Ethos : DApp Wallet Which Is Fast, Easy, Reliable, And Secure

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Hello everyone!!

I am here again entering in the task by @dapplovers where i have to tell you all about an wallet. Let me tell you about an amazing and most secure app that i downloaded and the app name is Ethos. This app is amazing app that is really popular.


Ethos Universal Wallet Dapp
Ethos is an amazing app whose aim built a revolutionary platform to connect financial institutions with the blockchain and they had throught this dapp. The platform has great feature and loved the secured ways as they were rereasonable. This app has a lot to offer as you can store, track, learn, send ans receive in this app. In Ethos there are almost more than 150 transferable coins and you can also swap the coins. Ethos allows it users to monitor their portfolio, securely and store to send all over the world. Everything is secure and your transaction are safe to you.

Ethos is app which ahd improved a lot from its update and this app have simple words by which anyone can run this app and login. Ethos has most of the coins that is are at peak at the coin market cap. Ethos has that we need. Ethos is a really big revolution in the cryptocurrency where transact is safe and the private key remains to us. Ethos is a app which is fast, esay, and secure.


Procedure to login

  • Download the app through the page of Ethos and know more Here
  • After downloading click on "Sign Up"
  • You will see the form and fill the form accordingly.
  • While filling read the needs for the form fill up.
  • Then you will get option to enter pin which will be your smart key. So fill carefully.
  • Then you are finally loged in.


So after the login the sight will be like picture. Then you will see two wallet one is smart wallet and another is watchfolios. So, you can create wallet from there. As i open this account. So, in my wallet there is no assets but you have your asset from various coins. And wallet also shows your account value in dollars and be sure to add smartkey if your going to work on it.


In coins you get the widest choice to chose a coin that you want and there are more than 150 coins. All the coins are some of best coins and are really popular. And it also shows the growth and downfall of the price. You can also see option of send and recieve and through that you can send and receive any coins.


Merits of Ethos

  • Ethos dapp is really fast, reliable and works great.
  • The Security is one of the best.
  • Option of coins are the widest.
  • App has more option of wallet.
  • There are many social media where you can join Ethos group.
  • You have choice to put your number.

Demerits of Ethos

  • Login process is complicated.
  • Sometimes login doesn't work properly.
  • There are two wallets which makes complicated to new users.

My experience and Conclusion
In my point of view this app is an amazing app which gives you the widest choice of coins and is fast, reliable, easy and mostly secure which makes this app more better. I did had a really hard time while i was trying to login and it was complicated to work at first as the password that we use may be confusing but still it is required for the security. Ethos has a lot to offer that you will like. This is one of the best app and has all of the coins which makes it more easier. The update of price is given and we can easily know the up and down on the price. This dapp is just a first app where i could only find some demrits and more merits. Personally i loved the app and would recommend to use it. If you want your wallet to most secure, fast and easy then, Ethos is for you.

Browser Iink

pBMyo3B2Sao2EbuHAFTX1CNWMbam25xJGPs4sKmLS6XL7o9CtrJ97Ggu23vgmcFabyq2GvvJpcAWGzfGuodYEoBECg4iFbJMnZuNw1LoapvMzmSAKzEvYoqTkt5FzjpS7cWyaLT9RdXHhTxbkrUthwKvbCaiY9WkvLeErMj8JP9TUiHk (1).jpeg

3W72119s5BjWBs4Ls8Euy2kA45WBB6Nda4NXE85tvtMJofizXP7vGKLbz8YjRWgrQ6TqJYqXmusgUm1dv8t1mWuGPkQ77d2ScN91xHz4BdK7L8Q3iCHRn5 (1).gif
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Great to have opportunity like this. Loved to be part of task by @dapplovers.


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