Is Nigeria really even damaging the Climate enough to be bothered?

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Global warming is just one in a long line of ways in which we've destroyed the planet and well, whether you believe it or not, it exists. Countries around the world are working hard towards reducing emission through renewable energy and other alternative sources.
According to an article by EPA in 2014, the top culprits are China, USA, EU-28, India, Russia, and Japan. I cross-referenced that with countries with the highest GDP from Investopedia and no surprise there that they're one and the same

Top 10 Economies

  • The United States
  • China
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • India
  • France
  • Brazil
  • Canada


The only countries that break the trend are Canada and Brazil. This means that economic growth is very strongly related to emission. Now you may think me silly, selfish or both but I think one of the problems with Nigeria is that we're not actually contributing enough to Global warming.

According to this greenhouse fact sheet about Nigeria that was made in 2014, we contribute about 1% of the Greenhouse emission to the Ozone layer. This means that we are one of the least contributors to the problem.

The country often talks big about "making efforts" to cut down on our GHG(Greenhouse gas) footprint but the reality is that we actually don't have to. Judging by the activities of the top10 environment destroyers and conversantly, top economies, one can see that industrialization and the energy sector are the top two contributors to the menace.

Nigeria's economy ranks around 31st if we're considering GDP in 2018. Considering that our primary source of revenue is Petroleum product and we have numerous other minerals as well as manpower, it is cause for concern that we don't actually have a decent economy and conversantly, relevant GHG footprint.
The fact is that we are not doing enough as a country to tap into our resources. This is evident in the fact that we do not have a bigger GHG emission footprint. If we actually did have a bigger GHG footprint, we would be making enough money to fathom considering an alternative source of energy.

Nigeria does not generate enough electricity for her citizens

According to Power Africa, a staggering 20 million households do not have access to power supply in the country. When you consider the population of the country to be slightly over 200 Million according to Wikipedia, and a household could contain up to 6 individuals, this means that more than half of the country lives in darkness. Yet our politicians are mouthing off about reducing our GHG emission?

Face The Truth

The truth is that Nigeria doesn't have the same problems with Western Nations. You guys worry about going to Space and fancy surgical operations, while we worry about religious crises and lack of basic amenities(water, electricity etc). I say Nigeria needs to do more about increasing our GHG footprint first before we start bothering about "the climate". I hope we tap into our numerous resources, support industrialization and commerce, and most importantly, improve the power sector. Maybe then we can start worrying about reducing our Greenhouse gas emission.

This article is purely based on my opinion and is for entertainment purpose, it should not be misconstrued to mean anything more.

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