My Best Fights in Splinterlands (January)

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I played some great battles in Splinterlands, I won some of them and lost others, but they're good either way! I play mostly with Rented Cards. You can reach "Gold I" with only rented Lv3 Summmoners. I used to sell my Reward cards but decided to keep them and see if their prices will skyrocket in the future!

So, this is the my post series: #bestsptbattles! Which I'm filling with links to notable battles I played, regardless if I won/lost them. All of them were interesting one way or another!

I didn't play many battles in January!

I stopped taking screenshots of the battles I played (and their links) in the middle of the month so I don't have recent battles to show but these old battles are interesting enough. I believe!


Here We Go:

Demoralizing Enemies & High Mana Beating
[99 Mana] [Standard]
My highest mana monsters are Fire Splinter cards. While my team was slow, the combo of "Demoralize" at the front and "Shield" at the back helped me in this battle.
My First Even Stevens
[99 Mana] [Healed Out] [Even Stevens]
This was my first battle with the "Even Mana only" rule. I managed to win. I think my opponent would have had a better chance if they didn't put "Gelatinous Cube" as the last monster. If they put it before Cyclops, I would've taken additional three hits which might resulted in my loss.
Goblin Mech leads the team to victory!
[38 Mana] [Weak Magic] [Lost Legendaries]
This is the featured battle in my Goblin Mech post. Since there's the Weak Magic rule I decided to go with Goblin Mech as its defence is superb. The fight was completely in my favour and it feels the opponent didn't use the full 38 Mana points.
A Test of Endurance!
[32 Mana] [Taking Sides]
Putting Living Lava with the shield ability as a Tank while decreasing my opponents attack power with Molten Ogre's Demoralize was a very effective strategy in this fight. Opponent didn't have a lot of magic attackers to counter me.
Winnig the battle with only Lv1 Death monsters
[28 Mana] [Silenced Summoners] [Little League]
I couldn't use any of my main Splinters in this battle, but I had a legendary 2 Mana Death monster so I went with the Death Splinter, thinking I'll most likely lose. I actually won!
Missed Many Hits & Won
[30 Mana] [Close Range]
I managed to beat the opponents self-healing Flesh Golem pretty early, but I lost my tank in the process. Each player continued to lose monsters, but my monster at the back was the self-healing Cerberus who heald himself everytime he's attacked by the goblin. Also, missed many attacks against Javelin Thrower but I managed to defeat her in the end.
A terrifying Earthquake!
[27 Mana] [Earthquake]
Putting Gelatinous Cube saved my both flying monsters by absorbing much of the damage while my enemy was getting damaged by the Earthquake. It was a test for endurance battle.
Two Monsters Defeat an Army
[13 Mana] [Lost Legendaries]
I love pairing Flesh Golem as a tank with Wood Nymph as a tank healer. I wonder how much longer will this strategy stay strong in the meta game. (At least in Gold League and lower.)
My First Lost Magic Fight
[30 Mana] [Lost Magic]
I was beaten hard in this battle, not only my opponent had stronger monsters. They were at stronger levels too! It's still interesting watch.
Death at the same time!
[16 Mana] [Close Range]
This was the first draw I get in a while. My opponent's killing blow was reflected back at him causing us both to lose.
Unstoppable Fire
[99 Mana] [Melee Mayhem]
Well, unstoppable Magic, but you get what I mean. Having four "3 Magic Attack" high speed monsters resutled in a rapid destruction of my opponent's monsters!
The Slow Champions
[33 Mana] [Unprotected] [Reverse Speed]
My Fire monsters work wonders whenever Reverse Speed is applied. Sometimes you don't know how much speed matters in Splinterlands until you see your monsters defeated one after another without a chance to attack.

So, What do you think?

I improved the details I put in this post after a suggestion from the previous #bestsptbattles. It takes too long to write these but I'm proud of the result!

I think I'll decrease the numbers of battles next time. Taking screenshots and writing a summary for every interesting fight is time consuming.

As for now, I hope you enjoyed this,
Tell me in comments if you want more or if you'd like format change!


Nice.. you really know about each rulesets and watching the battles too. Something that I skip because I want to complete the quest as soon as of course I record a long losing streak.

You'll win more battle if you build your team on the ruleset given. I still skip my opponents teams of the past battles though.

Very nicely done!

Suggestions: I agree, that was a LOT of battles. I'd say choose a few to really get into and maybe go into more detail about the cards and why you used them in that order. And the tips are great! Especially giving advice on what could have been done differently.

Really, the formatting is top-notch.

The little blurbs about each one are pretty good, especially for experienced players who know what they are looking at.

So yeah, pick a few battles (or join the Weekly Battle Challenge for suggestions on what to cover. But, great overall.


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