Much respect.

Now is a great time to be blogging with the price so low, as well as investing, unfortunately i do not have the funds to invest, but most certainly a great time to be earning on steemit, it could be even more disheartening for a minnow who puts in a lot of work, to then see those funds plummet if it were the other way around right now. If you put the work in now you will reap the benefits long term.

I think possible though you have crypto literate people on here who would understand the waves, but i suppose many people join steemit and the crypto side is fairly new, rookie errors, but again blogs like this shed some light on that.

Steemit works on proof of brain concept but it is not a real PoB platform. Lots of people don't bother to read a post but we cannot blame them. This platform is not like Facebook where we can interact easily. Also, many people don't find it easy to read long posts but for voting purpose long posts are preferred. These are shortcomings which can be addressed. What we need is to make efforts.

Agreed, it's almost like it could go either way at this point, well there is no issue with it being both, and it is down to us to make more of a community of it. Almost been here a month now and i have stumbled into a few projects which are driving this ideal, and i am very happy to be a part of :)

steem wil soon moon

Hi, which discord channels do you suggest to join?

So far I have joined Curie, MinnowBooster, Partiko and PAL and the other two have been invited into off the back of my blogs, but the others are really great for interacting, blog exposure, helpful information especially for newbies. I only set discord up 3 days ago so there are lots of groups I am yet to find, but start with those :)

Maybe you can paste a invite link here for discord so that @lucyho and others can join.

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Thank you for the info but how can I join those discord groups?


They will expire after 24 hours

I can't seem to find an invite link on the PAL group so i think i was invited into that one too. But just from talking to people, commenting on other's blogs, people having a look at mine, engagement has been the key to getting into other groups.

I did find discord a bit confusing when i joined, but once you've set it up, the little robot icon thing on the top left corner is the link to your profile, directly under it what whole column will be filled with icons of groups you join, so you click on the plus symbol to join and enter the links, or you can click directly on the links if you've already got discord on the go and just wait until you are accepted.

if you have a discord account, that's a start. Then most people/projects will link the discord at the top of their blog or embedded in a post. Join the servers for projects you like. Most of the ones I follow are for live-streaming.

I found discord a bit confusing, many of the invites are expired. I tried with the Steemit school in summer when I was up early, but it was a bit time consuming.


They will expire after 24 hour

I see, thanks, I’m in a completely different time zone

It's hard to be nice I guess...You know, 5 years ago I had a facebook page with almost 50 thousands followers and I always replied to every questions, even the annoying ones...

Just keep on going, go look at my wallet to see what I have built up, without investing money, I am also not a trending writer, but the value builds up over time!!

That's great how did you build up so much.
Any strategy you are willing to share

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I would say consistency did the trick, I try to do at least one post a day and 2 posts on some days. In the beginning, I powered up everything I received!! I also vote for all comments on my posts, to try and get loyal followers!!
Thank you for the question.

Thank you for read and your words! @myindigoinsight

I read your whole post,you don't upvote the comments,its ok sir,your post is so valuable,now a days steem price more going down everyone so sad,and sale the steem tokens,you are right steem rate going up soon as soon,everyone invest money in steem tokens,thanks for sharing your great post,

Stay calm. @asadchughtai Steem Up, Keep your steems

With the low price of Steem, now is definitely the time to buy. Steemit has much potential and it is a matter of time before the price of Steem increases again.

It's time to buy. Definitely on the right track with the @steem-ua and the SMT protocols. I think were are in the calm before the storm once these DApps can start on-boarding users and implementing their own tokens. A lot of people are also pretty excited about hivemind but I haven't done research into that, just know that's on its way too.

Cool post, like the intentional conversation development.

This is a no brainer... it's buy time! The buy time is a bit extended this year, due to a chain of factors. But, selling is not so worth encouraging at this point in time. I doubt if Steem will dip far below 50 cents this year so, why sell now? Buy now and sell at $2 or $3 for some reasonable profit on your money, is the wise way to go for those with funds.

I'm broke trying to raise any useful app, if not I'd have bought a couple of hundreds myself. If my posts get good upvotes, I'll see what they can raise me for this year. With investment proceedings based on returns of this year, I should be ready to make my first Steem buys next year (around this time and season). I hope to get better dip next year!

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I am not sad like others. because, its our time. I mean Buy time. Steem goes down, but after going down it will be up hopefully. Because-

  • Generally, Joy comes after full of pains.
  • According to market analysis its buy time.
  • Logically Its not a bad time for steemitian.
    That is why your ideas are very perfect in this moment

Selling is simply very bad idea right now.
Buy steem ten times over.
Best time to be active on steem.
Decide to buy more tokens.

Thank you @chbartist! for those ideas.

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Thank you! Buy Down, Sell Up!

Yes brother. Now I need more steem tokens.

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precisely it's time from investing ... either buying (if you have money) or publishing. I see that there are now more rewards and it's time to take advantage of post more ... when the currency up again really reward ... planting now for in the future have fruits multiplcados! :)

continues to promote good advice. what you have a great day! ;-)

Good day blesses-girl

@chbartist sir your guidelines are very straightforward and full of boost. I think you always try to teach us about all the metadata which is really important to us. Your every post and article brings some indications and good directions for us. But sometimes people doesn't read the posts carefully and just become of "lost something good navigations"

There are many of the folks who only passed a week on steemit of sign up, and they ask why i'm not getting upvotes ? why i'm not getting STEEM or SP ? they comment below the posts like some glitchy stuff and interrogations.

Steemit is a really good platform as successful people says. There are lots of profiles and successful faces on steemit from where we can really learn and grab some really useful methods and stuffs from them. And i think you are one of them dear sir @chbartist

You wrote a really good thing above in your post that we ought to make some good friends circle or community. Often people upvotes themselves bcuz by doing this they think it will make them good in SP or REPUTATION. It could be right but just in a little bit and we are not here for just a little bit.... we all want big and more from steemit.

Sir you wrote a good another one that we need to upvote others who buids good interrogations in posts. Bcuz our upvotes always makes a community and a faithful circle.. and this is the thing we want (COMMUNITY).

And when we got friends and a good supportive community then we all grow and run swiftly on platform. There are lots of people on steemit who really appreciates good work and good workers. Bcuz they have power of analyzing the good workers and hard workers.

Dear @chbartist i really thankful of yours and your guidelines. Please keep bring these for all of us.

exactly, is good to get people who are encouraged and giving advice positive in this platform ... also helping the small fish.

This is a no brainer... it's buy time! The buy time is a bit extended this year, due to a chain of factors. But, selling is not so worth an encourage at this point in time. I doubt if Steem will dip far below 50 cents this year So, why sell now? Buy now and sell at $2 or $3 for some reasonable profit on your money, is the wise way to go for those with funds.

I'm broke trying to raise any useful app, if not I'd have bought a couple of hundreds myself. If my posts get good upvotes, I'll see what they can raise me for this year. With investment proceedings on returns of this year, I should be ready to make my first Steem buys next year (around this time and season). I hope to get better dip next year!

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Stay calm, bitcoin is the same. Wait we have 3 or 4 months to be good!

I hope and think that cryptos will pump at the end of the year! Steem is a good project but bots are killing the platform! We have to develop the steem community to succeed!😊

I'm calm! I believe in blockchain 😊

I hate the Bidbots, I believe it is against the idea of good content being upvoted!! I hope the cryptos will pump at the end of the year!!

I think you are totally right in your post. This is a community and the idea is to support others, either by voting for quality posts or advising new users. Thanks for the advice of not selling at this time, I only sold a few cents to prove how fast and reliable the system was but the rest I have been investing in my own account of Steemit, I only have $ 5 in my account hahaha but hardly I am starting, I have to continue striving to improve and generate more votes in my publications.

exact ... the best reward this in the effort ... not have to discouraged ... then comes abundance ... first much effort ;-)

Keep on steeming, like I said to somebody above, go look at my wallet, it built up over time, with no investment, and not a single trending post!!

Exactly, don't give up!

The importance of knowing the value of every investment you have made, Steemit is here for the long run, we have to be able to see the big picture and not let ourselves down just because the price is going down. This community will last and we are only just starting. Cheers bro!

If I have more free money I fill buy more steem... but just now I can just make post or look what steem makes.
But very good post...and yes I try up vote here lot users also not just me . I know if I give something back I get more then.

Definitely you will receive. "It's in giving that you receive".

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Thank you!!

Even though the price of STEEM is low, you still are paid something. And on othe big social media platforms you are paid nothing. Plus the community on Steemit is awesome. Looks like it's easy to decide to be active here or not.

Thanks for your motivation sit @chbartist
I don't sell my Steem right now because this is not good time to sell it. All market is red and going down to bear 🐻 grip this is time to hold our steem so we can stop this massive sell off. It is very important to be patient for good profit.
This is not Tim to sell this is Time to buy more steem as u can because this is sale time. After this we can not find such type of amezing deal again. For me this is time to buy more steem.
I holding my steem.

Don't forget
Just because it is knocked down, doesn't mean the game is over

The sun will rise and the darkness will over.
Bear will be trapped and Bull find it's way to cross it's ATH.

I only suggest

Hold Hold Hold

I will be buying more steem as i also think it's a bargain right now. but who really knows? all investment is a risk and i think steem is a good risk.

Well it are indeed though times on the Steem blockchain and for sure for the complete crypto market! We all know the saying that you need to buy when blood flows through the streets!
I am buying, not Steem but other coins. Coins which are already in my portfolio and in which I still have faith in. The goal is the bring down the average book price! Hoping that the risk I am taking now will pay off in the end!
And yes, being active on the Steem Blockchain is the best we can do at the moment. Only 12K active authors at the moment but the reward pool is still the same as 3 months ago!
We also need to see through the presented posting value in $. A post of $1 now, will give you more vest than a post of $4 3 months ago!

You surely know how to find some details that's is not obvious to the untrained eye. Good perspective.

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Agree, thank for your analysis

It is hightime to buy a bucket full of steem while its dipping. I really discourage everyone to sell steem right now since it is a suicidal idea. One thing is sure, soon steem will rise again that is why we need to buy steem now and in the right time we will reap the abundant harvest! I can see a better future in steem and so many other alcoins eying for the steem blockchain as their choice and this is a great news for us all steemians!

Yes, I agree now is the time to buy and to be writing posts. A $0.67 token may become a $10.00 token in the near future!! I also note that people draw all their steem no matter what the price, I think they just want to get anything they can from steemit, I think they only think steemit is a short term thing and they do not believe it will last.

I had the same thought a while ago and I was working with it.

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I had the same thought a while ago and I was working with it.

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Exactly. All the best!

I would say sell because i think the platform is growing faster then the users are being rewarded. In a nutshell, consumer confidence is low. Fundamentally, it looks good but if the platform doesnt do something about minnow support then they will lose users to weku.

Understand, but is the the market. Imagine peoples bought bitcoin 20.000 1 year ago!!! Stay calm.

There are things I don't understand yet so I will ask:

  • What makes it easy to grow a new account now if you don't buy new currency? Are your rewards higher than usual?

  • How do you buy or sell for example through PayPal. I mean with no cryptocurrency available? I've only tried exchanging SBD rewards from contests to Steem but a few tabs and passwords later I ended up increasing SP instead of buying liquid steem. Maybe my mistake.

  • Would you recommend using no bots at all?

Very valid questions! Let CHB answer these questions!

To buy or sell, go to your wallet, sell and you will use the blockchain to transfer to an exchange like binance if you want to trade for bitcoin for example.

Or you go on sell puts the amount you want to sell for example from sbd and exchange by steem for example.

You can use bots but first study each of them because in some you will lose money.

It is a wonderful idea, it will work if we all follow it

Unless you bought two years ago, selling now is nuts, why would people sell and take a huge loss? But hey I'm a gambler so my opinion shouldn't count here, I'm an all or nothing guy so I'm OK if it becomes 0...

Not related but I want to ask you a couple of questions:

Which platform do you use to post? I use esteem...

Can you suggest some discord group to join?

Any more suggestions?

I post in Steemit. About discord I don't have suggestion, you decide! regards

I dont see the market now as negative i see it as a good time for buying. If you believe in Steemit and the crypto market now is a good buying time when its on the rise sit back and take the ride. I just joined Steemit

Just a few days ago, I bought steem with fiat. I'd see this as a risk worth taking especially now that steem is experiencing a steady down trend. I'm optimistic about the future of steem, when the crypto market would experience a reasonable pump, by then, investors in steems would have a cause to smile largely.

Hi, @ chbartist
continuing downfall of crypto value is just a correction.
And it’s a right time to purchase Crypto as many as possible. Coming months we will see a drastic high in Crypto market. At that time we may not get a chance.
It thinks it’s a right time to grab coins.
And I always try to read your entire post. Every time I get one thing in common that you to help each other’s. This is a very good idea.
Thanks for sharing such good post.
Please do check my blog on ACTIFIT and upvote, give comments and resteem. I will be thankful to you all.

VERY important general advise about not losing your head in adverse conditions- as stated (and this is something people really need to start remembering) markets work in CYCLES! Persistence is the key

Good day! On my opinion we need to buy Steem. Also I think that when we sell it we making Steem price more lower. And considering that fact how many time and forses people spend to get their Steem and SP sell it I think not the best step now. But who was right in this we will know a little bit later...

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It's really a wonderful opportunity to buy more steem, just like good bargains in the supermarket.

Time to buy STEEM and SBD right now.. I also appreciate for your review. Thank you.

I joined in steemit and invest when the situation is odd. But I believe that things never be remain same. I like @chbartist because he is always remain positive and calm in all the situation. This is the spirit that we all should have. Hope and faith. Yes people are leaving let them leave. Impatient became the part of our modern Life. But we forget the perseverance bring the fruits. I believe in steem and blockchain they are revolutionary idea. And history is the witness that some idea need time to implant and people to believe. We should encourage our brothers and sisters who lack behind. I live in part of world where's no one have faith in this blockchain platform, they think it as a scam. Only negative thing I find in steemit that botting system,may be this my ignorance. For this reason many newbies are left as they can't invest and there content are not voted
Let we all come together and work as a family.👨‍👩‍👦‍👦
Thank you🤞✌️😀

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I am new to all this Crypto-Currency. But I believe a big correction may be to the American markets. This should increase the value of all crypto-currency markets including Steemit!

Nice perspective. I am equally new but we will keep our fingers crossed as it unfolds

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I am not really paying attention at the price of steem. I am still struggling to grow my account, so, probably I will worry about it later. But I do have one fear, if one day the price of steem is 0 because of certain reason. Can this happen?

Great post, very good implicit messages, but the truth is that it is hard to stay calm, too much I would say, before difficult times one usually looks for the exit closest to their problems ... is that who likes to continue in a situation adverse for a long time? Today is the dilemma of buying or selling (something that we new can not even think), tomorrow will be other challenges, the important thing is to be able to trust in the helping hand that each one of us places for the better of the community in general, without being left alone in the beautiful message and good words, but in a selfless and comfortable help for all

yeah! steem is a great project... Hodl on more... this coin is almost in sale:) nice post @chbartist

Hold hold hold
Thanks for your post
I think I am starting to understand more now
Its great to have people like you here

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Were new too. Just focusing on "getting to work".
Writing great content.
Inviting others from other social media.
Tweeting, etc.
Hoping to get to know all of you.

Hear whenever I can read your message you are very thoughtful and without animosity of just looking for votes I tell you.

Sometimes we tend to fall into postponement or fill our emergency agenda but not important things, Steem is something important in this time of the cryptocurrency and the blockchain world, so time to continue and take this opportunity @chbartist

I am a new member, and I am optimistik about the future of steemit. All we need is to produce original and quality articles, photos, videos, etc. It should not be so hard.

I agree with you this is the time to buy more steem and be more active on steemit :)

I'm new on steemit, and have very little idea on cryptocurrency, i wish i know how to buy or accumulate steem or steempower i would be doing that now. A friend said to me that this is the best time to accumulate steem. But, i do know that everything about steem and cryptocurrency will shine again, so, i am not going to give up

I'm heavily invested in Steem and will be buying more for sure this is the perfect time to get some bargain cheap Steempower!!!

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I indeed understand all of the sentiments you're bringing attention to. I'm currently itching to buy but my real world existence is making it difficult to get access to steem tokens.
It's very cumbersome to buy STEEM without having a sizable amount of bitcoin or even ethereum to push a purchase through.
I'll keep up the hopium...for now.

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What a wonderful encouragement. I cannot agree more with you when you said:

All markets are cycles and this applies not only to cryptocurrencies but all markets in general.

I'll love to add that the entirety of life itself is in cycles, like a swinging pendulum. True investors know that this is the time to amass as much Steem as possible, for the time comes soon when it'll be out of reach. Best advice: DON'T SELL; BUY MORE!

Hello @chbartist, in bad times many run away and look for other alternatives, this happens in many aspects of life, for example there are college students who change careers because they can not with some subjects and the easiest way is to look for a less difficult career. With steemit you see many inactive users who are not publishing or interacting to generate value to the chain of blocks, I firmly believe that this is the opportunity to grow for when better times come in the value of steem, success is in the constancy and effort. I can't buy because I don't have how to do it, but I will continue to publish and comment, to continue rising and generating value to my account. Congratulations and blessings.

You are right. I have also bough some STEEM now. And I hope that STEEM will rise now. It is a big risk for me to buy coins but I did as I hope for better future of STEEM.

Great time to put more effort, I agree

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I'm so motivate to keep going. I Wil waitting the best. Just be patient

i am also holding and buying steem, i think as a community and users, we ave an advantage over other crypto. we are interacting and creating content and thats a plus, this has a real daily use.

thank you so much @chbartist
I am new to it steemit its only a week or two and i really dont earn much but i never loose hope i keep posting and upvote all i could i wish steemit people could also vote for many instead of only there's so that each one could earn i really admire your post and words and would surely resteem it so that more people could read this

Yeah... wish I had some cash to buy some. I will regret not borrowing a few hundred thousand $$$$ I suppose.

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Hi @chbartist, I really appreciate your advice and guidance. As a user with a fresh new account, I don't know what I would be doing with my earned crypto if I'm not saving and holding them. I also buy the idea that this is the best time to get active on the platform so, as for me, I'll continue blogging, doing what I love and as for the value of STEEM, I'll watch it rise favouring me, favouring all of us.

Thanks a lot once more @chbartist, have a nice night.

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I do believe in the power of the network and I think that it should be taught in school. United we can achieve anything..

A good post,thanks for your sharing

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I just joined steemit so I want to be friends with you all. Greetings from me. @rahmifirdaus

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This is an encouraging post @chbartist. As for buy or sell i would say "buy" . I have 1 question though. If the common logic says "buy" , why is the price still dropping? Shouldn't it be going high instead of down?

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Amazing write-up!

congratulation your beautiful post is in trending...

I like the thought processs. I made a small purchase earlier when the price first dropped. I’m looking to possibly make another move soon. I also recently delegated some sp to actifit and @steem-ua! Steem on!

Bueno es impresionante la cantidad de gente que está metido en esto y posee una muy escasa información sobre esta cultura, más que todo sobre criptomonedas, y es lamentable la poca información y las pocas personas que están dispuesto a ayudar en informar y educar, se debe educar para un mejor funcionamiento y apoyo mutuo

@chbartist no has pensado en un plan de educación para esas personas nuevas en steemit y nuevas en el mundo de las criptomonedas ¿

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