10 DAYS TILL #SPUD4STEEM DECEMBER 1ST 2020 🥔🌎steemCreated with Sketch.

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We are just 10 days away till the next worldwide #spud4steem competition which happens on the 1st day of each month in your countries timezone. Power up for a chance to win!

We have 15,000sp on offer from our great sponsors :)

We have some Fantastic prizes on offer by the way of 21 day delegations and some impressive bonus votes from @steemcurator02!


Will you be one of our December 1st winners?


Here are some of our previous winners



These kind sponsors are providing these great delegations as prizes, i really appreciate the work they all do around here



All graphics are designed by me

I am @kiwiscanfly


Awesome! Thank you so much for this reminder. I am one of those that have benefited from this wonderful steem promotion. I will encourage my friends to participate. I have one that is ready already. Expect him come 1st December.
This promotion is one of a kind. Thank you @kiwiscanfly for your contributions to the steem ecosystem. I also appreciate all your sponsors.
#twopercent #nigeria #affable

Isn't this amazing? I can't wait to participate in this contest. This is one of the major way that shows I love steemit and I'll endeavour to give my attribute in any best way I can in the promotion and welfare of this platform. Steem to success!!!
Thank you @kiwiscanfly and your colleagues for the your selfless love and effort in supporting us. We appreciate you all.

Good to hear - stay tuned we have a MAJOR announcement regarding even more prizes!

¿Tenemos que hacer un post sobre ésto para poder participar?

Ok, what is #spud4steem? what to do?

Power up for a chance to win some amazing prizes

Quiero participar pero no se como!!! ¿Alguien que me ayude?
Saudos @cachetes-27

Gracias!! Ahora mismo me voy a leer dicho enlace!
Saludos @cachetes-27

Excelente, me gustaría saber cómo participar, soy nueva en steemit

Hola @delvallescritos!! ¡Bienvenido a Steemit! Espero que lo disfrutes. De dónde sos?

Me gustaría invitarte a que te unas a una comunidad para recién llegados. Hay un programa en el que pasarás por una serie de logros y completarás algunas tareas para que aprendas más sobre esta gran plataforma. Para empezar, consultaesta publicación.

Hay muchas comunidades en crecimiento aquí a las que quizás desees unirte.

Para música, echa un vistazo a Music For Steem 🎵 .

Para escribir, Writing & Reviews Community.

Steemit Nursery Esta es una comunidad para que vos, como Steemit Newborn seas acompañado al comienzo de tu viaje en Steemit.

Para fotografía, la Comunidad World of Xpilar, alberga muchos concursos de fotografía.

Sigue a @steemitblog para obtener las últimas actualizaciones y noticias sobre steem y @steemingcurators para el concurso y los desafíos de Steem Community.

Que tengas un lindo día!

El equipo Steemit

Hola soy de Venezuela, me encanta tu invitación, gracias!!

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how do i make my entry or i just need to power up on that day?

Wiii !!! <3 Ahí estoy yo! Saludos, veré que hago para este Spud4Steem

legit, who is here upvote me and I'II upvote they back

Love Power Up ❤️