Badminton - The world second most played sport

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As Sportspodium is a mutli-sporting discipline, and will cater for all sports in due time and we have already covered Soccer statistics, we believe it is only fair to cover the sport of Badminton second, as it is the second most played sport in the world.

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Badminton is all about speed, agility, stamina and power, but it is also very key to have the mental fitness as the game is also known as the physical chess game. The International Badminton Federation was founded in 1934 and it is now known as the Badminton World Federation.

Countries / Regions represented in the BWF

According to Wikipedia:

Badminton had its debut at the 1992 Summer Olympics and has been contested in 6 Olympiads. 63 different nations have appeared in the Olympic badminton competitions, with 19 appearing all 6 times. It is governed by the Badminton World Federation.

Information Source: Wikipedia

Which countries were represented in the Olympics

If we look at the table below and see how many countries are represented at the Olympics, we should understand why it is the second most played sport in the world.

Information Source: Wikipedia

The BWF organises annual events which can be classified at the 7 major international badminton events and one for para-badminton.

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International Events

  • Olympic Games in co-operation with International Olympic Committee
  • World Championships
  • World Junior Championships
  • Para-Badminton World Championships
  • Thomas Cup
  • Uber Cup
  • Sudirman Cup
  • World Senior Championships

Open Events

  • Super Series Premier of Premier
  • Super Series Premier
  • Super Series
  • Grand Prix Gold
  • Grand Prix
  • International Challenge
  • International Series
  • Future Series

Awards for Badmintin

  • Lifetime Achievement
  • Hall of Fame
  • Herbert Scheele Trophy
  • Distinguished Service
  • Meritorius Service
  • Certificate of Commendation
  • Eddy Choong Player of the Year (hiatus since 2008)
  • Best Male and Female Player of the Year
  • Eddy Choong Most Promising Player of the Year
  • Women in Badminton

I was very surprised to see Badminton is the second most played sport in the world, only after soccer/football and thank you very much to Wikipedia for a great source of information over the various pages.

Content Sources
Wikipedia Badminton World Federation
Wikipedia - Badminton

Thanks for reading.

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The second! I didn't know it..

Me neither until last week :) Thanks for the comment @greensmile.

With u on that one lol

Definitely would not have expected it to be second. I'm a huge fan of playing the game and actually took a class on it in high-school (I won the class tournament #humblebrag). So much fun to play and can be great competitively or in a more recreational sense.

DAmn no one from my place have been at Olympics .

But it's amazing sport, like we see many people around the world love that :)

Where are you from? Maybe you should enter the next Olympics, as you will probably get in the team in your country if nobody is playing :) Hae you seen the movie Cool Runnings of the guys from Jamaica who entered the Bob Sleigh team ?

Latvia, but we do have badminton players. :) Actually i played badminton before a little time, but is always fun to play. :)
We here to win not to just take a part, as they used to say.
I know story about Jamaica team, it was great ha ha
we have already amazing two bobsleigh teams here :)

I would've never thought badminton was so popular among so many sports ans so many countries. I'm from Trinidad & Tobago, the popular sports in my country are soccer, cricket and track & field. I noticed someone from my country represented us at the 1996 Olympics which was our only ever Olympic appearance in that sport, that's cool. Thanks for providing the data and enlightening us about the popularity of the sport.

No body understand the pain of a Cork...

giphy-downsized (21).gif

Whahaha great comment.

Very well written post! As an avid player, I can say that badminton deserves to much more recognition. So much fun and one of the most tiring sports out there!

Nice for sharin I'dlike to learn this sport :D

Thanks for the comment :)

Thank you for the comment @illithas

In my country it's very uncommon, thanks for the info! (Im from Mexico)

Thanks @briantec01. I see that Mexico had a tiny bit of representation at the Olympics since 2008. Maybe you should enter and become an Olympian :)

Love this post, I use to play badminton for many years :0) a great sport. Interesting reading. Thx for sharing

It is a great pleasure @saffisara :)

Wow, i didn't know it was second to soccer. In my country it isn't a very popular sport.

I also did not know until last week :) So we learn new things every day. Thanks for the comment @thedevilape

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