SPUD -NIK 1, SUCCESS - MAY 1, 2019 - A WORLDWIDE EVENT [steempower] [steem]

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There is still more than half a day left for SPUD in some parts of the World, while in others it has just ended. Like the original Sputnik1 embarking on a pioneering journey around the globe, so too has OUR Steem SPUD -nik1 traveled around the globe via the Internet powered by the Steem Blockchain and piloted by each and everyone of us STEEMIANS. (are we "steem-nauts?")

We are pioneers, endeavoring on a venture to change the World for the better, this is OUR fuel.

Today, May 1, 2019 was the official launch of the first Steem Power Up Day, and the overwhelming support and turnout by many many Steemians clearly marks this day as a success.

Amazingly, the support given to this idea even got SPUD listed as a hash tag on the STEEMIT Hash Tag List.

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 7.06.59 AM.png

Not bad, not bad, 64 posts and 575 comments with around $200 Steem Dollars in payouts. I also expect the list to grow as the 7 day payout closes sometime next week for these newer SPUD posts.

I thank you all who participated and supported this initiative, and boy there are many of you!!

благодарю вас
Je vous remercie
Khop Khun Mak Kha
xie xie
dank u
terima kasih
kop khun
Dziękuję Ci

Full Steem Ahead!


Just did my #spud! And since this community and #seven77 are both pushing for @steem, I powered up 77! The rest and what comes in the next several days will go to buying #SBI for @freewritehouse during our fundraiser! Steem on!

Awesome moves @improv Thanks for the belief and support! This has truly turned out well with so many Steemians backing this initiative, it is inspiring. Your part in this movement helped propel it further than I ever expected. Big big Thank you for that!! Full Steem Ahead!


Are you on Discord?

Hey @improv I am not always on it... but you can find me as Krypt0 klown

We need a SPUD every first day of the month!

Yay, @ew-and-patterns How are you? and thanks for the interest!!

Can you post some numbers for us in regards to power up vs. power down for apri 30- may 2 vs like a prior week or something to see if we even caused a blip on the radar?

And that is what other Steemians have been mentioning as well. I will leave it up to the community, but so far the positive response has been overwhelming in a good way!!

I'm fine and I hope you are too.
Actually, I was thinking for months about how to find a way of getting people to power up on the same day. I don't know how you did that so easily but the response was certainly huge. You should continue to propose SPUDS.

I thought about steemians promising to power up on certain dates in the future, but on a small scale so that we don't create spontaneous and unsustainable spikes in price.

If you want numbers concerning power-ups and downs in a certain time period, I am the wrong person to speak to. @penguinpablo should have those numbers as he is one of best statistics guys here regarding Steem statistics.

I am good too, thanks. Well, I had the idea for a while but was worried about people just blowing it off, so I didn't say anything. The @partiko app came along and got me posting a lot more, and interacting a lot more which made be lose that fear of rejection I guess, and the rest is history.
I didn't think it was going to be this successful with so many in the community pledging support for #sSPUD it truly is inspiring. I know this Blockchain community is the best one in the crypto world.
And yeah, I will have to parse through @penguinpablo 's post for the numbers, thanks again.

ps, any chance you'd stop your power down for SPUD DAY and then re-start it after Spud DAY? no worries if that isn't possible, just wondering.

I don't understand what the reasoning behind this is^^. Why cancel it and then start it again tomorrow?
I am powering down 95% of the time, but I always power back up again what I don't need as liquid Steem. I only sold Steem once when it was worth 4.5$.
I have incoming delegations, that need to be paid for... that's the only reason for my constant power down.

That's an overwhelming stat buddy really, 575 comments? I did see so many posts and well it's huge to see that it's really gone down so good definitely I'm so glad. Could suggest we do this maybe three or two times a year

Thank you @josediccus you were and are a big part of this SPUD movement. Your help and belief was imperative to this. Again, thank you and thank you to @nathanmars You were both tremendous help in this movement.
And as far as doing this again soon, @clixmoney mentioned doing this again in a month as did @alexvanaken

I leave that up to you guys and the community for now. Again, thank you my friend, take care and talk to you soon.
Full Steem Ahead!

Wicked awesomesauce, @streetstyle! I still haven't done my powering up yet - I've been watching BlockTrades, waiting for the right moment to convert my $100 of Bitcoin to Steem (because my account is still small-ish, and my fiat wallet is even smaller, so every little 0.0001 of Steem helps... LOL!), but as it's only 11am here in my corner of the world, I still have plenty of time.

Also, I think I've said it before, but it bears repeating - this was such an amazeballs idea! Thanks again for the #SPUD motivation!

Thank you for your support and belief in the Steem and the Steem community. And thanks, I could not have done it without the help of all the supporting Steemians such as yourself.
Full Steem Ahead!
#spud #skininthegame

You're very welcome, and to make it official, I even did a blog about it (all the better to keep #SPUD trending, you know.... 😊).

Sorry I am just getting back but the response to SPUD was overwhelming, but oh so rewarding. And thank you for supporting and believing in Spud!!

As of the time I found your post there was still 16.5 hours left in my time zone to participate in SPUD so I expect a lot more posts.


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It's been a great turn out for sure. I'm one of those people on the other side of the globe where it's May 1st right now... currently nearly 4pm where I am in the UK. Posts from all my European friends I met at steemfest 3 have been popping up on my timeline all day and it's been hard having enough VP to support them all 😅 The global community is really coming together.

Shows just how much this has taken off! Well done starting this initiative streetstyle! 😎

Thanks @raj808 So Glad to see others join in and support this initiative. And yeah, I here you on trying to keep from running out of voting power....I and down to about 50% and that is while have some restraint, which hasn't been easy and won't be. Thanks again, cheers and good day!!

Ha ha, mine is still only at 89%, and I turned off any autovotes I had on long term friends.

Will I ever get back to 100%? ;-)

Well I think I up voted all if not most of the SPUD posts made by Steemians....I am down to about 32% voting power, and getting back to 100% will be tough for me, that's for sure @raj808

Buen dia querido [email protected],llego el dia,mis mejores deseos para usted por su muy buen trabajo,saludos y Dios con usted,doy reesteem

Gracias por todo su apoyo.... Petra, le agradezco much sus esfuerzos aqui en Steemit... no se me desespere, ya que paso #SPUD voy a tratar de recuperar me porcentages para votar, y le voy a tratar de ayudar par lanzar su cuenta de Steem... ud. siga poniendo sus fotos y otros articulos y vera que llegara el momento de volar con sus alas!!

Wow, congratulations and thanks for the spud offer program running successfully all over the world.

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Yes @skeikh27 The #SPUD movement has truly gone around the globe and back. Thanks for the support.

It's an awesome initiative @streetstyle; mine was only a "mini #SPUD" because I've already been powering up all my posts 100% for a while... but it all counts, I hope!

It's just great to see so many people get involved... and huge kudos to you for starting this landslide!


Thank you for supporting no matter how small, and especially since you have made SPUD an every post occurrence. And yes, it was unbelievable to see so many come out of the woodwork.

There's a few more to go yet.. including me later :)


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What a great innovative @streetstyle, I powered up 7.77 steem in honor of #seven77 and @nathanmars I can't wait for the next SPUD day. 💪

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Thanks for the support and for participating in two great Steem initiatives @wonderwop Steemians are already talking about the next one.... so stay tuned in to see where this goes. Full Steem Ahead! #spud

Just completed my #spud! I pledged to power up some steem and was able to wrangle 49.978 steem today. We should do it again :D lol

Screenshot 2019-05-01 at 6.07.07 PM.png

Super @tamaralovelace Thank you for supporting and believing in the SPUD movement. Cheers!!

We are pioneers, endeavoring on a venture to change the World for the better, this is OUR fuel.

Surely brother! Thanks for this wonderful event!

Have you seen my own SPUD 🥔? I’ll be glad to seeing you!

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Yes, thank you for your support @maxdevalue Full Steem Ahead!

😎🎉Wow! "Full Steem Ahead" is right @streetstyle !" Such an awesome community, Cheers to many more successful SPUD days to come , even if its once a year, its definitly "Not Bad At All!" I am still powered down untill tomorrow, only because my EI ran out and I really need the funds. Sorry I just couldn't find time to do a post but I'm more then happy to support with upvotes and resteems as well! CHEERS!!
"To Infinity And Beyond!!"

Classy the way you ended this post. And we too thank for starting this initiative. Well done!

Thank you @ange,nkuru I hope I got them all correct. Take care and have a great day. Full Steem Ahead!

It's all good. Cheers and same to you.

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Gracias a tí @streetstyle por unir a tantos usuarios de tan hermosa iniciativa aunque los [email protected] no pudimos aportar mucho por los problemas que atravesamos sepa que apoyamos al 100% (SPUD)

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Thanks for all the support @pennsif Very much appreciated.

How cool was so popular it even made the hashtag List, well done for taking an Idea running with it and making it such a success

Thanks @tattoodjay It took much help from Steem Friends such as yourself, and Steem friends of friends to really get this going. Seems like it might be a yearly thing with some interspersed SPUDays in between, we'll see.

That’s great i am gad I helped in my little way :)

That was a huge success big shoutout :D

I was a bit late. But I guess better late than never.

better late than never is correct @blog-beginner Cheers mate!

#spud will be a paid vacation day soon enough

Haha, sounds good to me!!👍😜🎉

Buenas tardes amigo @streetstyle deseando que se encuentre bien al igual que su familia amigo , llegó el días más esperado con una gran receptividad . Feliz tardes amigo.

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