My Best Fights in Splinterlands (Dec 21-26)

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I played some great battles in Splinterlands, I won some of them and lost others, but they're good either way! I play mostly with Rented Cards. You can check my post about why I'm doing that here. And what I'm doing with the Reward Cards I get here.

This is the my post series: #bestsptbattles! Which I'm filling with links to some battles I really liked, regardless if I won or lost in them. All of them were interesting one way or another!

The Season is ending in few days. Hope to get good Reward Cards when that happens.


Here We Go:

[13 Mana] [Fog of War]
With my self healing Flesh Golem and the Tank healing Wood Nymph I could recover 6 Health per turn while my opponent could only recover 2. Easy win, I think the result would've been different if they had a Tank healer too.
[28 Mana] [Broken Arrows]
I was lucky that the opponent opted to use Magic attackers other than a team of Melee attackers. My Magic Reflect saved me this time. Also, I would've probably lost if Kobold Miner attacked my Ruler of the Seas one more time.
[22 Mana] [Standard]
This was my total loss! I was confident with my team even though the opponent had Magic Defence as the tank. Furious Chicken saved me from one Snipe attack though. I would've lost sooner without him (or her, how to know the Chicken's gender?)
[12 Mana] [Armored Up]
I and my opponent used a similar strategy, but instead of using two magic attackers I opted for three meat shields! Luckily the decrease of my opponent speed helped.
[26 Mana] [Silenced Summoners]
I nearly lost this fight. The opponent's Saber Shark threw my stratedy away by attacking my monsters in the back. After losing Wood Nymph I didn't think I could eventually win this.
[28 Mana] [Super Sneak]
Molten Ogre and Naga Fire Wizard combo (Demoralize & Shield) is very effective if you predict your opponent to use Melee attackers (Melee Mayhem or in this case: Super Sneak,) I don't think the result would've been good if opponent used the Fire Splinter though.
[27 Mana] [Armored Up]
It was a smart move from my opponent to use a Summoner that destroyed my armor from the start, but since he had many Magic attackers I thought I'll beat them with my Magic Reflect. Sadly my Tank Healer was killed before I could damage their Tank.
[29 Mana] [Little League]
I usually use Fire Splinter in Little League battles because I have the strongest 4 Mana cards there. Since it wasn't an option this time I tried to do my best with Water. Succeeded.
[23 Mana] [Broken Arrows]
I nearly lost this battle. Haunted Spirit missed my Giant Roc that near the end. If it hit I would've certainly lost. The battle was close either way.
[30 Mana] [Aim True]
I wish I put my Furious Chicken at the first postition. The fight was close but since my last monster other than the chicken was a ranged attacker I couldn't do the final blow and lost in the next turn.
[14 Mana] [Silenced Summoners]
This is one of the few times I battled a Flesh Golem that wasn't leveled enough to have a self "Heal" ability. This fight wasn't much of a competition as a result.
[26 Mana] [Lost Legendaries]
I was defeated rather quickly in this battle. Because I had "win 3 battles without Neutral monsters" quest I didn't put Creeping Ooze. If I did, I might had a better chance at winning.
[24 Mana] [Armored Up]
My opponent fought me with the best "Armored Up" strategy I have seen. A Magic Reflect, Magic Defence Tank and a Magic decrease ability made my Magic attackers useless, and the opponent had enough power that my Tank couldn't heal in time. My opponent really played it good this time!
[18 Mana] [Healed Out]
This is the first time I battle someone using "Shadow of the Abyss," it's a very powerful monster. I was lucky that I won this fight. I also like the 1 Mana "Albatross" the opponent used as a meat shield
[18 Mana] [Silenced Summoners]
This fight was a awesome to see. My Flesh Golem was poisoned at the begining of the fight and my Wood Nymph (the Tank Healer) was killed pretty quickly. The opponent also has retaliate, so I figured my chances of winning were slim. My monsters managed to win the fight either way. Wow!

So, What do you think?

Compared to the last two entries in my #bestsptbattles post series this one has more details about each battle. I'm proud of this! I don't know how long I'll be able to keep posting articles detailed as this. Taking screenshots and writing a summary for every interesting fight is time consuming.

I hope you enjoyed reading this,
Tell me in comments if you want more or if you want the format changed!


I really like your list of battles. But like I wrote last time already, it would be nice to have some meaningful headlines for each one and not just the mana limit and the ruleset.


Thanks for reading and commenting.

But like I wrote last time already, it would be nice to have some meaningful headlines for each one and not just the mana limit and the ruleset.

Will do in the next post though I'm not really good with catchy headlines... Any advice?

Doesn't have to be anything super creative. Maybe just a simple one-line summary or something like that.

Thanks for the advice. Putting titles for battles was hard but fun. Here's my next post in the BestSPTBattles series. I hope I applied your advice the right way.