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The fourth movie in Star Trek saga. Directed by Leonard Nimoy and released in 1986 by Paramount Pictures.

For details about the plot, earnings, and etc. you can check here.

The more I see of this movies the more I like them. This one is especially entertaining. Really good and enticing plot with lots of messages to think about.

The idea that the humpback whales are more advanced species than humans but at the same times we managed to exterminate them is a great mind twister. It challenges the human way of thinking and our premises that if we can kill something that it is below us. Also, the idea that whales are more advanced than humans but they do not use technology is very interesting. Why should we use tech is ultimate happiness can be achieved without it?

Humor in this movie is excellent and at the same time makes you laugh and think. Sending a Russian guy to harvest energy from U.S. Navy ship while is funny also shows us that grave mistakes can be made honestly when we are lacking a context in which we are operating. And there is a plenty of other gags to laugh at.

If you hadn't seen this movie yet, you need to do that! I can recommend it to everybody and not just to Star Trek or sci-fi fans.

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This was the first Stra Trek movie I ever saw, I watched it with my older brother. Good memories and I agree with you it is definitely worth a watch.

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thank you for sharing this hope, good movie since I used to like it, first star trex aired on tv national Indonesia

Star Trek is a glimpse into what could be. All have great things to add/think about. -Thanks for the post.
RIP Nimoy.

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Dare I saw out of all the original Star Trek Films this is my favorite? Blend of humor and story really is a pleasure to watch. Wrath of Khan is great and all but the crew really shine in this one.

My second favourite after First Contact. The brilliant thing about Trek movies is they can work within any genre, Voyage Home is essentially a heist movie, First Contact is a Zombie movie, Undiscovered Country is a political thriller etc.