What Steem Saturday Johannesburg is going to accomplish?

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Given the success and positive feedback of last year's event, this year we aim to strengthen bonds and create synergy in the local Steemit community. This is a very powerful online platform and we would like participant input on how to get optimal use out of the platform.

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Due to the fact that we are working in a faceless online community of digital friends, it would be very nice to put faces to names and to have a physical get together for a day of informative meetings and talks, followed by some networking drinks and a nice lunch. Being a small and nice community this is an opportunity to interact face to face and form bonds and even new ventures. In an online world we tend to miss the value of physical get togethers. And lets face it, a free lunch and networking drinks thrown in on top of an compelling array of speakers and topics is almost enough reason to attend.

This is also a great opportunity to focus and have an in-depth authoritive discussion about crypto currencies in general. For this slot we have scheduled a well known and respected BitCoin expert and advisor.

We are excited to host you, to get to know you and to hear what you are up to and if there are something unique or localised brewing and hatching in the African Steemit community. For all the Africans Steemians out there who are not part of the new African SteemitChat channel, please let us know in the comment section. We are having a lot of good and beneficial discussions there.

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Registering for the event

The event is free to attend and we are aiming to host 100-120 people on the day. We will be publishing a URL where you can register for the event later this week.

SteemSaturday will be held in Johannesburg – venue to be announced this week.

The format of Steem Saturday

07:30 Attendee Arrival and Registration
08:00 - 13:00 Keynote speaker, a coffee break, the crypto currency talks and a surprise presentation
13:00 - 14:00 Lunch
14:00 Onwards Steem Drinks

We really hope to see all African Steemians on the platform at the event - bear in mind that it will be wonderful if we can get somebody from abroad flying in to join us. Please follow us as we will be announcing many more details in our next few posts.

Thanks for reading.

Please share this post far and wide and follow us @sportspodium for more information.

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120 people is definitely a lot. Could be a real party :)


We hope to see you there!

where's the titty pics?

I'd love to attend this!!
How do we signup for the African Steemit Chat channel?


H @cheeto.blue, it is on Steemit Chat.


I can't seem to find the African Steemit Chat channel on Steemit Chat


ping @dragonsalyer109 on chat


I'll go check it out... Thanks 😁


Great man!!
please encourage budding bloggers.
if u like it please upvote me and follow me i"ll follow u back

Will attend the meetup, looking forward to it

Upvoted and also resteemed!

We will be looking forward to the group's pictures.

When and Where, will have to make a plan to drive up. Great to hear we have a chat channel as well @sportspodium


September ... more posts to follow with all the details. Will be awesome to meet you.

I cannot wait, for the meetup, It is the first time I hear of the African Steemit Channel.


Things are happening in Africa. Long way to go, but such fertile soil

Awesome!! Looking forward to it!

I am clearing my schedule for this. See you all there.


Nice. Looking forward to meeting you


Great! It is going to be a fantastic day. Looking forward to seeing you there.

What a rad idea, any planned for Cape Town?


We are talking about both Cape Town and Durban. Perhaps we could collaborate with your network there?


If you need someone to go down to Cape Town I don't mind :)

Oh wow. I've just joined Steemit, and this is happening in my hometown!


YES IT IS! Welcome.


Then make sure you clear your schedule and come join us. There is so much planned you are in for a real treat!

I wish to attend but i am far.. Malaysia

We are keen on getting some casual drinks events going as well, just meet and greet, chat about our experiences in crypto and Steem and see how we can share knowledge. Let us know if anyone is interested in the Gauteng area.

güzel yazı beni takip et lütfen

this is awesome. thanks for sharing @sportspodium.

Sounds great! I am in. How will we find out when and where in Joburg?

Great post. upvoted and resteemed. Please visit my blog @bikash-tutor. Thank you.

I am amazed at how valuable this post is. Just shows you how big steemit is becoming in SA.