Stach Posts Of The Day: September 11th, 2018

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Hello everyone, today we wish to display these contents which have been carefully selected and have received the Stach upvotes. The selection was carried out by Stach curators and reviewers. Authors nominated were sought and approved for the daily upvotes. This is usually not easy, as there are lots of entries that are filtered through to select some of the best for each day.

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Meet The Authors and Their Post

Author: @warpedpoetic

Nature: Unrestrained A Poem

Image Source

This is a beautiful poem by @warpedpoetic, he talks about the beauty of the setting sun, and although he hasn't done a whole lot of things that people term beautiful atleast he has enjoyed the sun in all its splendor, and he is also grateful for nature which is never far off from him.

Author: @vheobong

Nigerians Do Not Deserve A Good Leader

Image Source

This post by @vheobong is a sad tale of the injustice Nigerians face but this time not by the elite or those in power, She recounts her ordeal in the busy city of Lagos in the hands of transporters and their greed during these rainy day, these guys can be really annoying.

Author: @zyzymena

Asake A While To Tarr

Image Source

If you've not been following this beautiful story by @zyzymena then you've been missing, this is the trilogy to the story of Asake, the beautiful Yoruba damsel and the life that is before her, Do enjoy the story and read the previous episodes on her blog.

Author: @brightseed


Image Source

This is a post about love, although not forbidden a love that is wrong. The love for someone else's woman, but like many a desire that is uncontrollable, check out this poem by @brightseed.

Author: @resuscitate

The Most Powerful Sermon You Could Ever Preach

Image Source

The saying practice what you preach comes to mind on this post by @resuscitate, he talks about the life of a believer and how his/her life is the sermon the world sees, and therefore is as important as actually preaching the word. Alot of believers live a different life from the one they seem to preach which makes it hard for non believers to listen or come to their fold, Enjoy this piece.

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