Do you follow what happens during the tag #spud2

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SPUD2 is here and the competition is set to June 1, 2019

The creator of this great initiative is @streetstyle

You can win great prizes too, let's see you on tag # spud2

I greatly appreciate you Re-Steemed this post
and that you do the same with the SPUD2 post from @streetstyle
Help us and spread the SPUD2 to the Steemit Society
Together we are strong


Regards @xpilar

I really want to help support
as you wrote on your blog above
after I read it, I wanted to support the delegation
to winners #SPUD2
150 Steem Power Delegates

how to participate
glad to help
waiting for news from you

Regards @sultan-aceh

Hi @sultan-aceh

I am very happy to hear it,
I ask @streetstyle to contact you

Thank so much @xpilar
glad to help

supert @sultan-aceh

Jeg har bedt @streetstyle ta kontakt med deg her

Thanks for the Support @sultan-aceh I will update the prizes tomorrow since there is also another person who wants to sponsor a prize besides the ones we already have, so this is going to be an even bigger event than the first #spud With such great support from such great Steemians, #spud2 is already a success!!!

a BIG THANK YOU for your pledge and support.... full steem ahead!

Thanks again, and take care....@streetstyle

Thank you so much @streetstyle

glad to hear
thank you for this good opportunity
you give me

Regards @sultan-aceh in aceh

Thank you for helping promote #SPUD2 and making it a great event. Take care and have a great day!

saya bangga mengenal anda. makin tinggi reputasi, makin pemurah dan memberi banyak manfaat kepada sesama. Terlebih ini di bulan Ramadan, semoga jadi limpahan berkah untuk Anda sekeluarga @sultan_aceh.
Salam dari Klaten jawa Tengah

Thank you so much @rokhani
glad to hear

Ammm that sound like great idea , now i need to set some STEEM to June first

I just resteem your post to support SPUD2

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Hello @xpilar, nice to meet you again.
I knew about this spud a month ago. @streetstyle he has a very brilliant idea. But unfortunately in spud1 I can't follow this idea. because of family needs which caused me to be forced to turn off a little power.

and in my opinion this spud is indeed very useful. because it can affect the price of steem. there is a possibility that current low prices for steem will increase. and hopefully I can maintain my steem and my sunday on this June 1st. I will try not to turn off the power and not sell steem and sbd again.

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Hi @aulia1993
Yes, when the need is there I understand selling a little

You will probably come back stronger when you get built up a bit

I followed it, @xpilar. even when you answer @streetstyle's comment on one of your artworks a few days ago and you immediately offered support with a 500SP delegation for four weeks I also read and followed. I just posted about #spud with this link Holding each other, makes June 1 as SPUD2. If you have time you can visit it.
I am very happy that it turns out that from so much support you move faster to give real support. I am sure your actions are based on sincerity to help each other. what's more #spud2 in my opinion is one of the efforts to develop steem in cryptocurence world, especially this is very much related to our proud platform, STEEMIT.
When the SPUD 1 May I participated in doing power ups, even though only with 7 Steem. Because it only has 7 Steem.
I hope that in the future it will be even bigger.
i will resteem your post.
Thank you @xpilar
Warm regard from Indonesia.

Friend @xpilar, for us of Steem Power 50 there is no space? I see that as a rule.

Yes, that is another reason why such a rule is set
Next time you can do it @adeljose

Excellent review @xpilar and you are right, it is a very exciting and necessary event!

Really a very good competition to advance our steem.

SPUD2 is a great project my dear friend

Very inspiring, I [email protected], thanks

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Very useful information @xpilar, this new initiative will help the growth of all. I like it!!

I support you, I do definitely Resteem this post

Good day @xpilar, we'll be on the lookout

@xiplar thanks for exciting event #spud2 . yap its need .i resteem it.

Nice to hear, thanks @kingrefat

thanks bro @xpilar

wow definitely in steemit there are extraordinary people. It is very impressive what they do!

I will try to spread it because this is something interesting.
good job @streetstyle
Thanks @xpilar

Very nice idea I support.

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Never heard of it but I will search it up

Again #spud2 great idea best of luck.

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amazing @xpilar, this is a very interesting event

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Nice that you like it @nurmalaalibasyah

I had seen the campaign, but I had not read well and this work is excellent, great for being part of this.

Nice to hear @anasuleidy

I already shout it and trying to encourage my friends to show their love by powering up.

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Hello @xpilar!
This initiative is great, and your prize is wow, you are a big one in the steem.
The # spud2 tag will go viral!

Nice to hear, thanks @jdbs

Hello @xpilar
this is really nice idea.

Great idea this make friends, all the steemit fish we appreciate.
viva @xpilar and @streetstyle

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