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Okay so you've read my writings about Splinterlands countless times now, you're wondering what I'm all about, what its all about, a common shill? What are the questions that go through your mind? Will I have time for this? Will I understand it? Is it fun?

The truth is anyone can nicely shill a coin or project they have some kind of ownership in, its like telling people why you think they should like something you like, but it gets to the point where the line is drawn, the line between shilling and actually passing an important information. I was a teacher for the most part of 2017 and 18, I took the entire school computer, I wrote about it a couple of times.

There was this time in class I digressed into blockchain, it happens a lot, the students loved it, the possibilities, heck these were students who were just learning what a computer was for the first time in their lives. So I paused a little after noticing how immensely intense their concentration was on me while illustrating something concerning blockchain. In my head, I'm like, are these kids even getting me at all? Like what if I'm lying to them or something? So I stopped the explanation and asked one of them, hey, what if I'm lying to you? His response was, you're not lying sir, I just know you're not lying. Kids know!

Then the other kids echoed the same thing and wanted me to go on. It was soothing, because they could catch a glimpse of the interconnection between the generations of computer that has been and what is presently happening. This post is not about that day, neither is it about those students. Before I tell you what this post about, I'd like to let you know who this post is for, I'd really not like to take anyone's precious time, cuz I don't want mine to be taken and wasted too. Gosh I hate those youtube tutorials that end up not working after spending hours watching them.

Maybe you've at sometime used Solitaire to kill boredom at some point, you probably liked it and could go on for hours, how about Freecell? These are extremely boring card games to some people. While I was growing up, those were the only games available on our desktop windows 98, with Hearts and Minesweeper, shout out to Microsoft, I hated them all, because it consumed time and was'nt even fun, to me! There was a part of me that knew there could be something more, ofcourse I was right, there were a ton of online games I had no access to because of lack of internet.

If at this point all you've read has made no sense to you then maybe this post is not really for you, but I highly doubt that anyone would want to willingly pass on the information that basically only intends to help you have fun at the front seat of a leading technological revolution. So yeah, if you're not adventurous, I doubt you'd read this through, what are you doing in crypto anyway?

Okay do you play games in your spare time? Candycrush? Flappybird? C.O.D!!!!! Far Cry!!!!! I'm a sucker for adventure games, don't even let me go into the lists right now. Even if its physical cards you've only played at a round table with friends, well, this applies to you too. So I'd like you to imagine a deck of cards sitting in your possession, with each card assigned a serial number that can never be duplicated, not only that, but each card is limited in number, so the more the cards are acquired, the more the numbers of those cards existing is reduced.

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So you don't mind playing games, you like to take on challenges, you have a thing for winning, you like to be adventurous and you want to learn something new. Well, lets just say this is an awakening call. As a lot of us claim to be aware of the impact of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies especially as it relates to finance, the entirety of it as a whole is a much bigger thing. Amidst its myriad of applications is serving as an infrastructure, a foundational layer that feeds other projects built on it with its inherent attributes.

Now you don't need to be bothered about the mechanics or technicalities that go on behind the scenes, however, one of the projects taking advantage of those inherent attributes and putting it into an all in one useable model of entertainment is the game named Splinterlands, formerly Steemmonsters.


Splinterlands is a decentralized collectible card game. Similar to popular games like Hearthstone and Magic: the Gathering, players collect various cards to pit them against their opponents. With blockchain technology, players have true ownership of their cards and they can sell them in the in-game market anytime they want.

Okay fine, there's a tradeable card game built on a blockchain and the whole mumbo jumbo that follows, and so what?!

I got into trouble one time for asking that question, so what!. During a physics lecture in my Uni days, the lecturer kept on going about a particular topic that seemed to have no end, at some point what I really wanted to know was the key point of the entire exercise, so I raised my hand and said, excuse me sir, so what? I was suspended from class for almost a month. I had pure intentions for that question, and I know a lot of people out there also do, as with right now someone wants to know what I've been on about. So what if its a blockchain game? So what if its a card game? So what?

One word that solidifies the brilliant idea concerning blockchain and gaming is "collectibles" and that's where the real fun is. According to investopedia, A collectible refers to an item that is worth far more than it was originally sold for because of its rarity and/or popularity. The price for a particular collectible usually depends on how many of the same item are available as well as its overall condition. Apply this definition to the question above, so what?, that's what. The era of digital asset ownership has come upon us, in a fun pack that is transparent, decentralized, immutable, trustless and revolutionary.

What's even more is that all this activity is wrapped around the best suited blockchain for gaming, Steem blockchain. The truth is anyone can nicely shill a coin or project they have some kind of ownership in, its like telling people why you think they should like something you like, but it gets to the point where the line is drawn, the line between shilling and actually passing an important information.


This is the current Marketcap of Splinterlands at $4.5million, with a little over 2000 players and soon to be doubled or tripled before the year runs out, due to the recent partnership established with WAX blockchain.

Splinterlands proves to be the leading blockchain game in the world, and is just merely getting started. If at any point of reading this post, you felt a wave of excitement or fun, or maybe what you felt was doubt, then this post is for you and here's my referral link should you care to join in.

Splinterlands also just released the new versions of cards called Untamed. Is it getting really hot in here or what!


At this point what I have to ask you is that are you still sitting this out?

Thanks for reading.

This is not a financial advice, kindly do your own research.


Loool thank

Interesting ideas about reaching the younger generation.
Splinterlands has amazing ratings and just listed on the Wax blockchain also. I am hoping that somehow Steem can cross list those games there either on Steem or Steem-Engine

Hello shortsegments, yeah I tried lol
Oh nice, I seem to really like WAX blockchain and the community, they also just partnered up with another huge community recently..

Yes I think that will be achieved by the steem engine team in the long run. Those guys are fire!

Thanks for your comment


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