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@rosatravels Marathon Swimming Competition for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games0.0410.15273.03%2019-08-29
@gooddream A Futile and Stupid Gesture (film): Fantastic true-to-life comedy you really should see22.26722.9673.05%2019-08-29
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@alexvan HF21 - starting flagging5.1396.94125.96%2019-08-29
@aggroed The insanely bullish case for Steem15.35170.71678.29%2019-08-29
@htliao 「飛鴿傳書 cn-curation #362」推薦 CN 區博文:史蒂姆日记8.28 + 吃大户2.1362.80123.74%2019-08-29
@lukewearechange CNN and MSNBC really went there! MSM SECRET SAUCE Exposed0.2880.43734.1%2019-08-29
@slowwalker 5th Story Stone Pagoda in the Ruined Palace of Baekje Dynasty23.26457.83659.78%2019-08-29
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@dana-edwards Why environment is a critical variable in the pursuit of "idealized self"0.6253.76983.42%2019-08-29
@htliao My Actifit Report Card: August 29 20190.6091.25151.32%2019-08-29
@virus707 [골든티켓x트리플에이] 하드포크완료 기념 이모티콘 증정 이벤트!0.88520.1795.61%2019-08-29
@shortcut Camouflage0.1221.72392.92%2019-08-29
@havok777 Bringing Of The Life Trip0.0370.09962.63%2019-08-29
@cryptopie I Just Needed A Hot And Humid Weather For Now0.9211.94752.7%2019-08-29
@stephenkendal This is a massive shout-out to the Steem Community! CoinFestUK are reaching out for Sponsorships for their event in 2020.0.6662.93277.29%2019-08-29
@tata1 블록체인 포럼 강사를 초빙합니다.^^0.010.44497.75%2019-08-29
@lichtblick Looking For Refreshment? Hughe Sortiment Of Drinks At Bilakiss Berlin0.5381.85771.03%2019-08-29
@tata1 떡상超然 떡락可喜0.0140.44796.87%2019-08-29
@lukewearechange 🌂 On The Ground In Hong Kong! Major Development! 🌂0.0895.25798.31%2019-08-29
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@jsantana Meu Cartão de Relatório de Actifit: Agosto 29 2019 - Dia de Sol, Dia de Esperança! ☀️🏖️0.0110.15292.76%2019-08-29
@taskmaster4450 We Are Ultra Early Adopters4.09814.33571.41%2019-08-29
@future24 Vlog #169: The wonderful view from the rooftop of the Dioskouroi Apartments!0.12347.97299.74%2019-08-29
@lightsplasher My Actifit Report Card: August 28 20190.2290.54357.83%2019-08-29
@steemvoter PSA: Change your Steemvoter vote delay to 5 minutes3.45450.84893.21%2019-08-29
@knircky Bounty: How do you feel about HF210.2084.04394.86%2019-08-29
@cryptopie I Missed My Inactive Friends Here So We Just Needed More DAPPS To Retain Users Of STEEM0.2531.32380.88%2019-08-29
@ramengirl 브레이브 하트라 쓰고 멜깁슨이라 읽는다... 1.778.01477.91%2019-08-29
@bigram13 Rain1.61213.53188.09%2019-08-29
@jsantana In the Streets of Recife 🇧🇷📷 - A Travessia (Marco Zero)0.020.31393.61%2019-08-29
@gooddream Today in History: First WWF event outside North America draws massive crowd21.74422.6684.08%2019-08-29
@knozaki2015 Frequent Traveller #229: LOT Business Class2.68810.21773.69%2019-08-29
@rosatravels Trying to Capture the blooming flower and Raindrop on the leaf0.1660.37155.26%2019-08-29
@tradingideas [개발] 스몬 좀 잘해보자!7.1316.45756.67%2019-08-29
@blocktrades Steem delegations are working again after the HF 22 today24.31126.5228.34%2019-08-29
@czechglobalhosts 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - European Thursday week #101 - the absolute winner takes 200 Steem!0.374.73392.18%2019-08-29
@rivalhw 好文天天赞2019年08月29日榜上有名1.7522.45728.69%2019-08-29
@rosatravels I want to go to the mountain there2.362.5868.74%2019-08-29
@isaaclab 스팀잇과 함께 한 30개월. 명성 70 달성!!3.1055.00737.99%2019-08-29
@cervantes Posts votados por el equipo @cervantes: 28.08.2019, 23:00 / 29.08.2019, 23:001.8733.90452.02%2019-08-29
@jaynie Coriander Cool Down1.131.84338.69%2019-08-29
@daveks Saskatchewan Sunset 0.1880.68472.51%2019-08-29
@boddhisattva MONOMAD PHOTOGRAPHIC CHALLENGE - Spring landscape0.3230.51937.76%2019-08-29
@tarazkp Indicators of Vested Success3.50242.98491.85%2019-08-29
@geetharao Poha - Paneer Kheer3.5223.92410.24%2019-08-29
@paulag My HF21 after thoughts and impressions of new steem trending page19.51335.58945.17%2019-08-29
@oldstone 조국사태를 보면서, 문재인과 윤석렬의 입장을 생각하다.0.42831.12598.62%2019-08-29
@boddhisattva TOP 190 effective Steemit curators in Deutsch category for the last week (2019.08.19-2019.08.25)0.251.46482.92%2019-08-29
@mamun123456 Guava is a very interesting fruit, and it plays a big role in our body0.3990.8150.74%2019-08-29

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