My Splinterlands Journey: Got Legendary Cards in Season Rewards

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Last season I reached the Gold League and acquired 22 cards in rewards. The cards I won were pretty good: 2 Legendary Cards, 7 Rare Cards and the rest were common. This is encouraging, especially since my Rewards for the previous season was disappointing. (Read about them here.)

"Black Dragon & Fallen Specter"

This is my first time I get a Dragon Legendary. While I received Legendary cards before, it happened only once and I got the Water Card: "Ruler of the Seas." That was a few months ago...

I use rented cards to play, so I sell most of the cards I receive, I touched on that in "My Splinterlands Journey: November." This time I decided to not sell the legendary cards for now. Maybe I'll do when their prices will go up. I think they that will happen when they go out of print, or I might level them up and rent them (even though Reward cards don't rent for much.)

I'll probably do the same for Rare Cards this time, especially Prismatic Energy, which I use frequently these days. I'm already leveling up my Javelin Thrower so I'm definitely keeping her.

New Reward Cards

My Quest Rewards (League: Silver I)

Since the last season, the number of the new cards increased. There are new Reward Cards in print now, and I got some of them in my latest Quest Rewards.

I used Ettin Spearman with my Fire Splinter deck and I like it so far. It's useful in 99 Mana ruleset and you'll probably see it sometime in my #bestsptbattles posts.

As for Slivershield Assassin, I sold her. It was selling for a really good price for a Rare card and I don't use Life Splinter these days. So I decided to sell her and see if her price will go down after the novelty calms down.

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Should've posted this, last week but better late than never!