Star Trek trekking 3:"Star Trek III: The Search For Spock"

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The third movie in Star Trek saga, first one directed by Leonard Nimoy. Released in 1984 by Paramount Pictures.

For details about the plot, earnings, and etc. you can check here.

You know, the more I see of this movies the more I like them. In retrospective, I can now say that my first two posts about Star Trek were a bit harsh towards them.

Best thing, for me, about this movie is the fusion of McCoy and Spock. The way how personality changes, while Spock's katra is stored in McCoy's mind, from snarky McCoy to logical Spock is a prime example of good story writing and directing.

Plot and characters are well composed and are so captivating that I was focused solely on the story and I didn't care at all about special effects. Mixing esoteric with sci-fi is what makes this movie really great.

So far the best movie in the series. Hopefully, this trend will continue through all next movies.

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I must watch it

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