Monkee Map for Feb 27 - Final challenge in our Monkee Tale!

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THE FINAL adventure of our MonkeeTale


We've set out to sea on our beautiful pirate ship! Monkee Capt'n Dreemie is at the helm, shading her good eye from the sun shining against the calm waters. The sea is like glass. It couldn't be a more perfect day. But wait! What.... What's that I see? Monkees - do you see it too? What IS THAT?!?!

We are sailing safely then out of nowhere, the ship starts approaching... an island?! ''It's the Reef of Crimson!'' yelled @purplemaze.

''We've hit the jackpot!'' screeched @skysika, @jaysmasterpiece and @raynen. As the ship got closer and closer to the island, the sand looked more like... GOLD?!

"Is it possible? Gold Monkee Island exists?" squealed @purplemaze.

"We will know more if we actually REACH the island!" warned Monkee Capt'n Dreemie. "But.... if that's Gold Monkee Island - you KNOW what the myth says! There are 3 Dangers we will face before we can even reach the Island! Is our ship and our crew skilled enough to pass them?"

The first danger!

Our ship safely docked at the island. But as soon as the crew started to leave the ship, @purplemaze spotted our rivals. The Funkee Monkees. They were taking all the treasure!

"We cant let this happen!'' Yelled @raynen.

"No way!" shrieked @skysika.

Then Capt'n Dreemie silenced everyone by shouting, "CHARGEEE!"

Every Monkee yelled out their Monkee battle cry, "Oo Oo Oooooooooooo Ahhhhhhhh!" They ran up to the Funkee Monkees and just when everyone thought it would become a great war, Capt'n Dreemie yelled, "HALT!"

In one moment, all of her loyal Monkees stopped immediately.

"Play the music! Time for a Dance Battle!!!" @raynen got us all into our formation and we performed our Master Crafted Dance Battle choreography!

want to see that dance? Click HERE

After the dance was complete, the Funkee Monkees realized they could not keep up, and ran away in defeat!

"We did it! One danger down!!! Two to go!" exclaimed @purplemaze.

"Thank you Fellow Monkees, we did great!!!"@raynen did one final spinning move in celebration. "Nothing like a KPop Dance Choreo Scare!!! But I don't think we are done!!!"

"Yes, look! Here comes the second danger now!!!" howled @jaysmasterpiece.

"Is it some sea monster that we need to turn into sushi???" @worthtrying grabbed his chopsticks, ready to dine!

@raynen paused to lick his lips, thinking sushi would be great right about now - but... "Do you see what I see? Capt'n Dreemie, could this be real? Do you see those coconuts, falling one by one from the trees. Do they have eyes and mouths?"


@raynen knew that dancing wouldn't work on these coconuts! They needed something a bit more effective on their hard shells.

"Yes, I hear them!" Yelled @purplemaze. "But they're not talking, Capt'n. They're singing!"

"You're right, PurpleMaze!" exclaimed @raynen. "I think we're going to have to prepare ourselves for a riff off."

At that exact moment, the coconuts, who had been rolling ever nearer, all stopped in a line and everyone could hear them sing, "The coconut nut is a giant nut/ If you eat too much, you'll get very fat..."

They continued their song until @skysika jumped in on the word FAMILY and changed the song. "We are family! I've got all my Monkees with me!"

As all the Monkees chimed in, the coconuts one by one smashed and a spray of coconut milk filled the air. "Oh great! Let's make some milkshakes!" cheered @worthtrying, and all the Monkees laughed as Monkee Capt'n Dreemie caught the milk in her large pirate hat.

As all the Monkees filled their bellies with coconut milkshakes, they thought about how scared they had been just moments before! But the power of family was too strong to defeat, and now the Monkees all smiled at one another, looking from face to face, happy and content.

"Family... ahhhh," sighed Capt'n Dreemie. "What a wonderful feeling!"

"But capt'n," whispered @jaysmasterpiece.

"Hmmm?" The Captain looked in concern at @jaysmasterpiece's face.

"That's two." stated @jaysmasterpiece.

"Two who?" Capt'n Dreemie wondered.

"Two, true! Three's new!" exclaimed @skysika.

"Says you?" questioned @purplemaze.

"Boo hoo!" shouted @raynen.

"Give a clue?" asked @jaysmasterpiece.

"Surely do!" cheered @worthtrying.

As the Monkees were about to pull out all the stops and come up with the BEST rhyme ever... something caught their eye. Something sparkling. On the top of the mountain - shining, glittering jewels. What was causing them to glitter so brightly? It was almost as if they were.... moving.

With that, the Monkees felt the rumble.

"Oh nooooo! It's gonna blowwwwww!!!" @skysika warned

@Purplemaze paused, "Hey that didn't rhyme with..."

"SHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" @skysika gathered her Monkee friends and started guiding them away from the rumbling volcano.

"Ah! Much better!" nodded @purplemaze , clearly impressed with her friend's ability to warn them... in rhyme!

The volcano exploded and sent the blast in EVERY direction!

"Whoa. Whoa. Whoa." yelled @raynen as he halted. "That's not lava!!!!"


After you ADD your favorite idea, time to dig on THE MONKEE map????

....but not before our MonkeeMoms dig on their SPECIAL wheel!!!

Monkee Moms. Here is your special map! There are three of you who chose to add your creativity to our story! There are 9 small prizes, 2 medium prizes and 1 large prize on the wheel for you! Spin Wisely! :) (Just choose a number and put it below @iamjadeline, @kaerpediem, and @juliamulcahy - thanks for making our story fun!!!)

Here be yer Treasure Map! You can dig one square for 100 points, two squares for 200 points, and so on! If you want to save your points to the end of the week, you can! But you should write your Monkee Business Journal post for the points that day. If you miss a day, you miss those points. So make sure you try hard to not forget! Do your Best! Have Fun! and.....

*"Monkee Moms" (and dads and grandmom and so on!), help your Monkee choose their coordinates. In the comments below, state: Hi @strongtower! I have X points, and I will choose "A1" as my dig!" Please be sure to look at the map to see if it's still available, and check the comments to make sure it hasn't been chosen today. Tomorrow will be an updated map with all the previous digs "dug out". *

All Spunkee Monkee images have been created for Spunkee Monkee by the amazing @jimramones! Images are not to be used without permission from Spunkee Monkee.

Font by James Fajardo

Font by Octotype

spinning wheel used in post


Hehehe! Oh my what could be coming out of the volcano? A shower of skittles? And for those of you who don't know what Skittles are, they're multicoloured candy made in the UK.

I pick number 3 please @strongtower. Thank you Monkee Capt'n @dreemsteem!

Whoops! I replied while @purplemaze was logged in. Hehehehe. I still pick number 3 though. :D

@strongtower here! Great job @juliamulcahy!!! you actually picked the third prize winning number! That's a $2 upvote

(and you won't believe it... but all three of you chose the winning numbers! LOLOLOL and i did NOT check the numbers! @bluefinstudios chose them hahahaha)

nice job! :)

Aren’t we three a trio of clever, lucky mommies! Thank you very much for putting on a mini challenge for us to join in @spunkeemonkee. 😁

the luckiest! i couldn't believe it when i saw the numbers hahahaha i had to look twice! LOL

ohhhh we have Skittles in the states too - taste the rainbow! hehehehe
They are one of my favorites!

Nice addition to the story! :)

I like the story! I want to dig.
@strongtower, diggy at F6, I-19, D44 and E34
Thank you.

@strongtower here!

I'm so glad you like the story so far!

Let's get to your digs!

F6 - ahhhhh skunked there's nothing under that tile! drat
I19 - ooooh money! a $1 upvote for your latest post!
D44 - noooooo not again! an empty tile! argggh
E34 - woo hooooo but look at that! another $1 upvote for your latest post!

Your upvotes will be added to your latest post tonight! and you have more digs to use - so come on back!


I super duper (x100) love the story. It is fun to read out to the child. And making silly sounds. Hahaha.

Okay I choose number 7.

Will get Jayden to think of the story. And I do hope they are gold dust coming out of the volcano. 🌋🌟

Thank you @spunkeemonkee @dreemsteem.

@strongtower here! Great job @iamjadeline!!! you actually picked the second prize winning number! That's a $3 upvote

(and you won't believe it... but all three of you chose the winning numbers! LOLOLOL and i did NOT check the numbers! @bluefinstudios chose them hahahaha)

nice job! :)

Wow. We have got lucky!!!

Thank you so much!!! :)

you're very welcome!

Did I see wrongly? They are glitters of gold everywhere... Even on our faces. Oh our hands. Oh everywhere. - this is for the story.

@strongtower, I have 850 points from my latest post, and I will do 8 digs which are H8, J9, J49, A26, F27, J37, H27 and E22. Thank you.

By the way, I think you have black hair, normal height not tall and not short, normal size, not too muscle, not too thin and not too fat. Hehe.

Another 100 points from my journal #23. @strongtower, I dig B7. Thank you.

Excellent! here we go!

B7 - AHHHHH another $1 upvote! woo hoooooo Great job :)

ahhhhh very good! You guessed very closely to what I look like @jaysmasterpiece!!!

and gold dust? hmmmm i like that!

ok - lets start digging shall we???

H8 - ohhhh try again! another lovely dig coming your way!
J9 - oops - that was already chosen ( i must have forgotten to mark that one!) choose again please
J49 - fancy Monkee you! a green short outfit to dress your monkee in!
A26 - ohhhh double fancy??? a red short outfit also!!!
F27 - WOWWWWWWWWW. there was only ONE of these in ALL of the Beta!!!! and YOU GOT IT! A GOLD SHIMMERING JACKET!!! This is one of THE most valuable clothes items on the whole map!!!
J37 -ohhhh try again! :)
H27 - woo hoooooooooo a $5 upvote on your latest post!!!! nice job!!!!!!
E22 - what's this????? ohhhh a pack of Steem Monsters cards!!!! very very nice :)

Your outfits will be in your Monkee closet tonight, your Steem Monsters pack will be in your account tonight, and your $5 upvote will be added to your latest post tonight!

Tell me what you'd like for your other 3 digs :)

3 digs yay! And I just received extra 100 points for 1 more extra dig from my last post journal. Total 4 digs.

@strongtower, I choose B11, C11, D11, E11. Thank you. 😊

B11 sparkling (moving) amethyst! nice job!!!
C11 a blue short outfit for your monkee - ohhhhhhhh the first one of these!!!
D11- another Steem Monsters pack!!! :) nice job!
E11 - try again! hehehehe

so you won 6 more digs for doing the drawing.... plus your try. That is 7 MORE DIGS you have to use!

Let me know :)

Hi @strongtower,

The 7 digs are...
B7, C7, B27, B37, C17, J17, G17😁

@strongtower here!

B7 - oh... someone already chose that (i had forgotten to update the map - so sorry!) choose again :)

C7 - ahhhh skunked - nothing!

B27 - fancy you - a red short outfit for your Monkee :)

B37 - oops - someone chose that one - pick again! hehe

C17 - nice!!!! a $1 upvote for you!!!

J17 - WHOOOOOOOOOA!!!!! We had someone who donated a LOT of money for Spunkee Monkee. In honor of their donation - they gave a VERY special item for the Beta test - something to wear for the monkees. There was only ONE of these.... and YOU found it. It is our MOST rare and MOST valuable item! It is called the Pop Banana jacket. You will see it in your closet tomorrow! :)

G17 - well. someone chose that one too! hahahaha

so you have 3 more digs! LOLOL

I really really really really really hope you find large prize with those 3 digs!!!!

Hi @strongtower, my 3 digs A32, J33 and H15. Thank you.

@strongtower here! Hi there @jaysmasterpiece!

Let's see what you got!

A32 - wowwwww you have gotten so many of these! another pack of Steem Monsters cards!!!! woo hoooo! Have you opened them all up? What kind of collection do you have now?? :)

J33 - ahhh this was a try again - but since the Hunt is over - this is convered to 1 steem for your wallet! Nice job :)

H15 - ahhh another red short outfit for your monkee! hehehe i think you have several of these - i wonder if you will end up sellng them to the Monkee Store or giving them to a friend. Maybe trading them for somethng else you like? hehehe

Great job! Thank you for playing along so much with me!

Hi @strongtower! I have 1050 points, and I will choose "D43", A42, B44, F43, G30, C41, J24, A41, A27, and H45 as my dig!

@strongtower here! let's jump right into digging!!!!

D43 - ohhhh fancy Monkee - you got yourself a red spotted bandana!
A42- gems!!!! oh i love gems! you found an amethyst!
B44 - ahhhhh skunked - nothing there!
F43 - woo hoooooooooo a $1 upvote for latest post!!!
G30 - ahhhhhhhhhh skunked! i don't like those empty tiles!
C41 - fancy fancy - a green bandana for your Monkee!
J24 - ohhhh another gem??? an emerald for you! nice!
A41 - fancy! a red short outfit for your Monkee!
A27 - woo hooooo money! a $1 upvote for your latest post!
H45 - ahhhhh skunked - nothing here!

Great job digging!!!!
Your outfits will be in your Monkee closet tonight, your gems will be in your Monkee Closet tonight, and your two $1 upvote will be added to your latest post tonight!

woo hooo - great job~

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Big Money Big Money!!
I choose No.11 😊

Wonder what’s oozing out of the mountain
Will get the Monkee on it 😁

@strongtower here! Great job @kaerpediem!!! you actually picked the FIRST prize winning number! That's a $5 upvote

(and you won't believe it... but all three of you chose the winning numbers! LOLOLOL and i did NOT check the numbers! @bluefinstudios chose them hahahaha)

nice job! :)

Thank you sooo muchhh :D
What a conincidance

Fabulous video, @kaerpediem. Thanks for sharing. Loved it! 😂 Oh! And congrats on your win!

It always cracks me hahaha
Glad you enjoyed it too.
And congratulations to your win :D

i'm laughing so hard at this video @kaerpediem!!!!! hahahahahaha the best!!

it is soooo funny right?!
Glad it gave you a good laugh :D

I absolutely love the story,
Hello @strongtower I have 550 points from my last post so I can do 5 digs plus my free dig so i'm gonna do 6 digs
I choose F41, I38, A29, H1, C16, and G44,
Oh, and how do I dress my monkee???
Oh, and how will you tell me what my large prize is???

You just tell me what you'd like your monkee to wear and I'll make it happen! :)

and.... ohhhh aren't you just DYING to know what your large prize is???

i'm dying to tell you too!!!!

you will know veeeeeeerrrrrrry soon! as soon as everyone is finished digging :)

let's get to your digs for today!

F41 - another try! come back and let me know!
I38 -ooooh loves that! $1 upvote on your latest post!
A29 - mmmm yummy! a lollipop candy cane
H1 - hehehe you better brush your teeth after eating all this candy! another lollipop!
C16 - fancy you! a red long outfit for your Monkee!
G44 - ahhhhhhhhh lookee here!!!! what a cutie that guy is! A pirate parrot friend for your Monkee!

All your items will be in your Monkee closet tonight, and your upvote will be placed onto your latest post!

nice job!!!

Hi @strongtower, I have 1130 points and I will be digging F1, H1, I1, A2, C2 ,D2 E2 ,F2 ,G2 ,H2 and I2. Thank you.

Hey @purplemaze but I already picked H1

yep you did! @purplemaze can choose again :)

Oops! Sorry @skysika, didn't spot that one. I'll dig again.

It's ok!!

@strongtower here!
hey - i see a pattern on your digs!

Let's hope it holds something good there!

F1- fancy you! a green short outfit for your Monkee!
H1 - oops skysika already chose that - choose again :)
I1 - fancy fancy! a red long outfit for your Monkee!
A2- try again! :)
C2 - ohhhhhhh look there!! a pack of Steem Monsters cards!
D2 - aghhhhh skunked - there's nothing there!
E2 -money! hehehe a $1 upvote for your latest post!
F2 - ohhhh doubled up! another $1 upvote for you latest post!
G2 - fancy fancy! a black long outfit for your Monkee!
H2 -aghhhh skunked - empty tile!
I2 - you'll be looking nice in that red hat for your Monkee!

your items will be in your Monkee closet and your steem monster cards will be into your account tonight! also - your $1 upvotes will be added to your latest post tonight

let me know what those other two digs will be! :)

Hi @strongtower, here are my two digs: A3 & B3. Thanks.

@strongtower here!

A3 - woo hooooo a $1 upvote! nice dig!
B3 - aghhhh skunked!

but... don't forget - you have 6 more free digs from your awesome drawing!

Let me know :)

Hi @strongtower, here are my 6 extra digs: A43, B29, C14, E16, E43 & F22. Can I ask, what do I do with the Steem Monster cards?

@strongtower here!

When you log into you can log in with your Steem password with your mom's help. Then when you open it - you should see your cards waiting for you there! :)

ok Miss Maze! Let's get to your digs!

A43 0h! fancy Monkee! A red long outfit for you (i think you have several of these. You can give them away or trade maybe in the future?)

B29 - fancy fancy a green spotted bandana

C14 - ohhhhh this was a try again but.... since the Hunt is over - it will be turned into 1 steem for your wallet :)

E16- fancy again!? a green short outfit for your Monkee! so many clothes you have hehee

E43 - ahhh woo hoo a try again that will be converted to 1 steem for your wallet!

F22 - nice!!!!! a final try again that will be converted to 1 steem for your wallet

3 steem total for your wallet - and your monkee closet will be updated with your items tomorrow! nice job :)

Hi @strongtower, I have 1310 points, and will dig them all. I also had one free extra dig, but I am not sure if this was added to the points or not, so I will just do 13 digs now.

I choose: E15, F15, E49, E6, A40, E44, F44, H17, I17, D23, G23, H4 and E4.

@strongtower here!

lets get RIGHT to those digs!

I'll let you know if you have more when I check my pirate records tonight!

E15 - ohhh fancy ! a red bandana for your Monkee
F15 - what? double! another red bandana!
E49 - ahhhh skunked - nothing there!
E6 - try again! :)
A40 - a black long outfit for your Monkee!
E44 - aghhhhh skunked again!
F44 - ohhhh lookee here - a pirate pig friend for your Monkee!
H17 - fancy you! A red short outfit for your Monkee!
I17 - ohhh money! $1 upvote for your latest post!
D23 - gahhhhh skunked again!
G23 - mmmmm a lollipop for your Monkee!
H4 - bahhhhhhhhh no more empties! :(
E4 - oops - I must have forgotten to mark this one - it was already chosen. Choose another and let me know :)

Your items will be in your closet tonight, along with your upvotes on your latest post!

So I have two digs to do, I hope these are not chosen yet because there are a lot to go through. I'll choose E31 and F31 @strongtower.

@strongtower here!

They are not chosen yet!!! Lets get to it!

E31 - this was a try again... but since the Hunt is over - it will be converted to 1 steem for your wallet! nice
F31 - yep! another try again - congrats on another 1 steem for your wallet!

Hi @strongtower! I have 130 points, and I will choose "J49" as my last dig!

nice job!

J 49 - another $1 upvote!!!

this will be added to your latest post tonight :)

It's Ice Cream
Ice Cream of all Flavours
Let's digggg innnnn hahahaha

@strongtower I have 1530 points and that gives me 15 digs

Thank you @strongtower :D

@strongtower here! Ok then!!!! 15 digs - woo hooooo I hope your muscles are ready for all this digging!

42C - fancy fancy! a red bandana for your Monkee
38F - oooo! a $1 upvote for your latest post!
47B - another $1 upvote for your latest post!!!!
13A - try again! nice
17B - fancy! a red short outfit for your Monkee!
13D - wow!!! another $1 upvote for your latest post!
15E - oops - someone already guessed that today... let me know another guess :)
20G - try again! woo hoo
26J - ohhhh fancy you! a blue bandana for your Monkee!
37B- ahhhhh drat! nothing there!
50G - fancy!!!! a yellow hat for your Monkee!
45B - a pack of Steem Monsters cards!
35A - woo hoooo another $1 upvote!
1H - 2 other people chose this today! haha choose again!
9A - awwww a cute little crab for your Monkee! what will you name him?

Let me know what your other digs are! Also... you are the only one entered so far for the coloring contest! If no one else enters - you will have ALL NINETEEN FREE DIGS for yourself!!! wow!

I'll let you soon!

your monkee closet and Steem Monsters account, and post will be updated with your prizes soon!

Thank you for the extra digs @strongtower ;D


I really like the red outfit
My crabby pets are named Lucy & Luke :D


Hey, @strongtower I have 150 points but I don't know if I can still dig but if I can I choose F4,

@strongtower here!

Hi there skysika! Let's see if you have another prize!

F4 - aghhhhhh skunked!

But.... all of the choices have been done (oops actually, no - Jay still has 3 - but that's ok! I'm going to announce your prize now!!!)

are you ready???????

here we go...

drum roll please!!!!


awesome job! I hope you take lots of pictures with it and enjoy every bit of it!
I'll tell your mom the details of how to get it to you!


Wow! I can't believe I won the camera.

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