THE SHITCOIN EXPERIENCE: Absolutely pointless or not? You decide

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I spend a lot of time on the internet because there are a lot of fun things to find and learn from. Sometimes it is something that will take you out of your way to have fun and other times, it is a shitcoin you stumble into with seemingly great potential. Well, the good news is that this is one of those shitcoins, the bad news is that you're probably not going to be getting rich off this. I'd say you're better off checking out the other cool games/Dapps found on the games category at Stateofthedapps, but if you've lasted this long, nicely done. Here's some useful bit of information(or is it useless?), you decide for yourself.

The hardest part about writing this review was deducing what the silver lining is in an otherwise bleak concept. The entire foundation of this Shitcoin called Shitcoin is based on thin air and that's putting it lightly because at least air has worth.

About Shitcoin

Here are some points about this weird "innovation".

  1. Shitcoin is rated as the 16th Dapp in the games category and 74th rated Dapp on Stateofthedapps
  2. SHITCOIN has no whitepaper or explanation as to why the project was initiated.
  3. SHITCOIN team or SHIT team is completely anonymous and very unapologetic about this I must add.
  4. SHITCOIN is an ERC-20 coin
  5. SHITCOIN can be traded on ethflyer against ETH.
  6. There's literally no reason why anyone in their right mind will buy this token because tmthere is no real project or reason to.

Joining The Team

There seems to be some sort of unexplained recruitment going on. According to the q image above, the SHITCOIN team is looking for specific individuals for no apparent reason. I tried to sign up but didn't receive any response.


I will simply say or recommend, if you may, that you do not become a partner in this confusing mess that has been thrown in your face. There's literally no reason to invest or believe in the project. According to the main page, the useless Coin has "pending" partnerships with a host of big companies that includes Microsoft, Google and Warren Buffet to name a few. These claims are extremely bogus and unfounded, they should not be taken seriously.


Just like I said before, I have no clue as to what the point of this platform is for, so I implore you not to participate in funding or supporting the project.


According to information found on the site(that could be fake), the final presale is over and it was also stated in the site that the dev team kept back about 1 trillion of these tokens.


The road map is completely unrealistic and irrational. It was probably randomly done as a gag or some joke.

Negative Impression

  • The SHITCOIN is absolutely useless and is of virtually no value, it can literally be taken to be a "scam" but in reality, it actually represents more.
  • I will state very clearly that it is a bad idea to even consider purchasing this token because it has absolutely no use or essence of existence. It is only an imaginary store of undefined value.
  • The response from the "dev" team is very slow or probably non-existent because the creators of this project technically don't exist.
  • The fact that the dev team remain anonymous and use the word "SCAM" as one of the names of the employees points at foul play or some gag.
Not Negative Impression
  • I thought about it candidly and realised that the essence of this "project" is to sensitize people on the fact that there are numerous dud projects like this that could rid them of their money.
  • This project picks out some of the downsides of decentralization and privacy of information.
  • You are pre-warned about making the worthless investment in the website.
  • This seemingly useless project actually elaborates some of the loopholes in decentralization these days.


Decentralization is just like everything on earth; it has positives and negatives. What we have here is the grey area of it that swivels between good and evil. SHITCOIN is an absurd concept with no backing or use case and only exists to be a gag. It has next to zero trading volume daily and does not look like increasing.
My mother once told me that no one or thing is entirely useless, it is just about finding what you are meant for. I will advice you not to purchase or partner with this project but at the same time, take the message out from what seems like a pointless project.


This is not financial advise, readers are advised to make personal research before making any investment.

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Disclaimer: I own Shitcoin

My opinion is that Shitcoin is better than sliced bread.

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