Forget about FUD - today is all about #SPUD!

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I did a post not too long ago about how I put my money where my blog is, and invested some cash into my Steem blog. Soon after, I talked to my hubby about wanting to invest a little more into some Steem. Given that we're a family of five living off of one paycheck, there's really no such thing as, "spare cash" but he agreed that it would be a worthwhile investment.

Then I started seeing posts about @streetstyle's wicked awesomesauce #SPUD initiative, and I figured it was a sign to stop letting Fear, Uncertainly, & Doubt whisper in my ear and just go for it! I purchased $100 worth of Bitcoin on Coinbase on the 23rd (forgetting I'd have to wait almost a week for it to be available to trade - I really wish I could buy Steem directly on it), and started watching the exchange rates on BlockTrades, hoping I could time it right to get the most Steem bang for my buck.

Long story short (too I finally decided the time was right a few hours ago, and in short order, I was able to #powerup about 276 Steem!

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And for those of you who are joining in the #SPUD fun, be sure to check out @theycallmedan's post, SPUD - Did you participate? and @khaleelkazi's post SPUD Initiative and Twitter Awareness | Earn 7 SBI Shares and Other Rewards! for some amazeballs giveaways in honor of today and @nathanmars's #seven77 initiative.

#Steem to the moon!


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Its great seeing so many get on board with this initiative, I to powered up today.
I am now off to check those links :)

Great job, @traciyork! I managed to do my small contribution to the cause. I hope someone will summarize the results tomorrow!

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It's awesome to see how far this initiative reached... my power-up was small, but at least I could make one! Just cruising around and visiting some of the other people who were part of this!


I have over 20 sbd I want to change into steem and then power that up but still waiting for my son to help me on that. I see steem hasn't gone up even though so many have powered up steem...

Well done for a great power up!

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Good for you!! I hope that soon your Steem blog will be able to help to put food on the table!