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Title:Day Pace Tempo Run

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Vote History

AuthorTitleSBD When VotingCurrent SBDGrowth RateTime
@rmach A 1ª notícia que ouvi hoje foi: "Estas são as dez perguntas a que Sócrates terá de responder a partir de hoje" (28/10/2019)0.0150.05170.59%2019-10-28
@mcoinz79 BURN! 100% of Earned Author's Reward Sent To @null & Burned! Keep Your Curation Rewards!0.1820.84478.44%2019-10-28
@breezin Why Not Have it On The Rocks...1.29217.76892.73%2019-10-28
@gooddream London has Fallen (film) : A disappointing followup to "Olympus."26.75727.2531.82%2019-10-28
@ace108 📊 Top Level 1 commenters for 20191027, active hours and how their comments looks like (by @ace108)1.251.52317.93%2019-10-28
@taskmaster4450 Steem With A Big Jump In The China CCID Rankings9.19415.74941.62%2019-10-28
@simonjay Daily Steem Price Update 28/10/20190.8530.9712.06%2019-10-28
@tradingideas [스팀몬스터] 점점 재미있어지는 스몬2.55511.34577.48%2019-10-28
@boddhisattva St.Petersburg street view0.8082.15562.51%2019-10-28
@exyle Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is a different movie than I watched as a kid.25.57731.08317.71%2019-10-28
@boddhisattva At the countryside road0.081.293.33%2019-10-28
@denmarkguy And So, I Return to the Life of Being an Editor! (Ulog No. 45)4.6637.53138.08%2019-10-28
@abh12345 Ready for winter?27.91630.9899.92%2019-10-28
@tarazkp In 6 weeks or 60 years from now 12.30114.27113.8%2019-10-28
@rosatravels Promoting TypeEarn - Accepting TypeEarn Mentors Applications Now!0.63214.51295.64%2019-10-28
@louisthomas My Current Altcoin Holdings (Q4 2019)16.23535.72554.56%2019-10-28
@freedompoint Learning How To Put Others Before Ourselves1.381.67517.61%2019-10-28
@stephenkendal Promoting Steem as a Social Media / Media Partner? If you thought Steem was great so far, wait until this baby kicks in and people finally wake up to the mind blowing potential of Steem as a Social Media / Media Partner.!!1.0272.2955.15%2019-10-28
@cryptopie I Am Longing For Frequent Dialysis For A Much Better Well-being ⚖🩸🧹2.20515.29885.59%2019-10-28
@stephenkendal With 1,577 votes already in and less than 24 hrs into the Semi-Finals, a Massive Thanks once again to everyone for voting. (Day 1/5)1.4962.61442.77%2019-10-28
@slowwalker Peace in Mind in Daewoongjeon of Yeongwhasa Temple27.29831.51613.38%2019-10-28
@cryptopie It's My Dialysis Again At 2:30 PM And I Have To Take Some Paracetamol For My Pain Prior 💊🩸😢11.86112.3574.01%2019-10-28
@inber Challenge goes on - new inktober/drawloween art3.35410.3967.72%2019-10-28
@ocd Steem Inktober 2019 Event - Winners from Day 23 - 2511.1856.56880.24%2019-10-28
@cryptopie My Torso Feels like It Has Gonorrhea As My Painkiller Wears Off😭😢😿⛔11.51612.4127.22%2019-10-28
@silviabeneforti Painting a lot of tiny figures ^_^0.9084.09877.84%2019-10-28
@rmach Pensamentos aleatórios0.0110.12591.2%2019-10-28
@gooddream Today in History: Police try a new method of identifying people... fingerprints31.29634.7069.83%2019-10-28
@htliao My Actifit Report Card: October 28 20190.7531.35144.26%2019-10-28
@karenmckersie 🌶️🍅Color Challenge Mon."RED" Canning Homemade Salsa! ♨️0.0291.05697.25%2019-10-28
@vimm [Dev Blog] New wallet, Gems & VIMM Power, Your Feedback10.56111.3366.84%2019-10-28
@anomadsoul Planning, wanting, doubting on going to Steem Fest8.81556.76584.47%2019-10-28
@magicmonk Electrical Circuits Lesson 2: V = W / Q8.11811.31328.24%2019-10-28
@fur2002ks 뻘짓 프로젝트 제42탄~ 끝까지 간다!!7.9810.12221.16%2019-10-28
@zer0hedge “Diablo Winds” Are Ferociously Whipping “Out Of Control” Wildfires Across Vast Stretches Of Northern California1.5040.525-186.48%2019-10-28
@stephenkendal With +1,100 votes already in, I'd like to say a Massive Thanks to everyone for taking part in the Semi-Finals (Day 1 of 5).1.9482.50522.24%2019-10-28
@taskmaster4450 Cryptocurrency Is Going To Make Everyone A Whale14.63517.28515.33%2019-10-28
@wartrapa San Bartolomé desollado0.8547.02787.85%2019-10-28
@riskdebonair Brexit season 3 confirmed0.0950.10711.21%2019-10-28
@jacobtothe I Don't Pledge Allegiance0.0426.67399.37%2019-10-28
@ezzy Scratchings - Part 1 (A Halloween Special)7.3313.59246.07%2019-10-28
@karenb54 We are ready for the fitters tomorrow. They had better be on time. 😁😁3.8410.50563.45%2019-10-28
@czechglobalhosts 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - Australian Monday week #110 - the absolute winner takes 200 Steem!1.986.85671.12%2019-10-28
@gooddream My teenage addiction - R.C. cars32.28336.4511.43%2019-10-28
@jsantana Estou Animado Com a Fotografia de Arquitetura e Interiores0.0350.19281.77%2019-10-28
@yoon 다녀와서 읽는 파리 (12)0.2821.05573.27%2019-10-28
@alexvan Steemmonsters Experiment - From Zero to Hero - LI5.7577.32421.4%2019-10-28
@htliao Why I want to Attend STEEMFest 4 in Bangkok, Thailand - Help Fund My Trip with Upvotes! [The Road To STEEMFest]2.99529.36489.8%2019-10-28
@kalemandra A baby-crow, some cats and a tree4.236.35833.47%2019-10-28
@me-tarzan Hold LONG POSITION <<>> ONLINE USERS AT POLONIEX BITCOIN RESEARCH TRADING SYSTEM # 1 <<>> October 28 , 20190.1340.133-0.75%2019-10-28
@opheliafu Ride4.03811.21463.99%2019-10-28
@ace108 📊🌏中日韩龙虎榜自 20191025 - CJK Top Pending Payout Post since 20191025 (by @ace108)0.4640.84845.28%2019-10-28
@soundlegion wav-Dr. - Bonnie Legion - Fortified (Original Song)1.14511.64190.16%2019-10-28
@lichtblick Cute Red Berries Meet #Colorchallenge On Appics.1.8774.86261.39%2019-10-28
@webdeals Heavy Rain and Then..2.0137.64373.66%2019-10-28
@silviabeneforti New pocket journals and a lot of little leaves all around ^_^1.2422.24444.65%2019-10-28
@thecastle Cryptalk : Yeah, Bitcoin is going up but expect some blood first.2.047.23171.79%2019-10-28
@davidpakman Caller: Warren is Terrible on Foreign Policy4.04214.39771.92%2019-10-28
@me-tarzan NO TRADE TODAY STAY IN CASH / NEW and IMPROVED / STEEM RESEARCH TRADING SYSTEM # 5 <<>> October 28 , 20191.1691.33612.5%2019-10-28
@sunscape DailyPetPhotography ♥ RIP Whizzpurrzz ♥ by Sunscape0.3461.16970.4%2019-10-28
@milaoz Strawberry-Pineapple Smoothie🌸0.9881.78144.53%2019-10-28
@steevc Inktober 2019 Day 28 - Ride0.4180.98757.65%2019-10-28
@cervantes Podcast educativo3.0273.44812.21%2019-10-28
@maneco64 The BIS: the Bank Behind the Curtain.2.8134.02730.15%2019-10-28
@homeartpictures 11 years or 132 months or 3960 days or 95040 hours or 5702400 minutes ..... Happy ...0.6021.50159.89%2019-10-28
@future24 Vlog #186: In the Jacuzzi on the rooftop of the Dioskouroi Hotel on Crete island!0.2896.90195.81%2019-10-28

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