My Splinterlands Journey: Season Rewards of January & My Strategy

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So I haven't been updating for the past two seasons. So here's a post where I put the result of the two seasons of January together. In both of them combined I got no Legendary Cards and only 1 Epic. There's was a bunch of rares so it's not as dissappointing like November. While it's not as good as December's Legendary I have a positive feeling.

Especially considering Reward Cards will drop less frequently in future. I assume card prices will increase.

First Season: Reached Gold II

I got 26 Cards in Season Rewards. Most of these cards are common, but they're not bad ones. There are 6 Rare cards as well, here's a screenshot:


Second Season: Reached Gold III

I didn't play much in this season. I spent most of the time offline only to return full force in the last three days before the end of the season!

I got 22 Cards and most likely could've reached Gold II before the end if I wasn't absent for most of the season.

As for cards I got this season:


Notable Cards:

Since I've got the same notable cards in both Reward sets, I decied to make a section about them.

First is Brownie, the only Epic card I got in January. I already had a copy of him before so it's not a big deal to get him now. It's useful to make my monsters faster, and along with Creeping Ooze, the chances of enemy monsters attacks hitting me gets decreased considerably. I don't plan on leveling him up but he's a good card and even a good cannon fodder in low mana battles!

I got two Goblin Blaster cards. If that card wasn't nerfed because of how overpowered it was I would've been dancing of joy~ But for now, I don't have a team that can support this low health melee attacker so I'll leave it until I need it.

Another notable card is Boogyman. He's a strong magic attacker for Death splinter, but his mana requirements are a bit too high for his power. I think Boogyman will be useful in 99 Mana battles, but Death isn't one of my main splinters so I'll leave it until I need it.

Finally, Serpentine Mystic. I like the design of this guy (girl?) and for only 3 Mana and Affliction ability, it's great card to face Flesh Golem based teams! But I don't have Dragon Summoners yet. Will probably be very useful when I do!

My Strategy!

I use rented cards to play. I rent cards for three splinters. Summoners are level 3 (4 in rare cases) and Common monsters are level 4 or 5. You can rent good Beta monsters for cheap on Peakmonsters.

Reaching Gold III/II required me to spend only $1 to $1.5 monthly on rented cards. In that period I could earn more than $5! In theory, winning 20+ battles per day can earn me as much as $14 per month.

Well, I already own some legendary cards. But I got those from the end of season rewards so you could do the same and survive only on rented Lv3 cards for a while.

Want More Splinterlands?

For more Splinterlands you can check my November & December updates. You can also check my series about my great battles on the tag #bestsptbattles, which I'm going to resume very soon~

For gaming news & reviews check my main account: @ahmadmanga!


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I am curious to know what cards you are renting to get to gold 3 and 2? Thanks!

I rented those in the image:


But remove "Mermaid" and add lv4 "Molten Ogre" & ".Giant Roc" You'll notice I only rented 3 splinters. I also have good cards from the rewards like the water legendary, and lv3 Wood Nymph so I didn't rent those.

You can do the same with normal cards and they might even be cheaper, but I rented gold foils to earn more DEC per battle.


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