We're all Winners: Appreciation Post For Dapp Review Contest

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Everytime I write about cryptocurrency or some blockchain related topic, I feel empowered. It gives me the feeling that I am part of something bigger than me and a big part of the reason why I got involved in making such posts is the @oracle-d community.
Thanks to this amazing community filled with wonderful individuals from all parts of the world, I was able to participate in numerous writing activities and improve on myself daily. The community is of a high standard and its members are compelled through the implementation of rules that guide and ensure the standard is maintained.

Earlier today, the list of winners for the recent Dapp review contest for games found on Stateofthedapps was released and my review of SHITCOIN was recognized as one of the winners. I will like to say a big thank you to the entire community, curators/judges and every other participant in the contest. It was fun writing those reviews and I thoroughly relish the challenge and experience it has added to me. I look forward to participating in other similar contests and activities in this amazing community. Thank you all once again.

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You never wrote an appreciation letter for my micropenis :(

That's a life saver. It'll take a while lifetime to appreciate it

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